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  Prank Stories
Dr. Phil...creeeepy!
I didn't do this, my friend did it to me. I was sleeping over at my friend Megan's house. We were bored, so we decided to watch TV. She turned Dr. Phil on, and I told her I thought Dr. Phil was soooo creepy! So, to tease me about it, the next morning when I woke up, there was a huge picture of Dr. Phil right next to me and I screamed. God, was that creepy!
Pepper And Salt Pepsi
my school went on a bike ride and we stopped at a pizza place to get some pizza and 1 of my friends left i was like hey lets put salt and pepper in her drink and we did and when she came back we made a toast and she was like ugh! we started craking up and we said we put salt and pepper in her Pepsi.
Hole punch
One time on April fools day my brother decided to pull a prank on my parents so he took a hole punch and started punching holes and took those little papers circles that are left from punching the hole and put them in the vents of the car and turned on the A/C so that when my parents got in the car it would blow little paper circles in their face. But for some reason the A/C didn't turn on when the car started and my mom ended up turning it on when she was on the freeway! My parents were so mad and my brother had to clean it up after but it was so funny! There were paper circles in the car for months!
So... one April Fools' Day
I placed an ad in the local paper saying there was an estate sale at his house, and that everything in the house was for sale and people should just walk in and look around. I put in the ad that the sale started at 8:00 AM (we got off work at 7:00). He came into work that night looking exhausted; evidently, people had been knocking on his door all day to try to get into the sale and he hadn't been smart enough to put a sign on his door saying there was no sale. Served the idiot right."
What a great prank!!
Ok... at Sophia my BFFL'S house... we had this game to see who could do the best prank call. And my other BFFL Kristi did a prank call to some lady she didn't even know and said... "Can you look out side.... my dog ran away... and then the lady said some thing.... then kristi said JUST GO LOOK AND FIND MY DOG. and started to pretend to cry and said PLEASE JUST GO LOOK FOR MY DOG!!! It was so FUNNY!!! We were laughing about that up to this day!!!
Beat You To It!!!
My neighbors love to play pranks on me and i was getting sick and tired of it. My brother and I (and my little sis) had set up a tent in the back yard and were going to sleep in it. My parents were at my neighbor's house. At about 9:30 at night my mom called and said "Hey I heard the boys were getting ready to prank you. They're putting on their halloween masks." They were NOT going to get me this time. SOOOOOO I told my brother and sister my plan. They sat in the tent talking (so the boys thought we were all in there) and I hid, so when they came I was ready. I have really long hair and I had it in my face and I popped out and just stood there and they screamed and ran away it was so funny Raymond pushed Francis down and kept running. AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
ok so my lil cousin gets really scared so we told him someone died in our house upstairs and we also said that she screams before she gets u and he said he wasn't scared so my aunt hid in the closet and while he was in the room we turned off the lights and my aunt screamed then he ran around the room screaming saying don't get me don't get me and tripped then was on the floor crying we told him it was just a joke
Prank called my friend
One day me and my sister were bored. So we decieded to prank call someone. So, we did our friend. We called her. She said "hello?" And I said. "Hi, this is the school district. Your child "Lilly" has been absent today. When she comes back to school please have her bring in a doctors or dentist note." And she was like "Um, sorry but I'm a kid. Not a adlut. And I was NOT absent today. I went to school. We said "Then your teacher didn't mark you. LIAR" Then she hung up. Me and my sister were CRAKING UP! It was so funny. We never told her what we did though. Lol. But that was so funny! Then the next day she told us the whole story and we said "Well, thats weird." and we walked away giggling!
Salt/Sugar Shaker
Me, my family, and some friends all went out to Chili's one night. I was sitting with my sister, Logan and my friend, Mariah we were really bored so we decided to pull a prank... We put sugar in the salt shaker!!!! As we were leaving they seated this man and his date in the booth we had sat in. The man ordered a hamburger and some fries and he went to pour salt (sugar) on his fries and he made a weird face and made the waitress take them back and make him more. it was sooooo funny!!!!!!!
McDonalds Prank Call
It was my friend's birthday and she was having a sleepover it was her, me, and 2 other friends of our's, we got bored so we decided to start prank calling people and we prank called alot of people and then Haley said lets prank call Mcdonald's so we did and we said we wanted a hamburger with ketchup and pickles, a small coke, and medium fries and we told them we would be there in 15 minutes and we never went and picked it up!!!!!
