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Ok one night me and my friend where home alone, we where really bored, so we went outside. we saw some guy from our school named RJ we started following him and making noises like..RRRRR...JJJJ and j man! he started running and we followed him to his house.he ran to his room and we started to throw rocks at it. I seriously think he peed his pants~!
Math Homework
This Happened 5 yers Before We (3 of us) Were Sittin in our Class room And Math period was Goin on So one of Our friends had to go to loo he so, he took permission From the teacher and went. So me and my friend got an devilish idea of rubbing off his home work so, we rubbed it and when he came back he said "holy crap, who has done this" and on other hand we were laughing he saw us and told the teacher. We were punished but it was very funny
Once, when I was very young, my cousin and my sister were like, "Hey you want some milk?" and I said yes so they handed me the milk and started giggling. I took a sip. They were laughing louder. "It tastes...salty..." I said. They were on the floor laughing. They had poured a bunch of salt in my milk!
At lunch one day, we had grilled cheese sandwiches and i had eaten half of it and this one kid next to me asked for the other half. I said no but they begged and i still kept saying no. After a couple minutes and i really didn't want the grilled cheese, i turned around licked it, and told the kid i didn't want it and he could have it. He took it willingly and took a bite. I was sitting there covering my mouth laughing and he looked at me and was like watd u do to it?!?!?!? l8er at lunch he found out and was spittin all over his tray, and gave me back the grilled cheese...
The Letter
I was at a sleepover at my school in 7th grade. All the boys were in the 4th grade classroom and the girls were in the library. Our teacher was sleeping in the teachers lounge. There was a phone in every classroom, and so we called the teachers lounge from the receptionists desk. We made scary noises and pretended to be "the thing." It scared our teacher! Lol it was the best school sleepover ever!
April Fools!
ok....i decided to play a prank on my mom....so i told my dad about it and he said he would be in it to...so my dad called my mom at work and said that i had something to tell her when i got home....so she said well what did he do?...and my dad said that i got caught skiping w/ my freind...so my dad and i called my friend and said what we were doing and asked him if he would play along in it to...he said yes...wo when my mom got home she was sooooooooooooo mad!....i was staying in my bed pretending to cry and she came up the stairs and said "look at me in the eye!!!"...so i did still pretending to cry and she went through this long speech of her never thinking i would do something like this and then she said "give me ur ipod,phone,and computer" and alot of other things....lol....then when she walked downstairs and i followed behind her and then i said in a small voice...."APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!"hahahahaha....she just droped on the floor w/
relief...it was soooo funny.
Ketchup Pants
i was in class i got bored on the third to the last day of school i got some ketchup and put it under the toilet seat and they sat on it was so funny!!
Alright, alright, so yea. I was at this camp with my youth group, right? And it was the last night at camp and we were gonna be away from eachother when we got home so we were all sad aaand my youth leader Kai decided to bring candles into our room because it was a 'special occasion.' We had a great time talking and laughing and stuff and eventually we all fell asleep. An hour or so later the camp councellers are jumping all over the campers screaming "OMMG HOLLY DIDNT BLOW OUT THAT CANDLE THE CABINS ON FIRE!!! GET UP GET UP!!! PLEASE CMON I DONT WANT YOU TO DIE!!!" so we get up and are like panicing and when we get outside [its really cold like below zero out because its winter] they dump buckets of iced down water on our heads..it was mean BUT I LAUGHED SO HARD!
Fake Farts
once my friend Osama came to sleep in my house he was tired and cranky so i let him sleep. Then because he is a heavy sleeper i then attached a piece of string followed by a woopie cushion on his backside. after that i put a mike in that area and it was really loud and he got up immeditely he didnt get sleep after that.LOL!!
This story is about one of my friends. Shirley was a outgoing and fun person. In the cafeteria, she was talking to these 2 other friends of hers and they threw bottles at each other(believe me, for her it didn't hurt at all! She kept on laughing).The truth was that the other 2 guys threw it first just for fun. Then a teacher came and gave Shirley the detention just because he SAW her throw the bottle...she was like "but..but they throw it first" and the teacher was like "I'm sure they threw it first Shirley, but I have to SEE it to give them detention." Oh man! Then in my head I was like, "haha"...but at the same time I felt bad for her too.
Her detention was half an hour at lunch. She decided not to go hoping that nothing will happen...the next day, the teacher came to her and said "Shirley, you didn't come yesterday so tomorrow, you get to stay after school for an whole hour!" ...haha, good days~ X-D
The Real John
So once me and my friends were prank calling and my friend Kasey called this random number and this lady picked up.My friend kept asking if John was there and the lady kept asking who this was, my friend just kept asking for John and eventually the lady said, "This is his mother, what do you want!" we were laughing soooo hard!
