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  Prank Stories
Not Really Toothpaste
My cousin and i where at my uncle's house. we were bored so we replaced his toothpaste with shaving cream. he used it and he told us it tasted weird. we died laughing
We did this because it's an inside joke
but we slapped American cheese slices onto the wrap of one car and purposely soiled women's white 3XL panties and wrapped that into the second car. We wrote on both cars with window paint then sent out one of us as a decoy - which was strategically planned - to have them come out and see their cars...the pics we took were priceless. haha"
Vandalism and cars
Cars can be everyone's best and most cared for asset; for some, it becomes a hobby. I have 2 friends whom are crazy about their my cousins and myself decided to prank them. Each had saran wrap that we held between both ends of our index fingers and ran around their cars in opposite directions to cover their "baby" from cartop to exhaust.
Wrong feet!
So i waz at the pools right when this lady comes and sits near my mom. Both had only their feet in the water. so im swiming when decide i want to tickle my moms feet...i go to where i see some feet and i look at the feet and i almost hurl....all gross and nasty they looked so i thought to myself "this is not my mom's feet!" so i get out of the water and see this lady looking at me all weird and my mom laughing at me. I WAZ SOOOOOOOOOOO EMBARESSED!!!! but wat made me feel better waz that my brother had done the same thing!:)
Not the car
...ok so me and my friend were waiting 4 our moms to pick us up from skool right when this silver van passed and im like "hey isn't that ur car?"and my friends like oh crap! and she went chasing after it. finally she got in and she didnt look up to see her mom. then the lady looks at her and says "hey ur not my daughter!" and my friend comes rushing out the car almost tomatoe red. Me laughing my azz off!!!!!!!
Bertie Bots Every Flavor Bean
My best friend was having a sleep over with her cousin and they had bought some bertie bots every flavor beans. When my best friend's cousin went to sleep, my best friend put a vomit flavored bean into her cousin's open mouth. She woke up and chewed on the bean for a second, and then it was so nasty she threw up.
Getting Caught.
It was april fool's day, and I decided to prank my mom. I went into the backyard and climbed the wall and ended up getting out front. I ran to the door and rang the doorbell, then hopped back over the small wall in the front. After she opened the door, I looked over the wall and saw a cop car coming down the street. I ducked, and when I looked over again, the cop car was almost on the curb, pointing forward. I got down, then like, a minute later, I heard a voice behind me, and when I turned around the cop was standing there, his gun pointing at me. I told him what I had done, and he didn't believe me, so I had to follow him to my front door. He pounded on the door, and my mom opened it. She was mad at me, but after the cop left, she was laughing at the fact that I got caught.
Happy Halloween
it was on halloween and me and my friends just got done watching a scary movie and i told them i would be back so i went to the bathroom and called one of my friends i said in a deep voice you have 7 days to live then when i went back to the livingroom and said what did i miss and my friends said omg some person just told us we have 7 days to live i said really (one of my friends started crying) then i told them it was a prank i think they were mad but it was funny
Junky Juice!
I was sleeping over my friends house and we decided 2 prank her little sister. So in the morning she had oj. Then she went upstairs and we put butter, spices, lemon juice and coctail saucse in it! we then gave it to her and she drank it and then spit it out!!! She was really mad at us! That was fun.
Prank call
My friends and i got together to watch the premiere of Camp Rock on Disney Channel. one of my friends couldn't come but we knew she was watching it with her cousin. so after the movie i called her and pretended to be Nick Jonas. the funniest part was that she thought it was her boyfriend anthony. she got so mad at him and broke up with him. later i told her it was me but she thought anthony put me up to it. they are still broken up but it was mad funny.
Taco Bell: Wrong Number
we have about the same number as Taco Bell but it's only a one letter differnce so people call us all the time asking us for Taco Bell. so one day i picked up the phone and this one dude says: "is this taco bell?" so i say: "yes may i take your order?" so the guy tells me his order and i told him: "ok we'll have it right away just pick it up here". it was really funnyOMG!,Oh this is funny.
411 call.
This is a story my friends told me. So at my friends sleepover party (i couldn't stay) and were really bored. So my friend picked up the phone and called 411. This guy named Omar picked up and said hello, what do you need? So then my friend Pat said, Yeah, um I want a double cheeseburger, yeah medium rare too. Oh and can I get some fries with that. Then Omar said to them that they better hang up or else. They did but then called again. This time somebody else picked up. My friends asked for Omar and the guy said to stop prank calling and that they could get arrested. My friend didn't know what 411 was so he asked his mom. She said it's a help number and everytime you call you have to pay extra when the phone bill comes.
