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  Prank Stories
I was in my mum's office and i got the pepper out and i spilt it on the counter and i coulden't be bothered to clean it so i just smeared it all over the counter and the next person who went their started snezzing so hard from all the pepper it was sooo funny.
Prank Call
One time me and my friend were soo bored. and she wanted to use the yellow pages to prank call like random places. so we called this plumbing place and this lady answered and we were like "mama why did you leave me? daddy said you dont want me anymore!" and then shes like "honey i didnt leave im right here is this kaylie? honey im not going anywre" so we hanged yup and then like a couple minutes later she called back we got soo scared!
The Prank Buster
I stopped a prank from happenin cause my older brother had a couple of friends over and i overheard my mum talking to my brother, my brother was telling my mum to make me answer the door. Soon the door bell ran and my mum told me to answer but i refused to, and that was lucky because they were gunna put me in a bag and video tape it LOL
Eeeewww!!! :(
okay well one day i was a this overnight summer camp with my friend sarah and other girls and guys we didn't know. well sarah apparently knew some of the other girls and while i was asleep they all tied me to my sleeping bed and tied my sleeping bed to a chair bolted into the floor. then this one girl who had bad gas sat on my face and FARTED this 15 second gross fart on me!!!!!!!!!!! it was soooooo gross but lol i got her back...
The other night my girlfriend and i were at a street festival. I decided to do my old trick and hit a metal street sign with my hands but act like it was my face. To my surprise everyone around thought I had really hit my face. people felt so bad for me. it was simple yet the results were hilarious. nice to know people do care.
Ding Dong Ditch
or not!,"Once me and my friend wanted to ding-dong ditch her ex-crush so we went up and rang the doorbell while our other friend (who was too scared) and her mom waited in their car. We went and rang the doorbell and started running away but no one answered the door. We figured they must not have heard so we went and rang the doorbell again. Then a car drove into the driveway! we totally cracked up and ran away, but his mom saw us and we just smiled and waved like nothing was up. It was hillarious!"
Classic Rock
I was at my friends grandmas house and we were watching tv and there was this commerical for classic rock and we called with *67 and the lady anwered and was like this is rashawnta please give your zip code and address and we can give you your classic rock. Me and my friend were like do you have Death Metal? the lady said no and was like do you not pay attention this is classic rock. and then we were like you suck and then she said she was going to call the cops to trace the call if we didnt hang up it was ssssssssssooooooooooo funny!!!
Fun With Flour
So one night I was so bored and everyone was asleep. Well my sister had gotten me into trouble that day and I had been watching Viva la Bam and it was the episode when Rabb goes to find his mail-order bride. Well to wake him up they threw flour in his face. Of course with me being me I plotted my revenge on my sister. I got a HUGE hand full of flour and chucked into face as hard as I a could. It went everywhere. The kicker? She didn't wake up. But when she did the next morning I laughed my butt off. Needless to say I ended up bruised. But it was so worth it!
Ding Dong Caught
Ok, my two best friends were bored and decided to walk across the street and ding dong ditch. Well after they rang the doorbell they hid behind a tree. The neighbor came out and said, "I see you two." They started to run but then one of them fell! So they went up to the man and said, "Welcome to the neighborhood!" trying to cover it up. But, he said, "I've been here for five years." I almost peed myself when they told me!
The Trash Pickup
One day may friend came over to my house to stay for the night and we got so bored so then we went outside and looked at the trash can so my friend got into the trash can and waited. My sister finally got home and my friend jumped out and scared her.
Crazy Teacher
I was in class the other day and i have a crazy teacher really CRAZY...anyways...he passed out some papers i got one but after he was done he said "did everyone get one" i said no so he gave me another 1 and started to walk away so i said again wait you forgot me...so again he gave me another one so now i have 3....the whole class bursted out laughing..."CAN YOU SAY OLD"....you it's getting bad when you can't remember 2 seconds ago....lol.....the teacher didn't even know why we were laughing....so when i told him he denied even doing it.....he's crazy...no joke.
A Mysterious Stranger
I was late for my flight to Florida and missed it. There was another flight taking off in two hours, having not eaten, I figured I could get some lunch and then catch the flight. So there I was eating my airplane food, when I saw a person sitting on a chair reading a magazine, waiting for their flight. I was young back then and not very bright, so I decided to have some fun. I walked straight up to the guy and stared at him really mysteriously. The dude finally noticed I was right in front of hime and looked up. And then staring straight at him looking really concerned I replied. "Don't get on the flight." and ran away. I looked at him from a distance, his eyes wide in panic. I burst out laughing! I could tell he was thinking "Maybe I shouldn't get on this flight!"
Pizza's Here!
O.K. Well I was at my friend's house and we had gotten into a fight with this girl named Haley that day...My friend lives right next door to her, so we decided to do something to get revenge. We called Dominos and ordered a large pizza with extra peppers and extra anchovies. :D We gave her address and then watched through the window. It was hilarious! She was soooo confused because she was home alone! The pizza guy was mad! She had to pay for it with her own money and her mom got mad at her for ordering a pizza by herself. Looking back, it was kinda mean...but SO FUNNY!
MM loves me
Me and my one friend nicknamed this kid who liked me (and who i kind of liked) mass-murderer because he was so quiet. I was spending the night at my best friend's house, and another one of our friends were there. We had already decided to prank the first person to fall asleep. Sadly that person was me. I woke up and felt something sticky on my cheek. They had used eyeliner and lip gloss to write "MM loves me" on my face and they took pictures.
I put lotsa bubble solution in a toilet at sleepaway camp. When somebody flushed it made mega-suds.
Under the Handle
Me and my friend sarah were walking from her house an i was carrying an ice pack well it was a melted ice pack well it had a hole in it an was leaking while we were walking past my boyfreind's house and i got a great idea i told my friend then i took some of the nasty goo from the bag and put it under my man's car door handles well me and my friend ran back to house and message him we told him to check his car beacause he always keeps the windows down so we ran down and hid behind the tree and watched him open the door right when he let go me and sarah busted out laughing he was so mad and so now were in a prank war.
Scary Bathroom
Ok, my uncle went into the bathroom, and about 5 minutes later, he came out, and I was hiding behind a wall. i jumped out and screamed "BOO!!" He then screamed and ran the other way. He has been trying to get me back ever since...but I have more pranks up my sleeve....
(Slighty) Successful Nickle Brick
Once me and me bff were bored so we glued money onto bricks and took them to library. we kept tally who tried to pick the coins up and the first person took a quarter of a brick and i guess it wasn't quite dry, because he took the whole quarter, but then he got super glue all over his fingers, and that stuff does NOT come off. The others were successful though
Cat Poop
Me and my 2 friends were walking one day and this guy always ask one of my friends for cigarettes so we stuck the bottom in a bunch of cat dumpings it was so funny, but he still doesn't know.
Wilderness Wildness
ok so my and my fam all went to my aunt's house 4 a week like we always do every year and we where down at the bonfire and my brothers girlfriends and her bff went up stairs to go to the bathroom and me and my bff decided to hide in a bush and scare them so when they started walking back down we jumped out and yelled boo my brothers girlfriend jumped into her friends arms and screamed so loud it hurt my ears i almost pee'd my pant's.

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