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Overall it was not a good day for many of our golfers. In golf, you are not necessarily competing against the other teams. You are competing more against yourself and the course. (Quote by - Matt Rodgers)

I really liked the way we competed in the second half. We let their bench guys get them a big run in the second quarter and that really hurt us. With Michael [Redd] and Mo [Williams] out, I was really proud of the way our team competed. We made Tracy [McGrady] work for every shot he took. We had a shot to win the game at the end, and I can't ask for anything more. I still thought we had a lot of good looks at the basket. (Quote by - Terry Stotts)

Schools are trying to compete for those students, not just on academics alone, but the whole package they can offer those students. They are competing on a much different scale then they were 10 years ago. (Quote by - Robert Franek)

Greek week is always an intense competition because they are competing for trophies, but they are mostly competing for bragging rights. (Quote by - Brian King)

In the third quarter we came out with more energy and intensity than they did. We knew all along we could compete. We knew after last night we could not only compete, but win. (Quote by - Bob Marquardt)

It really has helped keep me calm since they're there. We're there to help each other. Where some guys are more trying to compete, we're competing too, but we're also trying to help each other and make sure that each one of us makes it. (Quote by - Anthony Mix)

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