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A Real Surprise Party
One day, I was trying to set up a surprise birthday party for my Bff (who had the same b-day as me) so we could celebrate together. I invited a few friends over to my house to surprise her, but one of my friends told me that the birthday girl wouldn't be able to show up. Then, he said to meet him outside of my house so we could think about what to do next. When I came outside, he and the birthday girl and all the other friends yelled "SURPRISE!" and i screamed my lungs out! I guess it really was a surprise party! (I mean, we celebrated with banana splits, isn't it perfect?)
The classical marco polo ditch the marco
So my friend and I were staying at a hotel and decided to go swimming with her family. She, her dad, and me decided to play marco polo while her mom and brother went into the sauna. So she was it and when she was swimming around looking for us I pointed to the steps and her dad and I got out. Her dad went and turned the hot tub on and jumped in and I ran around the pool splashing here and there. Then I went into the sauna and chilled. I looked out about three minutes later and she was still looking for us *tee hee hee* so I went out and splashed a little bit more here and there for effect, then eventually hopped into the hot tub with her dad, it took her about three more minutes to figure out that there was no one in the pool and all I can say is that the look on her face was priceless.
In the cupboard
It is sooo funny in school because we have a small cupboard in our base classroom and we tell the other girls from the other base classroom and we tell them there is a spider or a book belonging to them beside the cupboard and the girl {usually} me jumps out!!! They scream I did it on a teacher once and i got 4 detentions!!!! All the girls still fall for it even if they got hit once haha !
Attack of monster air
I was sleeping over at someone's house, I had been pulling pranks as usual, but the best one was to come. We were about to go out, and my friend was getting ready, I was already ready, so I went in the living room and saw the pump you use to pump up air mattresses... It gave me a wicked idea. I hid in the darkness (only corridor lights were on) behind the door and when she came... I came towards her, pressed the pump with the tube facing her face, and it gave out a huge 'nyeeeeeaaaaakksshhh' sound and my friend screamed so hard I was a bit taken aback!! I didn't think it would be that effective...
My 8 year old sister is very sensitive, but it was April 1st. We all decited to go somewhere while she was sleeping. We all hid in the bathroom. When she went to brush her teeth, she was in for a scare.
Cream fail
my uncle was going to pull a prank on me, you know, the classical cream joke, put a cream in my hand while i sleep and then tickle my face. but i heard him when he was telling his friend about "the master plan". and that idiot was going to tape the whole thing, so i decided to pull a back prank on him. So, i acted like i was sleeping and lucky for him (he thought) I had my hand open. So, he put the cream in my hand and tickled my face. i used the other hand a few times to make this realistic and when he was close enough than WHAM! right in his face! and he was of course taping the whole thing! hahaha lolz soo funny! I never get tired showing people that video
Ouch my tailbone..
One day at school i got bored..soo right when this girl was about to sit..i pulled her chair from under her and she fell right on her butt,and there was a huge CRACK. and she just started screaming,and couldnt move...so the ambulance came and took her away. later that day this teacher was talking to me and my friend about the "acticdent".. i told her my foot got caught in the chair when i tried to walk away>:)OH YEAH...she broke her tailbone:) mmwhahaha!
The Car
One time, me, my friend, and my other friend got bored at like 3 AM, so decided to screw with someones car. We got lotion and lots of toilet paper, and found a new red sports car. We sprayed lotion all over it, and put toilet paper all over it. We wrapped over and under until all the tp was gone, and shoved the cardboard tubes in the rims. The guy didn't know who it was!
Coke Killer
One time i was sleeping over my friends house and my bro and everyone else was sleeping downstairs so me and my friend went downstairs...and we got some Coke and sprayed it all over their faces LOL so when they woke up there was like all this Coke going in their mouths LOL me and my friend were laughing crazy...my bro got so mad i got so scared then i ran away and he triped on the stairs LOL i was laughing so hard.
Camp nightmare
Where I go to camp, it's normal to prank everyone. One night, my cabin and I decided to scare the crap out of one of the other cabins. We stood in the woods behind them and one of my friends snuck up to their window and started pounding on it, making them all scream. We all started barking and ran off. I don't think we got pranked that night, so they might not have realized it was us.
