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  Prank Stories
So one day my bf jake and i were on the phone and i told him i was really bored and he said he was too, so we decided to prank call our teacher. so we did and she answered the phone and said hello this is mrs ______ and i said in a indian voice how could you and she was like what did i do and my bf said i just knew we couldn't trust her in his indian voice and she was like what did i do and i was like i knew shamsham marrying an american was bad just knew it and she was like i think you have the wrong number and so i said the number and she noticed laughter my bf was laughing but had the phone away from his mouth although she could still hear him and asked who it was and so we hung up she called back and i didn't notice the number and said hello in my normal voice and she said Cali?? and she was like young lady i am calling your parents. So i hurried down stairs to tell them and when she said hi mrs. __________ my mom was like shamsham and hung
up. so my teacher called back and my teacher said Cali get ur mom on the phone (she had never met my mom) and my mom said this is Cali's mom and she was like that was quiet rude and my mom hung up i got a D in that class!!!
well we went to a scary house this week and well my sister went in the scary house and she thought it was real so after that night ive been behind her door and i would make scary nosies and i would throw things and make ot seem real and the she tould on me and i blamed it on my older brother
Shaving cream and fluff","I was at my friends for a sleep over and we were really bored. Her brother was right next door so we gathered up some mucky stuff and went into his room. He was asleep and so we squeezed shaving cream on his hand, put honey in his hair and took some fluff sprinkled it over him and then tickled his nose... the shaving cream went all over his face and his hair was yellow by the end and the fluff was stuck to his face and hand!!!!"
once i was over my friend's house and we prank called this guy, she told him that she was a friend from high school. and he believed her!!! he asked her if they could get some coffee tomorrow!! he totally fell for the whole thing! although he was a little currious as to why we were calling him at 11:35 pm.
The Toilet Fairy
One time me and my two best friends slept over at my house. we got bored so we decided to play a prank on this little girl on my block who thought that she knew everything there was to know (it was still pretty early in the day) so we took her up into my room but we only let her see me and my friend Bri. my other friend Melly was hideing in the bathroom she had a whole bunch of make up on. anyway we let the little girl (Tiffy) up to my room and let her play with my cat. after about 5 minutes Melly came barging into the room carrying a long pencil and saying that she was the toilet fairy she gave tiffy this long speech about how if she didn't stop bugging us, her husband the toilet wizard (who i had pretended to be a few days earlier) would suck out her soul when she used the bathroom. the best part is that it has been over a year and Tiffy is still afraid of the toilet fairy, in fact every time she sees Melly she runs screeming into her
Food Coloring :)
I was with my friend and we wanted to do a really good prank on my mom. so we thought for hours on what we should do. finally we thought of a great idea. so that night my friends parents came over to pick my friend up and hang out for a while. they all had lime wine coolers. so when my mom was done with hers, she threw it in the trash and got another one. so me and my friend grabbed the one in the trash, rinsed it out, filled it with water and green food coloring. so before my friend had to go home we went outside and played volleyball. when we came inside i said, "oh my gosh, im so thirsty." and i grabbed the wine cooler (we filled with water) and chugged it. my mom almost had a heart attack, and yelled at me for drinking. so i decided to tell her what we did to it and my mother even said it was the best prank ever :)
Trees in your ponds?
ok, so @ my friends b-day party, we were playing the random game (we write down random dares or things to do on sheets of paper and draw them out to do them) well mine said "call (insert random numbers here)" and i looked at it and read it over a couple times and finally said no, and had to try to pass it off on someone or i had to put 5 atomic fireballs in my mouth for two minutes, so my friend saved my life, being the daredevil she is, and called the random number @ 12 A.M and when the person picked up, my other friend told her to ask them is they had any trees in their ponds, but somehow interpreted it as "do u have any trees in your pants?" me and ally (the one who told her to ask them) ran to the bathroom as fast as we could
Fun at the Beach
Dig a hole, put a towel over it and another next to it. tell a friend to sit on the towel on the hole while u sit on the one on the sand.
There's something on your back!
So when i was in the 5th grade there was some moldy stuff on a table outside at the school playground so i picked up a stick and held it to my friend's face and she freaked out and was like "put it down." So later in the hallway as we go back to the classroom I say "OMG that moldy stuff is on your back." One of my friends knowing what i was doing jumped in and verified it was on her back. She freaked out so much! lol then i told her it was a joke.
