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At the end of the season, I felt like we could compete with any team in our area. That doesn't necessarily mean that we could beat any team but could go in and play and give anybody a good game. Early on, we didn't do the things it took to finish games. We first had to teach the girls how to compete. Once we learned how to compete, then we had to learn how to win. By the end of the season we learned how to finish games. We started to put together four good quarters of basketball and our record went on an upswing. (Quote by - Brian Blume)

Ben Hogan was not really a big hitter. He was long enough. But Ben Hogan today? Ben Hogan today could not compete at Augusta because he did not have the massive length to compete against the long hitters. Power was always an issue at Augusta, but never so dominant that you couldn't play it. (Quote by - Jack Nicklaus)

Our kids really competed. If we can eliminate a few mistakes, we're going to give ourselves chances to win games. I'm really happy with the way they're improving and competing. (Quote by - Ed Kelly)

Our guys like to compete. You could put their mothers out there and they'd want to beat them. That's what I like to see?who wants to compete?. (Quote by - Brad Fairchild)

This weekend is smooth for me. I'm looking forward to competing with these guys, getting out there on the floor and competing and trying to raise the game for all of us. (Quote by - Kobe Bryant)

The throwers went so they could finally compete in their events. During the indoor season they never get the chance to compete. The runners that went just wanted to run against some America East competition, to get better prepared for the season. (Quote by - Robyne Johnson)

He competes in every practice, every game. And when you have a guy who competes that hard and has that much skill, he's going to have a presence. (Quote by - Mark Fistric)

We're now competing with eastern Europe, China, Korea, competing with Turkey and competing with places with inexpensive labor pools. (Quote by - Al Julian)

If a leader demonstrates competency, genuine concern for others, and admirable character, people will follow. (Quote by - T. Richard Chase)

The question is not, could Utah compete week in and week out in the ACC, SEC, Big Ten, whatever, .. The question is, in a one- game setting, can Utah compete, can Utah get the market share, sell the tickets of one of those more familiar institutions. Nobody knows that answer. (Quote by - Craig Thompson)

We played against (Eastern last) Tuesday and didn't play very well. We came back and beat them in three games today, which was really good. We competed with (Silver Creek) and that was my big goal this year was to compete with them. I'm proud of (the Generals). We're improving every day. (Quote by - Summers Montgomery)

The worst thing you can do in a game like this is come out and start slow and let them think they can compete. We showed them they wouldn't be able to compete. (Quote by - Mark Schmidt)

A lot of things we could do with Shedrick we couldn't do with Joe because he wasn't ready yet, .. But Joe believes in himself. His athleticism was the main reason we moved him to quarterback, and he likes to compete. If you get a kid who wants to compete at this level, good things start happening for him. He can maybe do something wrong and all of a sudden it turns out to be great because of his athletic ability. (Quote by - James Haynes)

This is tremendous. The labels have been saying all along that they can't compete with free, but there is a way to compete with free: high value content that's virus- free and gives people the chance to be first in line to buy expensive concert tickets. This is like loyalty clubs at the supermarkets. (Quote by - Jonathan Potter)

It was just a good competitive high school baseball game. Juices flowing. The kids were competing and we competed until the last out. (Quote by - Brian Crowley)

I definitely think he is, .. Athletes have to have a certain amount of pride to compete at the level they compete at. Randy is a very prideful athlete. (Quote by - Bob Brenly)

There's no way you can guard if you don't compete. I think they feel like they are competing, we have some who are, but collectively we are not matching the energy of those who we are playing. (Quote by - Larry Brown)

He's just got the heart of a lion. He just competes and competes and competes. (Quote by - Troy Smith)

I really like the way they both are competing. I think they are both playing hard, and that's a big compliment to both of them. They make a mistake now and then, but they're learning as freshmen and I'm really impressed by the way they continue to compete and play hard. (Quote by - Dave Loos)

On November 20th, UF and FSU will compete on the track, and on the 26th, the teams compete on the gridiron. This is the first time this rivalry has been promoted through another sporting event like this, and we want to thank Checkers for their outstanding support. (Quote by - Jeremy Foley)

A lot of these kids will be rested and ready to go. Tonight they would've been busy competing in all of the events. Monday they will be competing fresh. The weather definitely played a role tonight. (Quote by - Jeff Buys)

We are happy to put on this meet. It's outstanding to have the local schools compete. There was a lot of talent here. All of the schools have individuals who can compete at a high level. (Quote by - Curtis Frye)

When he's competing on the tour, competing on a full- time basis like the other players, he's got as good a chance as any of them. And he's such an easy guy to root for. (Quote by - Hal Johnson)

If you stand back and look at the past 50 years, all these parties have been competing with each other for resources. There have been some agreements but essentially they've been competing in a zero- sum game. (Quote by - David Phillips)

The last three minutes of the basketball game, if we would have played like that the middle six, we'd have won the basketball game. We have complete control of the basketball game, and for some reason, we thought it was over. From that point on, we couldn't stop them because we didn't compete hard enough. We competed the last three minutes. (Quote by - Tim Walsh)

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