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  Prank Stories
So me and my two friends were hanging out and we decided to prank call someone cause we were so bored. We looked through our school phone book and then found this kids number. We called him and his family was all like Hello, Smith residence this is Evan speaking, and we pretended like we were one of his friends. We had this man voice and were like heyyy Evann comme over mann im sooo bored. And he was like yeahh man i'll come. We hung upp and were laughing so hard. We still don't know what happened after that.
one time i was really bored so i decided to scare my sister since she was using the computer i though i would go in the back of the chair and say ahh!!!so when i did it i said ahhh!!!my sister was so scared she didn't see me she just slapped me like if it was a stranger it was funny!
Soup Eye Shadow
once when i was at joen and edds i was eating soup while my sister was putting on eye shadow. My sister was sitting next to me so i didnt notice that me sister was dumping eye shadow in my soup. so i ate eye shadow. My sister told me that she put eye shadow in my soup when we got inside the car.I almost through up.
April Fools Day
It was April Fools and I was thinking of a prank to do on my family. I taped the spray hose on the sink so if someone turned it on they would get sprayed. I told my little brother to turn on the sink and he did. but he started crying because he got his favorite shirt wet. He ran into his room crying ,then my mom forgot the sink was still taped and she got sprayed too!!
Shaving Cream Mishap
I went to a sleepover and me and a friend decided to put shaving cream in the suposedly sleeping persons hand. It was really dark so I ended up putting alot of cream in her hand. when I finished she apparently wasn't asleep and slaped me with it I was covered in it. It was all in my hair and on my shirt.
Not My Underwear
One time when I went to my best friend's house, we pranked her twin brother and got him really scared. He found out later that it was us. It was mainly my best friend, and not me. He thought that it was me. When I went home, my mom was doing my laundry from my bag and screamed. I went to our laundry room to see what she was screaming about. She noticed that I was standing right there, and she said,"Ashley, why do you have men's underwear in your bag?!?!?!?" I was so shocked! The next day, I went to my BFF's house and I had to explain to her that I found her dad or older brother's underwear in my bag. After she went back inside with the underwear, and I went back to my mom's car, her twin brother comes out and says,"Did you enjoy the huge underwear?" He had a very satisfied look on his face. I was sooo mad at him. Ever since then, my BFF and I haven't pranked him at all!!!!! Who knows what could end up in my bag, next time...
My Sister
I was at my house and I picked up my cat and threw my cat on my sleeping sister and the cat scratched her. My dog jumped on the bed to chase the cat. But my dog he scratched her too. She thought she had to go to the E.R.
Target Prank
me and my friend Karlee were bored so we called a number and said "hello this is Target you have stolen a dog from a blind person and you are going to jail". they said I DID NOT!!!!! so we called her later saying it was the police and she needed to go to court lol!!!
Come to a Party
So i was at a sleep over with a bunch of other girls and at like midnight we decided to start prank calling people. This one guy we pranked (lets call him john) told us to come to his house for a party and he gave us the directions. We all thought the directions were fake because obviously we dont know this guy. Then we pranked this other guy (lets call him mike) and told him to meet us up somewhere. Mike was like ok and we gave him the directions to Johns house thinking hes not really going to go. Soo around like 1 or 2 in the morning we are on the phone with both guys (different phones) and low and behold John did give us the right directions and Mike did go to meet us and neither of them knew it was a total prank until they met each other while still on the phone with us. It was hilarious.
Math Pranks
I hate my Math teacher from college, so I made it my personal mission to make her life hell. The first major prank I did was place my mobile phone in the ceiling and get a friend to ring it. Little did I know, lots of people found out about it so for the whole lesson it was non-stop ringing. Then at the end of the lesson I climbed on the table and took the phone out of the ceiling and walked out like normal. The second was during the break between the lessons, I rigged my iPod up to the speakers and then halfway through the lesson, Rick Astley comes out the speakers at maximum volume and the teacher gets really confused. The final one was, I robbed the controls for the interactive whiteboard, and for the whole lesson, I kept freezing the screen, flashing the screen on and off and kept turning it upside down!
Never feel it until you get up!
