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  Prank Stories
All tied up
So this one time a friend and I were at the beach. We saw these guys sitting on some park benches with their backs toward us watching some girls play volleyball. These were annoying guys that made our lives hard at school, so we thought this would be a perfect time to get back at them. We quietly crawled along the ground up behind them, and noticed that most of their shoes were untied. We made quick work to carefully tie their shoes together, and to the legs of the bench. We then quietly and quickly got away from them, and then sat and watched them. After a little while, they went to get up, and they all fell on their faces. They quickly untied themselves, and then one of them saw my friend and I laughing. The six of them ended up tying us to a tree, and we couldn't get untied for a few hours.
Monster in the closet
Ok so i was at a sleepover and we were playing a sort of lame game called BOO where the booers went around in the pitch black and scared people, and the victims walked around the house with lit Nintendo DSs to see were they were going. it was really goofy cuz noone could stop laffing so i decided to spice it up a bit. I found this giant stuffed bear in my friends room, there was this skinny closet with barely any space in between the door and the shelves. I got an idea. I opened it up and threw the bear to the top, then slammed it real quick on the bear. it fit! The next time a person opened the door it fell on them it was high-larious!
Skinned knee
When I was a kid I found this old faded rubber ball in the backyard that had split in half. Being bored I was playing with it and realized that I could stick half of it on my knee and it looked like the bone of my knee cap was sticking out through the skin. So naturally I got a red marker and drew some fake blood around it, and went running to mum pretending like i had fallen over and skinned my knee. When I removed my hand to show the fake injury she was shocked and went all faint, but laughed hysterically when I showed her i was just pretending :)
We Are Evil
So one day me and my friends were all just chilling in the basement of are friends house. we decided we would just stay there all night so my friend mike fell to sleep way to early so me and my other friend got him back, with a series of pranks first we superglued his hands to his face. 2nd we shaved his eyebrows off. then we got the best idea to saran wrap him to his bed. then on about the middle of the stairs we put oil on the stairs so he would fall when he chased us but we skipped that stair when running. oh and we put tacks at the top of the stairs haha. probably the funniest night of my entire life.
Don't Look Under the Cup
One day, when my family and I were out camping, I found a giant water bug. This thing was literally the size of a Matchbox car. I put it under a cup and set a book on top to keep him from getting away. Just then my sister walked by so I told her that whatever she did, not to look under the cup. I walked off around the camper and listened. 3...2...1... *Shriek!* The best part was that I couldn't get in trouble for it, after all, I told her not to.
we made a spider web of tape on this dudes bed at my camp, and turned out the lights. He came in and when he went to his bed all tired like you heard the ripping sound of tape and a crash. The lights turned on and you found him covered n tape w his shoes off caught in the tape web. Da crashin sound was his head hittn da bed
Father-Daughter time!
My dad and I always go to baseball games and that's like our bonding experience. One night, our home team won and as we were leaving he said he was gonna mess with people. He went up to so many random people saying "Hey! There you are!" The people would be like "Do i know you?" and my dad would say "No but you're right there." the people were so angry because the crowd was getting stopped up! now everytime we go to a game, he does the same thing!
Bug Prank
I got a raisen, and went to grandpa's bathroom. I was holding the raisen behind my back, then I dropped the raisen to the ground. It looked like a dead fly. Then i screamed, "Grandpa! Come quick! Theres a dead fly!" Grandpa came and i dared him to eat it. He pretended to eat it. (that's what he does when he sees a bug.) Then he found out it was a raisen! He threw it the trash. IT WAS VERY FUNNY!
I was at my friends house and we were really bored (only her brother was there) so we decided to prank call. we called like 7 people before something really hilarious happened. we dialed 222 2222 and waited for someone to answer.When someone did she said "Police department how may i help you?" we were like oh crap!!!!!!!! we said "oops sorry wrong number!!!!!" and hung up we practically died of laughter! I started to think the police would come then my friend said that they wouldn't so we cracked up again!
