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  Prank Stories
TJ Max
one time i prank called my ex boyfriend. he answered and i said hi this is alica flipper and i work at tj max it seems you have left your bra's and thongs at the counter , we would like u to come pick them up. there is a lacy cheetah bra and a polka dot bra i think there sized D. and there a 2 lacy pink thongs thank u. i got off the phone and started cracking up lol. it was so funny!!!!!!!!!!!
one night i had my friends courtney and camron over to stay the night and once megan and courtney fell asleep me and camron started eating cookies in my room and as we started eating the last two cookies i knew my mom and dad would notice so me and camron put one cookie in megan and cortneys hands and put the box in their room and in the morning they got in trouble.
The 7 Eleven "robber"
once my friend Ilse was at my house and we were like really bored so we decided 2 prank call some ppl from my quince, so i called my friend matt and when he answered i started screaming at him... y did u do it! OMG matt your so stupid! your gonna get arrested! what is your freakkin problem matt!!! and all this stuff and he kept askin me what he did, and i told him your all over the freakin news matt!!!!! i asked him, ok matt tell me the truth, did u rob the 7 eleven? and he was like NO! and i was like they caught u on camera and they said that the police r on their way 2 ur house! i swear he started paniking Bcuz he had just left walking from the 7eleven with his friends! then he asked me did that person look like me and i was like yea! he was tall he looked exactly like u and he was wearing a red shirt! (i had seen him at school earlier and remembered the color shirt he was wearing... smart huh?!?! lol) he was telling me maria i
swear 2 u i didnt do that u know me maria plz beleive me! and all this, so i look over at Ilse who has the other phone and she's on the floor rolling around laughing! so then i kept goin at the prank for a good while. matt was totally freaked and ready to call his mom, and i couldn't hold it anymore so finally i burst out laughing, then he screamed at me, MARIA THIS ISINT FUNNY THE POLICE R ON THEIR WAY 4 ME IM SCARED, ITS NOT FUNNY!!!! so finally i controlled my laughter enough to tell him it was all a prank and Ilse was with me. he lowered his voice and told me AHHH!! UR A JERK MARIA, and i just kept on laughing while he told his freinds it was just a joke. then he came back on the phone and said not cool maria and that made me laugh even more and i said its cuz we love u matt, we gotta keep u on ur feet!! so he laughed and was like ok, well now i gotta go and get home b4 some cops go by and i start screaming and run away! haha he was kidding but we hung up and Ilse and i stayed laughing 4 a good 30 min!
!! hah
One day me and my friend were texting my guy friend and he didn't know this number was my cell because he got a new phone and changed his number. So he said, "Who is this!?" and I said mia blah blah remember me i used to live next to you and i was bff with your friend natalie. So he txts natalie to send a pic of her to remind him. So we send him a hot girl on myspace and he RIGHT AWAY txts my number and says "Hey i member you now" then after a few talking to him he asks if she was single i say no and he says oh same blah blah we felt so guilty that he'd never talk to us again cause we are bffs so we told him the truth and he knew it was us cause it didn't make sense.
Cheer Camp
At cheer camp one year I had to share a dorm with three other girls. I didnt know 2 of them but we ended up being really cool. One night one of the girls took a shower while wearing a huge bandanna to cover her hair and she looked like Harriet Tubman. We started calling her that and after her shower she left the bathroom and I threw a milk dud in the toilet then told everyone she left a turd in there. Everyone believed me. It was comical. She wasn't mad she just laughed a lot and denied it. All the girls referred to her as Harriet and I never failed to mention her turd every time I saw her.
Prank Call to Office Depot
My brother and I were really bored so we decided to prank call someone. So we looked around our house to find any random phone number that we could find. Then we found the phone number to Office Depot. My brother is the one who did the prank call, I was in the background laughing my head off. The person is like hello and he made his voice deeper than usual. He's like yeah i used one of your pens and it exploded on my shirt. The lady is like what? Then he said I was using a pen that I bought from Office Depot. Is there anything that I can use to clean it off. The lady is like ok....I'll check. It was so funny!! The lady probably figured out that it was a prank call after we hung up.
Glow In the Dark Nail Polish
Me and My step-sister did this maybe 4 years ago to my Dad. He was asleep on the couch around 5:00 PM, so my sister got the idea to paint his toenails with this clear Glow in the Dark nail polish, So we did, and when he awoke the next time, he shuffled off to bed telling us to get to bed, so of course we did a few minutes later we heard him screaming about his toenails glowing and we got a good laugh about that all night, Lol
There was this one time my step family and my dad and me went to Myrtle Beach. When we got there we stayed at the crappiest motel in the city. My step Mom was freaking out cause the motel was so gross. So my dad my step sis's and me bought a fake roach and tied fishing wire to it. we scampered it across the floor and my step Mom flipped. We laughed about it for ever!