Well, one time, I was so bored, I decided to prank my sister so were even. I went into the bathroom, and I put soap and glue, and cotton balls on the toilet seat so my sister could sit right in it when she goes. When I was done, I was in my bedroom. I heard footsteps going to the bathroom in the hallway, and I thought it was my sister, but It wasn't really my sister, it was my mom! My mom knew it was me because i do that kind of stuff all the time. I was in big big trouble!
Friends In Utah
One night i was on the phone with one of my guy friends who was currently on vacation in Utah, so i got this crazy idea to prank call him. So i get my Moms cell phone (so he wouldnt know the number) and called him pretending to be this lady with this crazy accent, and i was asking for Evan... well this went on and i kept calling him back, saying things like YES ! I know hes there give him the phone! and it was HALARIOUS. On the third call he got really mad and started screaming at me saying HANG UP AND CALL A NUMBER THAT ISNT THIS ONE! and it was sooooooo funny! After i told him it was me he was so embarassed. (But i thought Gosh! What if that was a real person and that was someone who really had the wrong number and he screamed at them like that... HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! LMAO~ Little Buddy
Too Much Salt!
i have a friend, lets call him brad lol. he is addicted to salt! he puts it on EVERYTHING!! ice cream, broccoli, bananas, you name it, its on there lol. so we went to a resturant and we decided to teach him a lesson. we had been harpin on him to stop usin so much but he wouldnt stop. so when he went to the bathroom at the resturant, we unscrewed the cap of the salt. so when his food came, he went to put salt on it and the whole container went on it! so we started laughin under our breath and asked him if he needed more. he never used salt infront of us again! lol
Prank Call
One day, I was over at my friends house and we were prank calling people. It was my turn, so I put in a random number from a town close by. I had the phone on speaker. When the person on the other end picked up, she said "Hello, Mesquite police department." I freak out. I asked her if this was Eureka. She said no. I said oh, I'm sorry musta got the wrong number. My friends were fighting againt laughing. Lucky they waited until I was off the phone before they did because that would of gave us away.
Getting Back at Toll Free
ok i was spending the night at my frinds house and we were playing video games when a toll free called i though "this is a good chance to try out my little kid voice" so i answered it in my little kid voice me: hello?t.f:hello this is john from directv and are your parents home (lolz he bought it!) me: no they're not here right now.t.f: ok i'll call back later,b-me: wait wait wait don't go...wat's your favorite color?t.f: uhhh purpleme: (trying not to laugh) COOL MINES GREEN!!t.f: i got to go right now bye!me:OK BYE I LOVE YOU CALL BACK SOON OK?me and my friend rolfed...but he never did call back... :(
Just Plain Oblivious!
ok well i didnt actually preform the prank, but my good friend did..ok so my church group goes to Charleston, SC almost every spring break for a mission trip, well my friends and i were in our rooms talking and one of my friends,lets call her sal asked my friend (lets call her jane) if she could make her bed for her, now jane is a huge prankster, so sal was kind of asking for it, well jane short sheeted sal's bed right in front of sal, well jane made it look pretty nice, so sal got in and got stuck and was like what in the world, and the rest of us were just cracking up laughing cause she was so oblivious!!
Hide and Seek
we were at my friends bday party and we said lets play hide and seek. so my friend runs and hides in the bathroom and then we got a jump rope and tied it to the door and the door across the hall so the door was stuck and then we waited a cople of minutes and then we started yelling aly aly aksonfree like so she would come out and then she started freaking our cause the door wouldn't open and we came to help her and pretended that we couldn't open the door. it was pretty funny
The Fake Wisconsiner
Me and my friend we prank calling a kid from our class and we were sure we got the right number so we called and then the person picked up and we said "Hi, you looked great today! And Olivia likes you!" The person (kid in my class) hung up and then called again, but we didn't know it was him. He was screaming and cursing and getting angry then we said "Who are you?" And then he was like "WHO IS OLIVIA? I AM FROM WISCONSIN!"
Hospital Girl
One day me and my friend Keeli prank called this woman from the front desk at a hospital,and keeli made a fake appointment. About ten minutes later, that same woman called us back and said she would call the police on us. So, keeli said to the lady that we were only 6 so the lady said,"i wont call the police, but just be careful next time.(we really were 9)
Wake up and taste the coffee
i was reely bored in my house so i put salt in the sugar bowl the next day my grampa came over and wanted coffee he always has milk and sugar it wasnt until he took a sip he was sick but i saw the funny side.

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