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  Prank Stories
Awsome Sleepover
one time i went to a sleepover and brought this big bag of pranks so i could prank the middle of the night in her living room i got a whoopie cushion and sprayed it in my bff's face!!!!!while i was doing thati didn't notice her mom standing right in the kitchen!!so she got really mad at me and took me home at 4:00 in the morning.
Golf Cart Tipping!
Me and my friend went to a friends house, and that person had a lot of golf carts, and we had a forklift. We then decided "hmm, i wonder how it would look if all the golf carts were upside down". We soon found out.
one night we were really bored. and we decided to call Domino's Pizza and bother the guy. it was really friend:hello? domino's pizza? what do you sell?the guy:pizza, chicken wings, bread friend:okay. what exactly are in the chicken wings?the guy:sir, are you going to order anything?my friend:yeah, but tell me what are in the chicken wings.the guy:they're chicken friend:okay. can i have a large order of shrimp fried rice?the guy:sir we don't have that friend:why not?the guy:we're a pizza place....and he was still saying something, but we had to hang up on him because we were laughing so hard.hahhhh. it was really funny.
Bathroom Water
ok so i went into this men's room in this nice resturant and when i went in i saw that there was a guy in one of the stalls so i grabed a little water cup and filled it up and then went into the stall next to him. i sat there quietly for a minute then i started moaning and groaning and got louder and louder until i was almost screaming then i splashed the water down into his stall. his legs flew up into the air and i swear he must have jumped about 6 feet of the toilet. i left quickly cause i was laughing so hard and went back to my seat which was facing the restroom. i watched the door for a half an hour and no one came out so i went back into the rest room and the guy was still sitting there with his legs hovering over the water cause the has know idea where this liquid came from. probably my best prank ever.
So once on a school trip, two of my friends and I were staying in a hotel room. One of our friends left the door open while she was showering so my other friend and I took all of the towels out. She didn't really know what was happening at the time...But when she came out she realized she had no towels to dry off with! So she took down the shower curtain and came out in it. Her face was so red, it was hilarious.
This is so Dumb
ok peoples this is soo dumb but its hilarious. My mom was in the bathroom and I had an urge to pull a prank on her. it was winter so i went outside and got a bunch of snowballs. My sis agreed 2 help me. so when my mom walked out the bathroom, we bombarded her with snowballs that we had dyed red. she thought it was blood and then she screamed. me and my sis were dying with laughter. we got grounded for a month but it was TOTALLY worth it. Our dad managed the webcam and he captured tha whole thing. then we put it on yooube and we got lik 900,000,000 views or sumthin and ma mom really luvd it. she was lik IM ON UTUBE all tha time and i wuz sooooo annoying!!!!!!!!!
Mystery Person
So my friend was at my house, and we got bored. So we tried hacking into my friends (a boy) accounts on email and AIM. So instead, we decided to make a screen name where he wouldn't know. It was something like a hobo or sommething, like, imahobo or something, and so when he got on, we started talking to him. He got really freaked out and then we started haunting him with stuff we knew about him. He got really creeped out and for the next week he was never online again and he wasn't very talkitive. He told me how the "imahobo" man started talking to him and creeping him out, and we would try to hold back laughing. He still doesn't know that it was us. Now we are almost enemies; well, i find him as an enemy but he likes me.
Key Finder
So my bro got this new key finder at walgreens on vaca. He wanted to have it so he could find his gameboy when my parents hid it. So, when we got back home from vaca, my other bro and I kept hiding this key finder around his room, like in socks, under the mattress, and in books and cupboards, and we would set it off by whistling. So he got reallyyy mad and then my parents took away his Gameboy. He never ended up finding it. But we just decided to give in. It annoyed him for weeks.
Dead Puppies
I came to a park after my friend called me, and she and another one of her friends were prank calling random people. My friend asked me if I knew anyone who deserved to be pranked. There was an idiotic emo kid whom I completely disliked, so we called him. I said "Dead puppies," and hung up. He called back, so I answered the phone, saying, "City morgue, you stab 'em, we slab 'em, how may I help you?" There was a brief pause, then he said "What?" I hung up and didn't answer the calls anymore.
Stalkin' my best friend
Me and one of my friend were really bored once, so we found a spare sim card and put it in my phone. Then we texted my other friend saying things like 'hello Holly... I know where you live'. It was really funny and she didn't know it was us for ages!! She did eventually find out.... she really had a go at us!!
The Shark
one day me and my sis went to the beach. she is terrified of sharks, so i went and borrowed a shark fin from my frend and then i swam after her with it. she thought it wuz a real shark and then she was like gurl i will kill u after she found out it wuz me. me and my frend were hysterical with laughter. my sister makes me do everything for her bcuz of that prank. if i dont do sumthing for her she says she'll tell our parents about it and i wuz like no way. our parents ended up hearin about it and they just laffed and laffed. eventually my sis saw the funny part of it all and she ended up laffin 2. she sometimes still gets mad at me bcuz i rote up the story and put it evrywhere at our skool and evryone wuz teazin her about it. it wuz so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Water Gun
One time I got so mad at my dad, that one day, before he goes to work, he took my phone away. And I was only texting untill like 1am. on a school day, which is early!! So while he was in the shower, I took a rubberband and put it on the the little sprayer we have on the sick, I really don't know what it is called, but it helps with the dishes! But I put it around there so when he turns it on to get some water, it will spray him. It was so funny. Than I said that's what you get for taking away my phone, and he just kept it for another week. But it was worth it!!
