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  Prank Stories
Hospital Girl
One day me and my friend Keeli prank called this woman from the front desk at a hospital,and keeli made a fake appointment. About ten minutes later, that same woman called us back and said she would call the police on us. So, keeli said to the lady that we were only 6 so the lady said,"i wont call the police, but just be careful next time.(we really were 9)
Wake up and taste the coffee
i was reely bored in my house so i put salt in the sugar bowl the next day my grampa came over and wanted coffee he always has milk and sugar it wasnt until he took a sip he was sick but i saw the funny side.
My friend Landon was spending the night at my house and we were really bored and decided to try the "water bucket over the door prank but neither of us really remembered how so we just filled a BIG metal bucket we found in my basement with water and cracked the door a little so it would stay. We called one of my neighbors and asked if they wanted to come over and play Rock Band and when they came in the door the whole bucket fell on their head [like 25pounds at least] they were knocked out cold so we closed the door and waited until they finally woke up and made them promise not to tell. i still don't think they told anyone..
At my new year party, one of my frinds acted like she was sleepwalking and she would hit and grab people it was really fun! Then at another party, she did the same thing and she threw a pillow and broke my lamp!
I'm a Senior!
Ok, so, there was this guy in my high school who was a Junior. But, he convinced everyone that he was a Senoir. Literally everyone, the students, teachers, and administration. All just to get Senior privelidges (like leaving class early and getting lunch first) If anyone asked him he would just say that the records and yearbook were a mistake and that he really was a Senior. And he actually kept it up for a whole year, everyone believed him. Then when graduation came he finally told everyone. And the best part is that he didnt get in any trouble because he had actually pulled it off.
Scary Friends at a Party
i was throwing a party and my friends were just sitting on the stairs and some were on the couch watching tv. it was a boring party but until later on... anyways i got really bored and my friend had a cup of water.. i was standing behind the stairs waiting to scare him cause it would've been funny seeing him scared... he was walking down the stairs when i jumped out and scared him.. the water he had spilled all over him and he was choking on the water he had in his mouth.. i was laughing so hard i fell on the ground... hahah good times.
Me and my cousin were really bored, and her brother Christopher was asleep, so we decided to put make up all over his face. We put on lipstick,eyeshadow,and scribbled all over his face with some lipstick also!! Then we put a little tiny stuffed animal around his arm LOL!! And when he woke up he was sooo mad!!
Stupid Call (LOL)
Me and my friend Nevada got bored outside, so we decided to prank call a boy that went to our school. Nevada got her cell phone, and called him. He didn't pick up so Nevada left a message telling how much "Georgilina" loves him. The next day at school he was asking everybody who Georgilina is. Once me and Nevada told him, we were cracking up laughing. LOL!!
Sucker! Ha Ha
i was in the bathroom and i let a huge fart go and it smelled really bad. Then i closed the door and told my sister if she had lost money because there was some in there. She went in and took a big whiff and ran out while i was laughing.
gay people
i told a boy if jack was stuck on the roof would you help (jack off) and he said yes
Break In...NOT!
Me and my sister were home alone on april fools and desided to prank my grandparents. We called them and I dropped my shoe on the ground and my sister screamed at my grandparents on the phone that someone broke in. We hung up and laughed about it. Then I decided that it was a little mean so we called back but no one answered. 5 minutes later cops, and an ambulence arrived at our house. Turns out they took our joke seriously. Good thing we didnt get in trouble with the police. We just got a lecture and a months grounding.Oops!
Last Day of Work
One of my former co-workers was employed by a supermarket. So, on his last night, a bunch of us that still worked there put shaving cream, plastic wrap, and used car spray paint all over his truck. He saw it and laughed. We ended up getting written up, but it was still funny!
