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  Prank Stories
Roller Coaster
Me and my friend were on this roller coaster, and hardly anyone was in line so we went on a couple times, and I had the idea to spit up on the first drop thinkin it would hit somebody. So sure enough, we spat and when the ride was over all we heard was WHO THE HELL SPAT ON ME!? and his friend was like 'Dude i gotta give props to who did that' and his other friend said "Man, no ones gonna own up to that". I laughed so damn hard after.
okay so I'm 14 and I like to have fun sometimes even though I'm really serious so when I go crazy people love it. I do it everyday and it goes on so I got home from a friend of mine's midterm party and it was about 4 in the morning I thought I was starting ot get hyper so I went into the bathroom I noticed there wasn't very much toilette paper left so I decided to use it....now I don't get along with my step dad very well so this was my perfect oppertunity I went out into the kitchen and grabbed a permenent maker and wrote on the empty toilette paper roil HA-HA YOU'RE SCREWED NOW!!! I decided to take the rest of the toilette paper upstairs with me never the less about 45 mins later my step dad was screaming for help and with no tiolette paper in the house or so he thought my mom had to go to a convienience store to get him the toilette paper I told him what I had done the next day it was GREAT!
Youth Leader
One night afer a youth service me and my friends decided to pull a prank on our youth leader's wife. it was night time so what we did was we got a rubber snake and we put some sort of goo on it to make it slimy. We put it under the door handle of the car and we hid behind the bushes beside her car and right as we got done she came out to leave!!!! So she went to open her door and she started screaming so loud!!! And she jumped up onto her car and we came out from behind the bushes and told her we did it and she said ohhhh that was crud and jumped down and started chasing us around the parking lot........it was so hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!
Wake Up Troy
A friend (Troy) stayed over one night and had a few drinks. He had to work early the next morning so left the rest of us drinking and headed for bed. Half an hour later we snuck into the room and changed all the clocks to 3:55am (he had to get up at 4:00am).We turned all the house lights off and hid outside near his car. Five minutes later a very sleepy Troy got up and ready for work. When he got in his car we all jumped out and asked him where he was going at 11 oclock at night. Poor Troy has not stayed over at our place since that night.
OMG Game
my friends and i are at a sleepover and 4 guys we knew came over. We played a game. If you won a game you had to take something off. but we had bathing suits under our clothing. this one girl forgot her bathing suit and so she had no clothes on, it was a funny prank because we hid our bathing suit in the bathroom.
Body Overdue
ok, so my friend fell asleep and so my other friends and i put a bunch of ricotta on her legs and we took her top off and stuffed her bra with pudding and my dad came downstairs , we were all hiding, he screamed and she woke up, it was a night of screaming.
Me my sister and her friend were making prank calls and one of the last people we called they said that if we called them again they would call the police. So we thought that they were just trying to scare us so we tried again and they said they were going to call the police so our babysitter had to call them back and beg them not to call the police and they didn't. the end.
Garden Hose
ok u call some one an argue about them stealing ur dang garden hose one time i argued for 20 minutes tell them if they ask who it is tell them ur their next door neighboor
Force Feild of Doom
I was looking up pranks and i seen one called invisible force feild what you do is you put plastic wrap in front of the door they open the door walk out and bounce back in well i put a twist to it i put glue on the clear wrapping stuff and set feathers behind the behind him and he bounced back and got feathered it was hilariuos
Double Glazing?
Me and my dad prank called my uncle and asked him (in an annoying Indian accent) do you want to upgrade your windows to double glazing? He said yes and he told us his address and we told him the price ($499.90). We came later when he wasn't in and left a crap piece of plastic on his doorstep and a postit note on his letterbox saying "don't worry we broke in and took the money!" HE BELEIVED IT!!!
Flip on over
my friend is scared of heights and being up side down. so i got her to go on a zipline at my granpas cabin in montana and i kneew how to make the harness go upside down by pulling a cord (she didn't know though). so about half way through her turn i pulled the cord and she flipped over and was screaming bloody murder. when she got off her voice was all scratchy and she could hardly talk i laughed so hard i fell over.(she couldn't talk for two days after that and she was only screamming for about 4 and 1/2 minutes total) LOL!!!