Class Catastrophe!
One day we had english class and after it was science so our class HATES it when science is comin cuz we all hate science! so we decided to play a prank! i had a whoopy cushin in my bag and we all put it on our teachers chair and when she came she decided to correct our exams and sit down so wen she sat down "Prrffftt" the whole class started laughing like crazy!!it was a sweet day!! LOL
Me and my friend were hangin out and got really bored so we decided to punch in a random number. This guy answered and we stayed silent. After a while he started screaming into the phone: HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!! Then he hung up. So we called him again and he got really mad and started swearing and screaming that he was going to call the police on us. We went to school the next day and we told my other friend what we had done and we told her the number. All of a sudden she started laughing. We had accidentally phoned some guy at school and he was complaining about people phoneing him!!!
Bowling Alley
ohkay. My friend wanted me to go to the bowling alley, but i couldn't go. i was texting her and was like i will be there in like 10 minutes, im just getting in my car(i was texting her) so she's like ohkay hurry up. i'm like ohkay ohkay i'll text you when i'm in the parking lot. then a couple minutes later, i texted her and said ohkay i'm by the entrance, where r u? and she's like i'll meet you by the entrance. she's like i'm by the entrance i don't c u! i'm like nooo i dont c u! ur not here. then her friend that was with her started texting me saying your not really here are u? and it turned out they were with a bunch of people and spent 30 minutes looking for me when i was at my house on my couch. :)
Toy food
I remember in kindergarten there was this play kitchen with the toy food, fridge, stove etc. Well me and some random girl (who's now my best friend) decided to be funny, so we took absolutely all the food, plates, baby dolls and what not and shoved it all in the freezer, we got a kick out of it. Well, it was about an hour later when the teacher was reading a story and in the middle of nowhere the freezer door flies open and everything comes pouring out. The teacher looked so angry, it was obvious who was because me and that girl where laughing so hard we peed ourselves.
No orders today
I work as an operations manager in a liquor distributor (not a store...we supply the stores their liquor). Our head liquor salesman is a very aggressive and domineering man who must always have his way and everything he needs twenty minutes ago. Now, when somebody orders a product from us, a salesman must put in a corrosponding item number, commonly referred to as an SKU. Well, for April Fool's day, I got everybody in the office to follow my lead on this gag and, when our head liquor salesman walked in, I looked him dead in the eye and said, "I'm sorry, but there was a system glitch and all of the liquor SKUs have been deleted from the system, so you can't put liquor orders in today." He went around to every single person in the office, asking if it was true, and EVERYBODY (including the guy with no sense of humor) told him the same thing. He was going out of his mind and started to order me to e-mail all the salesmen (whom I had
warned ahead of time), all the execs (also previously warned), etc. Finally, after about 2 hours of him running around screaming and cursing about his inability to sell anything that day, a bunch of us finally got together and told him, "April Fools!" His response to this whimsical yet gloriously planned joke? "Awww...you guys are all jerks" Then he broke down laughing. I have to admit though, he's been much less of an idiot since...
Midnight Madness
So me, my friend (we'll call her S), and my other friend (hosting the sleepover, we'll call her E) were up really late so we decided to do pranks to each other. Of course we used my long hair. we got E to go to sleep and so me and S got whipped cream and put it in E's hand and tickled her nose with my hair. she had cream all over her face. then we did it with olives to S and she had squished olives all over her face. Then they did it to me and they used spicy mustard. my face was burning after that. It was so much fun. can't wait until this year's sleepover!
Would You Like Some Fries With That Shake?
So, one day, my friends and I were at this party that my friend threw. We saw this girl that we absolutely hate and she was dancing with my friend's boyfriend and I could tell that he didn't want to SO... we took out the camera that our friend conveniently had and video taped her dancing with him and put it on all of our myspaces and she was like, "OMG! YOU FREAKS VIDEO TAPED ME?" So, we were like, "Um, yeah, Miss Why-Don't-I-Dance-With-Chelsea's-Bo?" Then she walked away and every time she went to a party ... we never saw her dancing with anyone else's boyfriend. xD
Is Gunter Tinkle There?
Me and my friend decided to do some prank calls on a couple of our friends. So we called Ray. We disguised our voices so he didn't know it was us. We asked if gunter there. He said no. then we said isn't this the tinkle residence? He said no again. we started loling. It was so funny.
Reservations for 2
I was sitting at my computer like literally bored to tears so i called up McDonalds and said i wanted reservations for 2 and she said this is mcdonalds and i was like i know then i said i would like reservations for 2 at 2:00 and then she said ok so know i have reservations at mcdonalds at 2:00

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