Haha kelsie and jessica
Me and my friends never get our homework done and this was the first time so when we got them done we walked into the classroom and started singing and skipping around singing " i got a paper, i got a paper" then we threw it out the window singing there goes my paper and we ran outside to get it...then we ran back inside with the paper singing this song a couple of times until it drove our professor up a wall:)
Room on bed
Me and my roommates like to play pranks on each other all the time. (usually my idea heheh) Well one day me and a friend decided to get the other roommate but wasn't sure how. Finally, we decided to grab EVERYTHING in his room and place it on his twin sized college dorm room bed. And when I say everything I mean dresser, tv, laptop, clothes in the closet, trashcan, trash on the floor, etc. We piled it to the ceiling. It was the funniest thing in the world when he came back and saw it. Me and my friend were almost crying we were laughing so hard.
Pinecone Love
Me and my roommates had a joke going on for a while where we would stick a pinecone randomly in each other's room. (In our pillow, in the shower, dresser, etc.) Well finally one roommate and I got a trashbag FULL of pinecones and formed them into the shape of a huge heart on the floor. It was pretty stupid but imagine the look on his face when he saw a giant heart made out of pinecones lol.
I was in my mum's office and i got the pepper out and i spilt it on the counter and i coulden't be bothered to clean it so i just smeared it all over the counter and the next person who went their started snezzing so hard from all the pepper it was sooo funny.
Prank Call
One time me and my friend were soo bored. and she wanted to use the yellow pages to prank call like random places. so we called this plumbing place and this lady answered and we were like "mama why did you leave me? daddy said you dont want me anymore!" and then shes like "honey i didnt leave im right here is this kaylie? honey im not going anywre" so we hanged yup and then like a couple minutes later she called back we got soo scared!
The Prank Buster
I stopped a prank from happenin cause my older brother had a couple of friends over and i overheard my mum talking to my brother, my brother was telling my mum to make me answer the door. Soon the door bell ran and my mum told me to answer but i refused to, and that was lucky because they were gunna put me in a bag and video tape it LOL
Eeeewww!!! :(
okay well one day i was a this overnight summer camp with my friend sarah and other girls and guys we didn't know. well sarah apparently knew some of the other girls and while i was asleep they all tied me to my sleeping bed and tied my sleeping bed to a chair bolted into the floor. then this one girl who had bad gas sat on my face and FARTED this 15 second gross fart on me!!!!!!!!!!! it was soooooo gross but lol i got her back...
The other night my girlfriend and i were at a street festival. I decided to do my old trick and hit a metal street sign with my hands but act like it was my face. To my surprise everyone around thought I had really hit my face. people felt so bad for me. it was simple yet the results were hilarious. nice to know people do care.
Ding Dong Ditch
or not!,"Once me and my friend wanted to ding-dong ditch her ex-crush so we went up and rang the doorbell while our other friend (who was too scared) and her mom waited in their car. We went and rang the doorbell and started running away but no one answered the door. We figured they must not have heard so we went and rang the doorbell again. Then a car drove into the driveway! we totally cracked up and ran away, but his mom saw us and we just smiled and waved like nothing was up. It was hillarious!"
Classic Rock
I was at my friends grandmas house and we were watching tv and there was this commerical for classic rock and we called with *67 and the lady anwered and was like this is rashawnta please give your zip code and address and we can give you your classic rock. Me and my friend were like do you have Death Metal? the lady said no and was like do you not pay attention this is classic rock. and then we were like you suck and then she said she was going to call the cops to trace the call if we didnt hang up it was ssssssssssooooooooooo funny!!!
Fun With Flour
So one night I was so bored and everyone was asleep. Well my sister had gotten me into trouble that day and I had been watching Viva la Bam and it was the episode when Rabb goes to find his mail-order bride. Well to wake him up they threw flour in his face. Of course with me being me I plotted my revenge on my sister. I got a HUGE hand full of flour and chucked into face as hard as I a could. It went everywhere. The kicker? She didn't wake up. But when she did the next morning I laughed my butt off. Needless to say I ended up bruised. But it was so worth it!

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