Okaii, well i was graduating from high school and it was the last day so my class and me decided to play a prank. We all got together and bought 3 chickens. We numbered them 1,2 and 4, the next day we let them lose in the school. the principal along with all the teachers were freaking out, they eventually found all 3 chickens, but since they were numberes 1,2 and 4 they thought number 3 was missing. we ended up staying at school until 5:30 that day. And they called some animal control to find the number 3.
Chained Tables
I'm a sophomore and some of my friends sit at two tables outside. One day, some senior guys tried to take the table before anyone got out. My friend was already sitting on it and would move! Then the other guys came out and tried to take the table back. But the senior guys ended up getting it. The next day our friend hayden brought some chains with locks on them. They took their table back chained it to the founntain with the other table! Then they went to the senior guys two tables and flipped them over and chained them to the fence! My friend owen hide the key in the sole of his shoe! it was the funniest thing ever! (apparantly the teachers didn't think so though cuz the seniors got the tables back!)
Crying Sub!
Okay one time we had this really stupid mean sub that we totally hated and he made us put our heads down for like 2 hours no joke and i decided to pass this note aroud the class and it said everyone be loud and start like yelling and being annoying to piss off the teacher at 2:00 and every1 did and every 5 minutes we would do it all over again and we were just being totally obnoxious and he went to go tell another teacher and she wasn't in her room so he went to go tell the vice principle and he wasn't there either so he came back into the class room with a pissed off look on his face and we were acting all angelic and he looked relieved then 15 mins later we did the same thing and started yelling happy new years even tho it was february! and the sub started to cry and he was an 65 year old man wow lol and after school i went up to him talking all fast and i was twitching and i was like s- sorry i was act- acting like that i j-just forgot
to t-take my pills this morning! and ran off and i was like i hope you never come back and the next day the principle was in our room and was talking to us and was starring at me the whole time! lol
So, one day i went to school and tied some string to a card and taped it to the top of my enemys locker, he screamed, because he was afraid of anything to do with magic or illusions, which i enjoy showing my classmates.
Jamie Jamie Jamie.....
It Was My 8th Birthday Party i had a few friends (one a girl) for a sleepover there was callum, emily, jamie, chris and tobious anuway. everyone was asleap when me and my friend callum woke up. we dicided it would e a good idea to roll jamie on top of the girl (emily) so we did and the next morning we were woken by a scream "GET THE HELL OFF ME"lol XD
House on fire!
Me and my friends were playing manhunt with a bunch of kids froom m nabhorhood and this really good gy was on the other team. To get him to loose, we told him his house was on fire and he actully believed us!!! LOLZ
Freddy Krueger Prank LMAO!
One Time When Me And My Best Mate Ben Were At My Cousins House. We Decided To Prank Him with a Freddy Mask. Since It was about 2:00 in the afternoon, we decided to go to a costume shop and buy a Freddy outfit. Ben wore the costume (including realistic mask) and I attached a speaker to him and went into the bathroom. My Cousin was watching Freddy vs Jason at the time (What Chance :P) and we turned off the lights and Ben ran in and I talked. My cousin kept shouting "I'LL JOIN YOU JUST DONT HURT ME!" and "PLEASE, I HAVENT BEEN TO CANADA YET!!!" He, Ben And I Were Peeing ourselves luaghing (my cousin was of fright though). Then he got revenge on us the next day with fake blood in my bed cuz im scared of bleeding! Thats it ( For Now...)"Prank Perfect Attandance card,I was at school and my friends and I got a crazy idea so I put on the attendance card (u get thouse if u are there all week and they draw your name to win a prize) so I
put Hugh Jass on it and the principal read it. It was a good joke
Prank Calling
Me and my friend Chelsey were bored so we're like ok lets prank call someone.We dialed a random number and it was Verizon.This dude goes hello Verizon and we were lik singing Happy Birthday to him it got him SO irratated!Then we were like thats fun lets do it again!So we dialed her moms number and we were like Hello and there like who is this and she goes you called me and we were like no u called us and shes like i dont get it and we're like trust us and she goes okay.

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