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I don't compete with other discus throwers. I compete with my own history. (Quote by - Al Oerter)

I think we've put ourselves in a position that if we can go into the Big East and compete at the level that we aspire to compete at, we'll get out of this what we want. (Quote by - Andy Kennedy)

It showed our kids they could go up against great athletes and compete - - and compete as a team. If we hadn't come out after the lightning delay and executed and won that game, where would we have gone?. (Quote by - Aaron Finch)

I was honored to have the opportunity to spend two solid days competing with these outstanding athletes. I was definitely the rookie, but know that I gained invaluable experience in the art of competing while pitted against such experienced competitors. (Quote by - Caren Ware)

If you're a small business, maybe you can't compete on size or price but you have to compete on customer service. (Quote by - Chris Denove)

Pray . . . I'm going to start there. You've just got to compete. I guess if I had to wish for just one thing to occur with our guys, it's just that we compete . . . It's going to be a physically played basketball game; that's just the nature of how they play. We just have to bow our backs and be ready to respond to that. (Quote by - Ricardo Patton)

If they are going to compete, .. then they need to compete on the whole playing field. (Quote by - Gene Green)

We were hoping for 12- 2, maybe 11- 3. I didn't think it would be that easy. It was still the first phase of our season. Our next worry is to compete for the Big Ten championship. I feel we can compete. One thing we have is confidence. It's part of their personality as a team. They believe in themselves. Winning is a habit. They believe they should win every game. (Quote by - Bruce Weber)

She can definitely compete for minutes next year as a freshman. We're confident she can compete for that [shooting guard] spot. (Quote by - Rich Conover)

Nobody likes to lose, but when we compete like we competed, you have to feel good about it. It was a physical ballgame and I wasn't pleased with that. (Quote by - Sandy Wright)

Our clients compete with the institutions themselves and the NCAA to promote Division 1 basketball, and they should be able to compete freely and fairly. It's clear this came about because of money, it's a commercial restriction, and everything else is a sham. (Quote by - Bill Markovits)

We're average and we're not super ready but we had enough practice that we should be ready. For the most part we will compete well and we should be Ok. We're competing against some major programs and if we finish in the middle of the road, I'll be content with that. If we competed as well as we could, I'll be happy, and even if we do win the meet and the kids didn't do what they were suppose to do, then I'll be disappointed. (Quote by - Mike Stevenson)

Discovery is a competency test for us. If we fail in that effort, then we have probably failed to demonstrate the competency to carry out that vision at all. (Quote by - Wayne Hale)

We know Bolton's strengths, they've done fantastically well, and we know we have to compete. If we want to win, we have to compete in the battle, and if you don't compete against Bolton, then they will blow you away. We've got to make sure we're competitive. (Quote by - Paul Jewell)

I've been involved with Fantasy Football for more than 10 years now, and I'll keep competing each year as long as I'm still having fun. I like to play sports, and I like to compete, but I also have a wife and three daughters. This lets me stay involved with the sport I love and still spend quality time with my family too. (Quote by - Steven Richard)

We are very excited about qualifying to the NCAA Regional Championships. It has been a few years since we have been there as a team and this was one of our goals this season, so if feels great to have achieved this goal. Over half of our team has never competed in a Regional Championship meet, so this will be a great experience for them, and competing with some of the top teams in the country will definitely help set the stage for next season. Anything can happen on any given night. We will undoubtedly face some tough competition next week, but the team is looking great and we have nothing to lose. (Quote by - Carey Fagan)

We need a game where we compete in all situations. Even if we lost 6- 0 but competed in all areas, gave everything we could give, you can deal with it. (Quote by - Randy Cunneyworth)

The experience going against the best players in the world gave me so much more confidence in college. For example, we were the first team to hold down the U.S. to single- digit runs. So if I could compete against them, I certainly can compete against the teams we play here at Yale. (Quote by - Aracelis Torres)

We are here to compete, we will compete fair and square, and we will go home with loads and loads of medals. (Quote by - Gideon Sam)

I'm approaching things the same way this spring as I did last year. I know I'm not competing for a job, but I'm always competing with myself. I'm always looking to get better, always looking to tweak things and find a way to improve. (Quote by - Zach Duke)

The court has heard substantial, ample evidence about the level of competency, .. And while I have not decided the issue, there is clearly a problem in terms of the defendant's competency. (Quote by - Edward Fitzgerald)

None of these items are real damaging individually. But the cumulative effect is that it is likely no developer will finance the infrastructure and it will be very difficult to compete with local parks. When you add all of these things up, it is simply not going to compete with other parks that don't have all of those restrictions. (Quote by - Tracy Hegler)

We realize trade is very important to businesses, but it needs to be on an even level. You cannot expect an American worker to compete with young women and children in prison in China who are forced to work. How do you compete with that as a worker in the United States with a family and kids? The answer is, you don't. (Quote by - Tim Waters)

It's about how the players play and compete. I know everybody is going to equate that on winning or losing, like they always do, but if we play hard and compete well in the game .. then I think we are building on something. (Quote by - Nick Saban)

We have competitors coming in from California, and we even have one coming from Scotland to compete in the caber toss. They all have to compete wearing kilts, even the women, who wear what we call kilted skirts. (Quote by - Joyce Oakley)

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