Makeover Truama!
well, we were at my friend's house and joanne fell asleep so we took all our make-up and put it all over her! wen she woke up in the morning she had a rash! she was alergic 2 this stuff in lip gloss! luckly she forgave us!
okay. once we were at my friend's slumber party, and we got really bored. So all of us started ding dong ditching and throwing rocks at windows. then we ding dong ditched the house at the very top. no one answered. we tried again and she answered.we all ran,then we found out she was our math teacher Ms.Bloss!!! 2 make it worse, she screamed at us. she was all "GET OUT OF MY YARD!!" It was SOOO funny! =]
Year Round Schooling
It was April Fools day and my mom wanted to play a really good joke on me and my sister. My aunt called and told my mom a joke to play. When I got home from school on April 1st my mom had this smirk on her face. She handed me and my sister a letter with our school address on it. It said that we were going to have year round schooling. The letter looked official with the signiture and school symbol and everything. I started freakin out. My sister knew that mom was kidding cuz she was smiling and trying not to laugh. Turned out my aunt is the one who wrote the letter.
Night Fright
Me and my sister had just saw Most Haunted on TV Which ends at about 11 o'clock. So, I hid under my sister's bed and as she stepped past me I grabbed her ankle and she screamed! It was hilarious. Just then she went to the toilet, so I sneaked out and hid behind the bathroom door, (the toilet and bathroom are separate) and as she walked in I jumped out, yelling boo! she screamed again and jumped back. It was hilarious. Another time, we were watching the movie Signs and she ws so scared she decided to close the window. She was looking out it and I said." OMG! what's that out there?!" She jumped off the window sill and ducked under the covers all in one movement. (you have to stand on the window sill to open/close the window) (Our bed is by the window)(we have bunk beds, she sleeps on the bottom....)(hehehehehe)
Not Really Toothpaste
My cousin and i where at my uncle's house. we were bored so we replaced his toothpaste with shaving cream. he used it and he told us it tasted weird. we died laughing
We did this because it's an inside joke
but we slapped American cheese slices onto the wrap of one car and purposely soiled women's white 3XL panties and wrapped that into the second car. We wrote on both cars with window paint then sent out one of us as a decoy - which was strategically planned - to have them come out and see their cars...the pics we took were priceless. haha"
Vandalism and cars
Cars can be everyone's best and most cared for asset; for some, it becomes a hobby. I have 2 friends whom are crazy about their investment...so my cousins and myself decided to prank them. Each had saran wrap that we held between both ends of our index fingers and ran around their cars in opposite directions to cover their "baby" from cartop to exhaust.
Wrong feet!
So i waz at the pools right when this lady comes and sits near my mom. Both had only their feet in the water. so im swiming when decide i want to tickle my moms feet...i go to where i see some feet and i look at the feet and i almost hurl....all gross and nasty they looked so i thought to myself "this is not my mom's feet!" so i get out of the water and see this lady looking at me all weird and my mom laughing at me. I WAZ SOOOOOOOOOOO EMBARESSED!!!! but wat made me feel better waz that my brother had done the same thing!:)
Not the car
...ok so me and my friend were waiting 4 our moms to pick us up from skool right when this silver van passed and im like "hey isn't that ur car?"and my friends like oh crap! and she went chasing after it. finally she got in and she didnt look up to see her mom. then the lady looks at her and says "hey ur not my daughter!" and my friend comes rushing out the car almost tomatoe red. Me laughing my azz off!!!!!!!
Bertie Bots Every Flavor Bean
My best friend was having a sleep over with her cousin and they had bought some bertie bots every flavor beans. When my best friend's cousin went to sleep, my best friend put a vomit flavored bean into her cousin's open mouth. She woke up and chewed on the bean for a second, and then it was so nasty she threw up.
Getting Caught.
It was april fool's day, and I decided to prank my mom. I went into the backyard and climbed the wall and ended up getting out front. I ran to the door and rang the doorbell, then hopped back over the small wall in the front. After she opened the door, I looked over the wall and saw a cop car coming down the street. I ducked, and when I looked over again, the cop car was almost on the curb, pointing forward. I got down, then like, a minute later, I heard a voice behind me, and when I turned around the cop was standing there, his gun pointing at me. I told him what I had done, and he didn't believe me, so I had to follow him to my front door. He pounded on the door, and my mom opened it. She was mad at me, but after the cop left, she was laughing at the fact that I got caught.

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