5 25 times optimum voice SOO FUNNY
Okay once in school a kid told me if you press 5 25 times you go to China. Well duh! Not. I did it anyway because I wanted to see what happened. It called a sweet lady picked up and said "Hi welcome to optimum voice my name is Kelly how may I help you?" Uhhh I had no idea what to say so I said "Hi!?" She answered back "Hiiiiiiii!" Then I hung up. I was in my brother's room doing that. It was on speaker. We started cracking up when I hung up. Oh, and of course I pressed *67 so nobody would know who it was.
Blue Mouth Sweets
I used to love buying prank stuff so one day, I got these blue mouth sweets. They did what they said they did, and it worked really well. I had a friend who loved sweets so I gave her one. They tasted really nice, but the effects were great. I gave it to her on a Friday so she couldn't yell at me too much! On Monday I asked her "Did you like the sweet?" She was soooo mad at me! She said It turned her teeth blue and no matter how many times she brushed, it wouldn't come out and she had to go around with her hand over her mouth all weekend! I was laughing so hard but she forgave me. It was really funny!
Awsome Sleepover
one time i went to a sleepover and brought this big bag of pranks so i could prank someone.in the middle of the night in her living room i got a whoopie cushion and sprayed it in my bff's face!!!!!while i was doing thati didn't notice her mom standing right in the kitchen!!so she got really mad at me and took me home at 4:00 in the morning.
Golf Cart Tipping!
Me and my friend went to a friends house, and that person had a lot of golf carts, and we had a forklift. We then decided "hmm, i wonder how it would look if all the golf carts were upside down". We soon found out.
one night we were really bored. and we decided to call Domino's Pizza and bother the guy. it was really funny.my friend:hello? domino's pizza? what do you sell?the guy:pizza, chicken wings, bread sticks....my friend:okay. what exactly are in the chicken wings?the guy:sir, are you going to order anything?my friend:yeah, but tell me what are in the chicken wings.the guy:they're chicken wings....my friend:okay. can i have a large order of shrimp fried rice?the guy:sir we don't have that here.my friend:why not?the guy:we're a pizza place....and he was still saying something, but we had to hang up on him because we were laughing so hard.hahhhh. it was really funny.
Bathroom Water
ok so i went into this men's room in this nice resturant and when i went in i saw that there was a guy in one of the stalls so i grabed a little water cup and filled it up and then went into the stall next to him. i sat there quietly for a minute then i started moaning and groaning and got louder and louder until i was almost screaming then i splashed the water down into his stall. his legs flew up into the air and i swear he must have jumped about 6 feet of the toilet. i left quickly cause i was laughing so hard and went back to my seat which was facing the restroom. i watched the door for a half an hour and no one came out so i went back into the rest room and the guy was still sitting there with his legs hovering over the water cause the has know idea where this liquid came from. probably my best prank ever.
So once on a school trip, two of my friends and I were staying in a hotel room. One of our friends left the door open while she was showering so my other friend and I took all of the towels out. She didn't really know what was happening at the time...But when she came out she realized she had no towels to dry off with! So she took down the shower curtain and came out in it. Her face was so red, it was hilarious.
This is so Dumb
ok peoples this is soo dumb but its hilarious. My mom was in the bathroom and I had an urge to pull a prank on her. it was winter so i went outside and got a bunch of snowballs. My sis agreed 2 help me. so when my mom walked out the bathroom, we bombarded her with snowballs that we had dyed red. she thought it was blood and then she screamed. me and my sis were dying with laughter. we got grounded for a month but it was TOTALLY worth it. Our dad managed the webcam and he captured tha whole thing. then we put it on yooube and we got lik 900,000,000 views or sumthin and ma mom really luvd it. she was lik IM ON UTUBE all tha time and i wuz sooooo annoying!!!!!!!!!
Mystery Person
So my friend was at my house, and we got bored. So we tried hacking into my friends (a boy) accounts on email and AIM. So instead, we decided to make a screen name where he wouldn't know. It was something like a hobo or sommething, like, imahobo or something, and so when he got on, we started talking to him. He got really freaked out and then we started haunting him with stuff we knew about him. He got really creeped out and for the next week he was never online again and he wasn't very talkitive. He told me how the "imahobo" man started talking to him and creeping him out, and we would try to hold back laughing. He still doesn't know that it was us. Now we are almost enemies; well, i find him as an enemy but he likes me.
Key Finder
So my bro got this new key finder at walgreens on vaca. He wanted to have it so he could find his gameboy when my parents hid it. So, when we got back home from vaca, my other bro and I kept hiding this key finder around his room, like in socks, under the mattress, and in books and cupboards, and we would set it off by whistling. So he got reallyyy mad and then my parents took away his Gameboy. He never ended up finding it. But we just decided to give in. It annoyed him for weeks.

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