Deodrant smelling gel
My friend was at my house cuz our families wanted to party or something, anyway my stupid brother was annoying us, that i almost punched him but unfortunately he turned away so we wanted revenge. while he was downstairs we sneaked into his room, got a deodrant spray and sprayed it all over his hair gel. after we done that we were still on his room but we didnt know he was coming upstairs. so he went into his room and found us holding the deodrant spray. so we ran for our lives into my room and he was trying to get in but we took a table full of heavy stuff and put it infront of the door. we were so scared (you don't know what my bro is like. you wouldn't wanna be with him even for a sec) so we stayed in my room for quite a few mins waiting until it's safe. lol
One day when i was a little girl me and my friends decided to play a prank on my sister ericca. ericca is in her 20s so it would have been funny we thought. so we waited until a night when it would have rained and we coated her house her yard and her trees with eggs and toilet paper! and then we spray painted "you suck on eggs" on her car... and then at 3 in the morning when it was done raining we ding dong ditched her!! hoho!! when she answered the door she was so mad i swear i saw smoke coming from her ears!! it has been 6 years since we have done that and my sister still won't even look at me. But in the long run seeing her so upset was priceless. if i could i would do it again to my brother noah :]
Fake Pregnancy
My friend's older sister was pregnant and I asked her to use a pregnancy strip that I could borrow. Once it verified that she was pregnant I poured loads of eyemo eyedrops in my eyes and pretended to cry. I gave my parents the strip and my mom passed out. It was hilarious because I was only 13 and I was grounded for a week but it was a funny story that my parents could tell. By the way, the day after that they had me checked up just in case which I thought was hilarious.
I was at a hockey game with my friends (guys and girls), and my friend Dylan was on a sugar rush. So his friend which I don't know his name was like "Dylan, I'll go get you some sugar!" So he went and got SALT. Dylan didn't pay attention and he poured 7 packets in his mouth before he relized that it wasn't sugar. Ha ha my guy friends are soooo stupid.
Hide and Scare
Ok, so one day I was playing hide-and-seek with my friend Joe, and I decided I was going to hide under my parent's bed. It was one of the most obvious places to hide, but under their bed was a bunch of boxes, so when he came in and looked under, all he saw were boxes. Then he got up and went over to the closet on the other side of the bed....that was when my brain hatched an idea. I crept over close to the end of the bed and slowly reached out from under it. I grabbed his ankle and he screamed bloody murder and ran out the door! I couldn't stop laughing for almost 20 minutes!!! It was even more funny when I found out he had wet his pants! LOL
E-mail fail
This kid in my class, he likes Chuck Norris. and another kid in my class had his e-mail and sent a merry christmas to a lot of people including him. so i got his e-mail off that and e-mailed him pretending to be Chuck Norris. well, it turns out, i forgot all about my name. it said my name right on the top of the e-mail!!! i am sooooooo busted!! he hasn't e-mailed me back though!! this should be good!
April Fools
It was april fools day and i had 2 ideas so i put clear cling fling over the toliet and my brother started to do his buisness but of course it sprang back up in to his face i was out it ws hilarious ! i could hear him screaming a mile away ! and the other was i put about 20 drops of lemon juice in the kettle and my dad had a cup of tea and then he thought there was sompthing the matter with the milk it ws so funny he redid his tea 5 times and then my mum finally told him haha
Purple feet
Me and my roomate have this thing, where we prank each other, its never ending. So he does a stupid prank hides my keys. Next day i put Gatorade powder in his shoes and he came home took them off and had purple feet for the next three days or so.
The Fake Wreck
One day me and the tennis team were headed back home from our district tournament. One of the members fell asleep. Our coach, who was driving, decided to play a little joke on him. He crept up close to the car ahead of us, and then pressed on the brake a bit while everyone in the car screamed. The guy freaked out and grabbed onto the guy next to him screaming he didn't want to die.... it was freaking hilarious :)
7 days!!! ah..em
I had a sleep over with a few friends and decided to prank call anyone...so my Best friend dialed a random number ( it was about 2 in the morning) and a young woman picked up...and y friend ( in a haunting whisper) kept saying 7 days....we're coming 7 days...the woman was really scared said...."shannon...? sshannon..stop it...i know it's you..." and my friend started breathing into the phone and soon the woman started crying....and we hung up hysterical!!!!! but we later called back to appologize =P

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