I'm Pregnant
so my best friend had a birthday party but one of our friends couldn't come because she had to go to Mexico with her dad and a college track team and she knew who was all going to the party so (me, my best friend amber, abby, seth, and amber's boyfriend devan) before she left she told us not to get into trouble while she was gone because she didn't want to miss anything. when she got back a week later we told her amber was pregnant and told everyone who was at the party to go along with it and they did. andrea believed us for almost two weeks and then amber accidentally told her
Fake Snake
so at the end of my 6th grade year (a while ago) me and my friend decided to bring in a whole bunch of stuff to scare my one teacher but to get the stuff to his class i had to take it through a few other classes and one of my teachers was really scared of snakes and i didnt know that and at the end of her class she saw my fake snake and started acreaming and yelled for everyone to get out of her classroom.
Grad Prank Failed
Well it was the end of the school year and the only prank that was pulled that day was baby powder! Baby powder being poured on people isn't exactly the best prank of the year so I had to whip up something quick. I asked my friend if I could borrow his water gun, changed into a different hoodie, and changed my pants and shoes then grabbed a small duffel bag then ran up a set of my school steps went to a nice vantage point by the library and had a nice view of the cafeteria they couldn't see my prepping the water gun and the only problem was this girl that kept on walking by with a poster board and when she went away I unzipped the duffel and pulled out the water gun the best thing about it was that there were no cameras on the second level so I was like what the hell I whipped it out gave the water gun a few pumps stood overt the wooden rail thing spotted a bunch of people buying some candy and what not so I aimed I was a hell of a
shot and then I pulled on the trigger and then all that came out was a small dribble I quickly ducked gave the stupid piece of crap a few more pumps jumped up pulled the trigger and the stupid dribble I shook it, it was still full so I ducked down and then put it back in the duffel bag brought it to my friend who quickly pointed out the problem the stupid nozzle was between two of the stupid hole things this made me feel stupid and really embarrassed.
TJ Max
one time i prank called my ex boyfriend. he answered and i said hi this is alica flipper and i work at tj max it seems you have left your bra's and thongs at the counter , we would like u to come pick them up. there is a lacy cheetah bra and a polka dot bra i think there sized D. and there a 2 lacy pink thongs thank u. i got off the phone and started cracking up lol. it was so funny!!!!!!!!!!!
one night i had my friends courtney and camron over to stay the night and once megan and courtney fell asleep me and camron started eating cookies in my room and as we started eating the last two cookies i knew my mom and dad would notice so me and camron put one cookie in megan and cortneys hands and put the box in their room and in the morning they got in trouble.
The 7 Eleven "robber"
once my friend Ilse was at my house and we were like really bored so we decided 2 prank call some ppl from my quince, so i called my friend matt and when he answered i started screaming at him... y did u do it! OMG matt your so stupid! your gonna get arrested! what is your freakkin problem matt!!! and all this stuff and he kept askin me what he did, and i told him your all over the freakin news matt!!!!! i asked him, ok matt tell me the truth, did u rob the 7 eleven? and he was like NO! and i was like they caught u on camera and they said that the police r on their way 2 ur house! i swear he started paniking Bcuz he had just left walking from the 7eleven with his friends! then he asked me did that person look like me and i was like yea! he was tall he looked exactly like u and he was wearing a red shirt! (i had seen him at school earlier and remembered the color shirt he was wearing... smart huh?!?! lol) he was telling me maria i
swear 2 u i didnt do that u know me maria plz beleive me! and all this, so i look over at Ilse who has the other phone and she's on the floor rolling around laughing! so then i kept goin at the prank for a good while. matt was totally freaked and ready to call his mom, and i couldn't hold it anymore so finally i burst out laughing, then he screamed at me, MARIA THIS ISINT FUNNY THE POLICE R ON THEIR WAY 4 ME IM SCARED, ITS NOT FUNNY!!!! so finally i controlled my laughter enough to tell him it was all a prank and Ilse was with me. he lowered his voice and told me AHHH!! UR A JERK MARIA, and i just kept on laughing while he told his freinds it was just a joke. then he came back on the phone and said not cool maria and that made me laugh even more and i said its cuz we love u matt, we gotta keep u on ur feet!! so he laughed and was like ok, well now i gotta go and get home b4 some cops go by and i start screaming and run away! haha he was kidding but we hung up and Ilse and i stayed laughing 4 a good 30 min!
!! hah
One day me and my friend were texting my guy friend and he didn't know this number was my cell because he got a new phone and changed his number. So he said, "Who is this!?" and I said mia blah blah remember me i used to live next to you and i was bff with your friend natalie. So he txts natalie to send a pic of her to remind him. So we send him a hot girl on myspace and he RIGHT AWAY txts my number and says "Hey i member you now" then after a few talking to him he asks if she was single i say no and he says oh same blah blah we felt so guilty that he'd never talk to us again cause we are bffs so we told him the truth and he knew it was us cause it didn't make sense.
Cheer Camp
At cheer camp one year I had to share a dorm with three other girls. I didnt know 2 of them but we ended up being really cool. One night one of the girls took a shower while wearing a huge bandanna to cover her hair and she looked like Harriet Tubman. We started calling her that and after her shower she left the bathroom and I threw a milk dud in the toilet then told everyone she left a turd in there. Everyone believed me. It was comical. She wasn't mad she just laughed a lot and denied it. All the girls referred to her as Harriet and I never failed to mention her turd every time I saw her.

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