Best Pizza Ever
haha. so a few days ago at this campground my family goes to. My friend Dylan and i were bored and decided to piss off the people we hate. this one kid i HATE was our "prey". we used the pay phone and got eight $20 pizzas delivered to their campsite number. they looked preeetttyyyy surprised when they had to pay $160.00!!! the REALLY funny part is that the delivery guy threatened to beat them up if he din't get a tip!!!
Lipstick Disaster
I had a sleepover with 7 of my friends. One of my friends, Gabby fell asleep at 5:30 in the morning and the rest of us 6 were all awake. we decided to get some of my mom's lipsticks and draw all over her with lipstick. and we put the word loser on her forhead!! it was really funny!! and when she woke up there was lipstick smeared all over her forhead and arm and pillow!! She got soo mad in the morning but it was hilarious!
So it was my friend's birthday so after we ate dinner he drove me back to his friend's house. When i got out of the car my friend sneaked silly string into my pocket and we walked around to the driver's side. For some perfect reason he was turned around so he couldn't see us to grab something when one of his friends popped a popper and he jumped to turn around and then a whole mob of us sprayed him down from head to toe with silly sting. Then all the sudden he started running and everyone got tackled to the ground. It was the best birthday ever! HAHA!
The Bbroom
The Cup, and My Dad,"One time, I decided to pull a prank on my dad. I filled a cup with water and held it up to the ceiling. When he came by, I said it was a science experiment and that I needed him to hold it up to the ceiling by putting it in between the end of the broom and the ceiling. He did. I walked away, and HA HA! He was stuck there or else the water would spill on him!"
Not Funny
I was at the cinema when this really sad film was on and i was nearly crying but then i had a really mischeivious idea so i got off my seat and layed on the floor and burst out laughing the lights turned on and everything ... so i was still laughing when the security guy was looking all over the cinema i secretly got up and sat on my seat and they asked me if i saw who was lauging all i said was "It was on the film"... they just stared at me lookin puzzled!
Fake Mario/Wario Disguise
ok,my cousin and I were bored and thought of making a prank call.So,I called one of my friends who got in trouble by going to the boy's bathroom instead of the girl's and since I had a Mario and Wario like taunt I decided to play that role. While my cousin had a serious voice. So, what happened was that I called my friend and they said Hello? Then I said It`s a me Mario! Then she said GET OFF THE PHONE YOU PRANK CALLER! and hung up. Then later I came with a Wario voice and called again and said It's me WARIO!BWAHAHAHA!Then later she said SHUT UP TEN-YEAR OLDS! And hung up again. Then later my cousin came on the phone and dialed the number and said "Heh Heh Heh hey how are you doing" - Then later my friend said "DAMIT CAN'T YOU LEAVE ME ALONE!" Then my cousin said before you hang up the phone I want you to know...Your under arrest. Then later my friend screamed and said everything bad she done. Then we hang the phone up and
laughed our heads off
me and my bffs were at the mall and we were daring and my bff told me to follow behind someone and do what they do so i got behind a gangsta dude and he was walkin with a bunch of other dudes so i kept switchen back and forth it wus lol!
Make up
one day i went to my cousin's house and in the night we put lip gloss on him and make up on his face when he woke up he didn't realize that he had make up so he went out to the street and everybody started laughing at him and right there he realized and he never found out who did it.
He wants you
okay so well i hated this girl. so i thought i'd get to her. prevviously we were good friends so i knew a lot about her. I used that to my advantage. I emailed her pretending to be the guy she likes. I left two phone numbers, my brother's and the rejection hotline. AND SHE ACTUALLY CALLED BOTH! SHE THOUGHT THE GUY ACTUALLY LIKED HER AND WANTED TO TALK TO HER! it was SO funny. kind of a you had to be there sorta thing.
Vomit Comet
My vice principal was being a jerk. So I whipped up some fake vomit (health oatmeal with apple chunks and water) and a kid put it in his mouth for a few minutes, and in the chaos of the end of lunch, walked behind her, she turned around and started walking, and as soon as she began walking past him he turned around..and BLEH! allllll over her leg and her mini skirt! Yeah, I love the way I counter bully people.
Smooth Move
ExLax!,I'm 14. Awhile ago we were on a trip to New York City. Unfortunately, a big jerk had to sleep in our room (it was a field trip) After 2 days of his bitchin' I decided it was time to take action. During a Broadway show I slipped 3 ExLax pills into his drink. Everyone was in on it so they would say to him, "Feelin kinda crappy?" or "Smooth move, ExLax!" It was soooo funny with the explosive diarrhea in the middle of the night! Also, he was being an jerk in music class, so i dumped a whole bottle of baby powder into his trumpet while a few buddies of mine distracted him. When the director started, white powder was spraying EVERYWHERE! Also, someone started a random rumor that it was itching powder so he was freaking out and called his mom and went home!
Underwear and Dirty Socks
I had a few of my friends sleep over. My sister and I shared a room at the time so we just slept there. My friends and I stayed up late. My sister fell asleep. We wanted to prank her so we started putting used underwear and dirty socks on her face. She told us to stop, but we kept throwing it back at her. She got so mad that she started crying and went to sleep with my mom. She was 10 mind you.

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