Firemans pranks
I work as a fireman at an airport and i just wanted to share a few pranks we all get up to with the new guy. 1st is the 'hold-up' where we get the new fireman to get dressed in full fire kit and give him a fire extingisher to carry and a pre-written letter in a sealed envilope. we then tell him to go up into air traffic control (ATC), which is only 30 yards walk away from the fire station. the new guy is orderd to go and find the senior air traffic control officer (the big cheese/boss/head hancho) and hand him/her the letter and wait for the boss to read it. there both parties will discover that written inside is:"GIVE ME ALL YOUR BUISCUTS/COOKIES/CAKES OF I'LL SQUIRT YOU!!!!"Normally the boss is very wise to this prank and knows what is written even before the letter is read and normally he/she just hands the letter back to the new guy and asks him to read it himself only to let him realize what a fool of himself he is standing infull
firekit, fire extingisher in hand, demanding all of the boss's cakes
A movie ending
i was on MSN and i was talking to my friend, she asked me about a new movie on at the cinema. (knowing that it isn't true) i told her that at the very end there's a really funny bit. past the cradits, the very end bit but it's worth it. a few hours later she comes back onto MSN and says 'OMG i invited all my friends from a club and their parents and i convinced them to wait, and it was so embarrassing beacuse we waited 20 mins and nothing came up!!!'it was so funny when i saw her face! priceless
Tokyo Airplane Lines!
One day me and my friend were SOOO bored so we decided we would prank call people. So we called these one ppl and my friend (name's Kasi and is Japanese) said "Herro, dis is Tokyo Airprane Rines... we call to say your tickets be billed now. Right now." Poor lady was like "I didn't buy any tickets to Tokyo..." and we were like "That be five hundred dorrars. Give me credit card number. Number now!" She was like "Honey, I didn't buy any tickets." Finally she got so pissed she called the police and they came over and asked if we were prank calling. we were like nooo i dunno whatever happenned to that lady. XD
Cookie's In Bed
okay so i spent the night with my friend natalie and our other friend sydney spent the night. well she doesnt like to stay up late so me and natalie were doin karaoke and stuff. we got hungry and were eating pizza and cookies (this was at like 3 a.m.)and natalie got this bright idea to feed sydney a cookie while she was sleeping so we went upstairs. we put it in her mouth and she spit it out. we tried a few more times and she wouldnt eat it so we gave up and went to bed but we left the cookie in me and syds bed (natalie was on top bunk) well about an hour later syd starts screaming"THERES A COOKIE IN MY BED!!" natalie was laughing like crazy because syd was punching me and still screaming. it was hilarious!
Water World
You know those sinks that have the facets where it has a hose that unattaches? Well I told my freind to go get somthing out of the different room. Then while she was gone I tied the button down. When she came back I smeared soap on her hand she walked to the sink very confusingly. When she turned the water on it squirted all over her. She started laughing and screaming lol she talkes ABOUT HOW SMART I AM ALL THE TIME NOW.
It was my friend's birthday party so there was me and 2 other people and i remember my brother telling me about how he pulled this prank on someone i thought it was hilarious so what i did i changed my name in my friends mobile contacts to DEATH and sent her a text so 5 minutes later she comes running in screaming OMG Death sent me a text MY TIME HAS COME me and ma other friend burst out laughing.
Okay, so this is what happened - me and my cousin decided to prank call some mean girl we both don't like. She was really concieted and always put other people down. So we called her up on private caller and acted like radio show hosts. So I said "HELLO THERE LUCKY! IF YOU CAN NAME ALL 31 BASKIN ROBINS ICE CREAM FLAVORS IN 31 SECONDS, YOU'LL WIN 31,000 DOLLARS!" All the while knowing she had never been to Baskin Robins in her LIFE. So she literally sat there saying thing like "ummmmm, chocolate? vanilla? strawberry?" and after 12 seconds or something we were like "EHHHHHHH--SORRY YOUR OUTTA TIME" and then she was like "BUT THAT WAS LIKE 5 SECONDS!" and we were like "No sweety, your just bad at math-but you should be able to figure this out! THIS WAS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPURTUNITY!" And we could hear her gasping for another chance, so we just hung up. The next day she was like "Oh-I won 31,000 dollars from KTW.56 radio" (that's the
fake radio name we used) And then people were like...ummmm, Cori? There's no KTW.56.... then she turned bright red knowing full well she couldn't get away with her satany ways (;
ok soo some of my friends were sleeping over and we were up late and bored and we wanted to prank my older brother. so then we snuck into his room and drew on his face with eye liner. we drew like hearts and silly words. he never woke up through the whole thing. he was really pissed the next morning tho.

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