My Wedgie
Once my brother and i got in a huge fight so that night while I was sleeping he snuck into my room and gave me a huge wedgie.
Whipped Cream
Me and my friends had a sleepover. The youngest one was 14, so we targeted on her. When she was asleep, we put her hand next to her and put whipped cream on it. We tickled all over her face and in the morning, she said What the heck!
Sweet Revenge
I was on a church retreat, and me and my 6 friends decided to play pranks on the other 6 kids there. So in the dead of night we got out of our rooms and put plastic wrap over all the dorm doors, and tape over the bathroom doors. We were in the middle of putting plastic wrap up when one of the kids from inside the room got up to use the bathroom across the hall, and he walked into the wrapping, so he knew but he promised not to rat us out, but in return he could do whatever he wanted all weekend and we couldn't do anything. So in the morning, everyone walked into plastic, and it was hysterical, but the other kid ended up being a real jerk all weekend, so an hour before we left, we put shaving cream all over his doorknob ,and then we snuck up behind him with the leftover can of shaving cream. I went over acting all innocent (like everyone THINKS i am) and tapped him on the shoulder. when he turned around, I sprayed his entire head with
shaving cream(which was pretty good aim on my part considering how short I am compared to him) Me and my friends ran away, up into the dorms, and closed the door to the room. When he came chasing after us he touched the door knob and got grossed out, and he couldn't open the door, because it was too slippery. It was the most awesome prank, and he has feared a shaving cram attack ever since (gosh, how people think i'm a sweet, kind girl i do not know)
me and my friends were at a sleep over, playing an intense round of truth or dare, involving the gargling of water with ketchup and peanut butter someone had put their feet in (or at least, that's what i had to do, and trust me, i do not recommend it) when we noticed one of our friends had fallen asleep. So we tapped her to the floor, and got 2 flashlights. we made sure all the lights were out, and we all gathered around, and held the 2 flash lights next to each other about 5 ft apart. then we all yelled "TRUCK!" she woke up screaming, thinking she would get run over, it was hysterical!
Disgusting mouthwash
My friend was staying over at my house. We decided to pull a prank, but didn't know where to turn. We decided to pour out my parents' mouthwash and replace it with dyed water with some shaving cream in it. My parents loved the mouthwash and bought more the next day.
Phone Calls
Thanksgiving morning my mom wanted to sleep in soo bad. I stayed the night at my brother's house and he decided to call mom at 8:00 a.m. and when he was done I asked what she said and he told me she said to call back in 20 minutes, so I did and once she found out my brother told me to call she yelled at him. My other brother came over a couple minutes later and we had told him that mom wanted to talk to him (he doesn't have a phone at the house so the only was she gets ahold of him is Mike (the brother I stay at) so he called and told mom that Mike told him she was trying to get ahold of him...boy did she get mad....later when my sister-in-law got outa the shower we told her my mom called and wanted to talk to her while she was in the shower. She called and my mom was gonna lose it once she heard Mike told her that. Well as soon as that was over I decided to call my mom's friend and say that my mom has been trying all morning to get
ahold of her so she called her and I guess she gave up sleep after that....I thought it was a good prank since my mom is always seeking sleep!!!!
Someones Outside
One night me and my brother watched a horror movie and i was telling him scary stories then i told him a story about sombody knocking on the window at 11 oclock at night he got scared so i text my friend and told her that at 11 to start banging on my window as she only lived next door. Then 11 oclock came and we were still watching the movie then all of a sudden she banged on the window and my brother shot up in the air shaking and he wet his pants!!
Spayer Joke
one time i decided to get my mom back for 11 years of torture (woopens, groundation, embarasment so on) so i got a rubberband and triple wrapped it around a kitchen sink sprayer and when my mom came to cook she got alot of water on her silk sirt. hahaha
Lights Out
I stayed the night at a friends house one night and we decided to pull a prank on one of our other friends that was also staying the night. I decided that i needed to "go to the store" to get some aspirin. Instead I went to the side of the house, climbed in the basement window and shut off the circuit breaker. After that was done I climbed back out of the window, started knocking on the door and running. Finally I went back in to the house and after about 5 times of pulling the prank, we finally told the person and they are now helping us pull this prank on other friends that come to stay the night.

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