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Sandpoint is still a team that's going to come out and compete. They're still right up there, and we need to compete the whole time. We're still young .. we just couldn't put any of our opportunities away. (Quote by - Matt Ruchti)

It doesn't matter who we are playing this game. We just lost two on the road. We just need to compete as hard as we can compete. (Quote by - Lorenzo Romar)

In the U.S. and Silicon Valley, we can continue to compete in analog for sure. We will continue to compete as long as immigrants can continue to come to this country. But if people chose not to be here, you could have these learning centers here move. (Quote by - Jack Gifford)

You know you're in every game, you know you're competing with teams that are in the playoffs and teams at the top of the league. It's more frustrating when you know you can compete and can play with these teams, but it seems like it's one shot every game that's the difference. (Quote by - Brad Boyes)

UMKC competes not only against KU, Missouri State, some of the local schools that are bigger than UMKC, but we also compete against the Ivies [Ivy League schools]. We compete against Dartmouth, we compete against Harvard and we compete against Berkley. (Quote by - Linda Collier)

Overall, we did real good. Our goal is just to compete. We felt like if we would compete, everything else would take care of itself. (Quote by - John Fuqua)

I figured I needed to learn engineering or learn Russian. Now people aren't concerned with taking our freedom. They want to take our jobs, and we're not competing against the Russians. We're competing against everyone. (Quote by - Sid Gutierrez)

He's just competitive. He's going to compete no matter what he is doing. If he is running track he is going to compete. (Quote by - Mike Hopkins)

We've been competing with Southwest for years in other markets, and we're ready to compete with them in Denver. (Quote by - Jeff Green)

He'll compete hard and I think he has a real good chance of winning. If he doesn't win, I feel like he'll compete hard to come back and still place in the top six. (Quote by - Tommy Sanders)

I think they feel pretty good. I thought they competed very well today. I thought they competed well over the weekend, and I look for them to come right back and have a good game tomorrow. (Quote by - Stacy Gemeinhardt)

We're going to have another meeting this next week and try to get a few matches to compete in. We have enough for a team, but with volleyball and soccer players already competing in their sports, it's kind of tough to balance their sports out. Still, we'll have a competitive team. (Quote by - Terry Goodwin)

France is looking for more economic expansion in Thailand and the region. Politically, this is also a new area to compete to get influence. The United States, China and India are now competing for political influence in ASEAN, and France, a leading European country, does not want to be left out. (Quote by - Panitan Wattanayagorn)

Let there be no misunderstanding of our intention, .. Vanderbilt is committed to competing at the highest levels in the Southeastern Conference and the NCAA, but we intend on competing consistent with the values of a world- class university. (Quote by - Gordon Gee)

The guy couldn't have been more wide open. But this was a total team loss. I don't think we competed like we've competed all year prior to this. (Quote by - Gene Nudo)

We'd like to go into the New Year saying we have a five- game package, that we're going to take it game by game and respect our opponents. We feel that we are coming together. We are competing. We've competed down to the last second most every game. We just have to continue to believe in each other and believe in the system. (Quote by - Eddie Jordan)

Tonight was a disappointing effort. I thought we competed the last three quarters but in the first quarter we did not compete, we participated, and that's not acceptable. (Quote by - Dwane Casey)

Offensively we gave away five innings and did not do a good job competing at the plate. We're just not aggressive enough and we're a little too nice to compete at this level. (Quote by - Mike Candrea)

That was our goal to get the game to the fourth quarter. We had some great opportunities to get some points, but we just didn't. We competed and played extremely hard. I can't fault any of our players. We competed hard and just fell short. (Quote by - Tim Walsh)

I thought we competed the last three quarters but in the first quarter we did not compete, we participated and that's not acceptable. (Quote by - Dwayne Casey)

They have concluded they can't compete directly with the Yankees and Red Sox for resources (i.e. expensive players). But they realized there are ways to compete with the other middle- of- the- pack teams to make it to the World Series and win it. (Quote by - Marc Ganis)

This is a case that is not under the competence of the United States. It is under the competence of the Afghan authorities. We hope that the Afghan constitution is going to be upheld and in our view if it is upheld, he will be found to be innocent .. from an American point of view people should be free to choose their own religion. (Quote by - Nicholas Burns)

What impressed me most is that we didn't stop competing. When we play the level of competition that we do, it's important for us to keep competing. That's only going to help us when we come to conference play. (Quote by - John Hepperle)

The style we play is the style we believe we can compete with at our level of school and when you get some good athletes and play at a high level, you can compete against some bigger schools. We have good athletes and good basketball players. It's a good mixture and blend. Clifton Lee is one of those guys who's just a good basketball player. (Quote by - Mike McConathy)

Companies are looking for the best deal they can get. If we didn't have (abatements) we'd be at a competitive disadvantage with other states. And we're not just talking about competing with Illinois and Kansas. We're competing with India and China. (Quote by - Mike Downing)

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