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Let the oranges get together and compete for their state championship and let the apples get together and compete for theirs. (Quote by - Mark Swift)

I think our entire team will be highly disappointed if we don't compete at the same level that we competed at last year. Our kids' goal is to play in the state tournament again. (Quote by - David Eberst)

If we are going to build momentum, it's important for our team to continue to compete. Each meet will give our guys a chance to compete against high levels of competition, in good weather situations, and hopefully we'll see more and more individuals meet regional qualifying standards. (Quote by - Walt Drenth)

I feel like we've got some real good players on the top on both sides, and I feel like we've got some depth on both sides. We just have a group of kids that compete really well, and that's a lot of it. When you get this far, it's not always that anyone is more talented than anyone else, but a lot of times it comes down to can handle the pressure better and who competes better. (Quote by - Kathryn Gilreath)

As the standards are provided and then adopted, the Linux desktop will snowball. Microsoft can compete with a Sun, a Red Hat or a Novell, but they won't be able to compete with an ecosystem of Linux desktops. (Quote by - Jim Zemlin)

This weekend is about finding out who is playing well and who has come out of the off- season ready to compete. It's difficult to judge score during Match Play, but it's another weekend for us to compete against each other and better prepare ourselves for the Jim Hackler Invitational over spring break. (Quote by - Mark Hankins)

Microsoft can compete against any single Linux vendor, but they can't compete a global Linux ecosystem with universal interoperability. (Quote by - Jim Zemlin)

Citrix Solution Advisors of any program level in all geographic locations are eligible to attain one or more Citrix Competencies. There are no restrictions on the number of competencies you may earn or which competencies you choose to pursue. (Quote by - Wesley Allen)

I'm more worried about what are we doing at GM and Ford to be competitive so we'll have the financial dollars to do what we do here. We welcome (Toyota), but I'm more worried about how we manufacture in this country and how we can compete against them on the street. I know our whole point is to race on Sunday and sell on Monday. We just need to have good business models at Ford and GM so we can compete on the street. (Quote by - Robert Yates)

He's going to talk his trash, and he's going out there to compete. D. Hall isn't competing to lose either. He's competing to win and to dominate. I'm from Vegas, and I'm putting my money on D. Hall. (Quote by - Ed Hartwell)

We didn't compete. Bottom line. From what we have been playing in the last three games, we didn't compete tonight. I'm not mad we lost. I'm mad we didn't compete. There's a difference. (Quote by - Galvin Morris)

Right now, it's not about winning 50 games, 60 games, whatever. Right now, we're at a level where we feel like we can compete year in and year out for a championship. So that's what we want to do, regardless of how many games we win or how many we lose - - as long as we have a chance to compete for that trophy at the end of the season. (Quote by - Ben Wallace)

Losing in competition is not a sin, never competing offers no benefit. (Quote by - Hal Whiteside)

The goalie might get into their heads. When goalies play well, it gives their team more reasons to compete. And Sweden did compete. (Quote by - Ben Smith)

I think there will be some other teams coming here that we can compete really well against. Our goal was to compete in at least four games. We won two, and we got to play those two teams again, so I think we can achieve that goal. And the way the girls are, I'm sure they'll want to go beyond that expectation. (Quote by - Dan Liebler)

It'll be fun, obviously. But I'm really competing against the Indianapolis defense. It'll be exciting and something you always remember because it's the first time we'll ever compete against each other. (Quote by - Eli Manning)

The reason that we believe this is a really important program is it helps us proactively avoid channel conflict, particularly between partners that might be competing in deals and on occasions when Symantec and a partner are competing for the same deal. By registering the deal, we know who got there first. (Quote by - Julie Parrish)

Angie, Alicia and Erin competed tonight. We still need some girls to be ready to compete better. I didn't think some of them were focused on their races. (Quote by - Todd Trapp)

Germans have always voted for the party with the most competence in economic affairs. Volkswagen's announcement just reinforces the greater competence of the Christian Democrats in these matters. (Quote by - Reinhard Schlinkert)

These are days when no one should rely unduly on his "competence." Strength lies in improvisation. All the decisive blows are struck left-handed. (Quote by - Walter Benjamin)

The most important responsibility of an LPGA Tour member is the ability to compete at the highest level of women's professional golf, and that includes the ability to earn a living playing golf, .. Your application does not satisfactorily demonstrate to me that you can compete at the highest level of women's professional golf at this time, and it is primarily for this reason that I must deny your application. (Quote by - Ty Votaw)

You want to grow. To compete effectively - - even if you weren't going to grow, just to maintain your position - - you look at who you're competing with. And everyone you're competing with is changing to get better, sometimes dramatically. (Quote by - Tim Finchem)

You have to remember where you want to compete. The schools at the lower end have not had that much success. If you want to compete, you must give your coaches and athletes the resources to do it. (Quote by - Mitch Barnhart)

Anytime you're competing on large animals, there's a chance someone's going to get hurt. They're competing on the ragged edge. (Quote by - Don Andrews)

For the partners, the program would provide a clear message of how to engage with Citrix for all products. It would value a partner regardless of what Citrix product they sell. In addition any partner focused on any competency can move up to Gold level based on achieving geographic revenue goal. From our side, we will provide tools and marketing messaging unique to each competency. (Quote by - Wesley Allen)

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