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I don't think we're being overlooked. I think we're being disrespected. Our kids feel that way. I just think that people around the league think it's over for us and we can't compete for another Valley championship and we can't compete for postseason play. (Quote by - Chris Lowery)

At the beginning of the year I didn't want to move Hunter to sweeper because I didn't think we'd create enough offense to compete in our district without him. But the way those two have played, and the way everyone has stepped up really, has enabled us to move Hunter back and still have an offense that can compete with anyone. (Quote by - Scott Heffley)

This is a year we expect to compete. But this is a heck of a conference to try to be competing in. (Quote by - Harrison Hearne)

The past two years, I've competed at the all- around without my team. Now that the team is going to be behind me and I'm going to be competing for my scores to count for the team and for the all- around, it definitely makes it easier to compete and it makes it a lot more special. (Quote by - Michael Reavis)

Compete! Compete!. Cheer for each other . . . Get better. (Quote by - Paul Maechtle)

You have to pay what the market bears, .. and in that regard, we are no different than any other business or industry. We compete at the hospital for researchers, and we compete in a lot of areas on campus for the best people. (Quote by - Bob Bowlsby)

I will definitely learn something from competing because it's not very often that I get a chance to compete against so many of the world's top players. (Quote by - Kim Clijsters)

It has more to do with the increased pressure from competing destinations, such as Las Vegas and San Diego. They're all competing for a share of the leisure- travel dollar. (Quote by - Peter Yesawich)

Trust comes in two parts, intent and competence. (Quote by - C. H. Boyd, III)

I don't think we competed hard enough on the road this year. There were some games where we were in them and we let them go because we didn't know how to compete. (Quote by - Pat Quinn)

They have the components to compete in every single basketball game they're going to play in. It's just that time of year. You've got to play well. But they have the ability to compete with anybody in the country. (Quote by - John Pelphrey)

He was a very good sportsman. It was great fun to compete against him. He was always fair. I'm sorry I won't be able to compete against him again. (Quote by - Andre Lange)

There are three stages to the game. There's learning the game, competing and winning. We're still between learning and competing. That's just the stages of development. (Quote by - Joe Blair)

Katie wasn't very far off her school record (3,254). Katie had a pretty hard week. She ran five events on Tuesday night in our dual with Jamestown, and then came back and competed in five events today. If Katie isn't sore tomorrow, I don't know if she will ever be. That was a good score for her today considering how much she's competed this week. (Quote by - Jim Fuller)

This isn't new. It's the same old, same old. We have to put in young guys to compete, so it starts with competing hard. As we compete hard, we make far too many mistakes and that's why we have the record we have. We're a mistake- laden, inconsistently competitive team. (Quote by - Jeff Van Gundy)

We just want to be able to focus on our program, on our people, on what we have to do to be as strong as we can as a team to compete for wins, compete for championships, and build that together without there being too many outside distractions. If we ever say we want to go under the radar, that's what we're trying to do. (Quote by - Jeff Gordon)

We haven't had any steam all year. That was our best performance by far all season. All year long we've had error- filled games. Our last two games we played much better defense. We're competing better. Nothing but a positive coming out of this game. We competed the most (of any game) and forced the other team to play. (Quote by - Rich Anderson)

They've spent the last decade competing against General Motors when they should have been competing against Toyota. (Quote by - Daniel Becker)

The kids competed for a full 32 minutes. We want the kids to compete on every possession. (Quote by - Eric Davis)

After that, we weren't competing for overall. But lots of teams with top overalls didn't have the scores we were competing with. (Quote by - Mark Sontag)

We were in the same Q- school at Disney World. We competed then, and here we are, 32 years later, still competing. (Quote by - Jim Thorpe)

We expected to compete. We knew if we competed, we'd do what we needed to do to win. (Quote by - Joe Ocheltree)

She [Draper] is just mentally tough, she likes to compete. We were trying to decide if she could compete or not and ultimately it was up to her, what she thought she could do. (Quote by - Brad Cattermole)

It's just fun to go out and compete. It doesn't matter what your record is or what the other team's record is. You're playing in an NFL game, and you are out there competing with great players. (Quote by - Jamie Martin)

Avoid competency traps. Do not stay only where you are good at things, Go out and be challenged. (Quote by - Andrew Creighton)

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