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You're going to have a hard time competing with them on price, but you can compete in terms of the kind of experience you can offer consumers, and really, that's where you have to try to differentiate yourself in this day and age. (Quote by - David Hogan)

We're really not as interested in competing with other parts of the valley as we are with competing against those other cities. (Quote by - Ron Oden)

It felt great to compete in the floor finals for the first time this season because I really made it a goal of mine coming into this year. I hope to be back here next year competing again for a national title. (Quote by - Janet Anson)

Every drill is about competing. Coach is trying to teach those who don't know how to compete to compete. He lets us know that it is not all right to lose at anything, in any drill around here. (Quote by - Vernell Brown)

The eventual goals are just to have the schools able to compete. It's hard to bring in a kid and expect them to compete right away. (Quote by - Doug Henke)

Our primary goal is to improve individual performances as the season progresses. Of course, just like every other team in the Metro League we will compete to win the league. Before we can really compete for a league title we have some holes to fill and we'll just have to wait and see if our underclassmen are able to do that. (Quote by - Clint Lawhorne)

Competence is a narrow ideal. Competence makes the trains run on time but doesn't know where they're going. (Quote by - George Bush)

We're been averaging four freshmen in our lineup and there's a lot to be said for experience, but our kids can all compete at this level. They just have to believe they can compete at this level. (Quote by - Vince Trombetti)

Nobody made serious errors, in terms of how to prepare themselves. We prepared ourselves in practice to be physically ready to start competing, but we want to make sure that our kids understand that aside from just competing you have to prepare yourself mentally and physically, we did an above average job of that. (Quote by - Russ Jewett)

They beat us solidly. We just tried to compete. We'd like to crank out a hit. Our goal is to improve steadily. Today we made the same mistakes that we normally make, but it didn't cause us to give up. We continued to compete and I thought we continued to make improvements. (Quote by - Randy Jones)

If you want to compete, take up tennis. This type of thing is just not something you need to compete with. It's about having fun. (Quote by - Sheperd Paine)

People differ not only in their ability to do but also in their 'will to do'. (Quote by - Paul Hersey)

We are all just competing real hard right now to backup Troy. We all know Troy is the main man right now. We are just here to push him and just compete. (Quote by - Todd Boeckman)

I don't care how many of these things I can inject into my body, am I going to be able to compete with Shaquille O'Neal on the basketball court? No. Or would he be able to compete with me on the skating surface? No. So there's a lot to just basic genetics, body style, physical stature, and then the mental capability, too. There's more to sports than just being big and strong and quick. (Quote by - Scott Hamilton)

It was a personal record by a few seconds. She competed really well. She beat a lot of girls from the Big East schools, which is important to us. She competed great to get third in that meet. (Quote by - Chris Fox)

Denver competed for 48 minutes. After we spotted them 18 points, we decided to compete. That's just not good enough. (Quote by - Gregg Popovich)

We're not just competing with other cruise lines, we're competing with other resorts. It's important that we keep up to date with what they're doing. (Quote by - Diane Moore)

She [Matthews] walked onto the team three years ago without really any event that she could compete in at the college level. When she walked on we saw that she was a hard worker and she was willing to give 100 percent every day. Normally this sport takes too much of a person's time, that if they are not competing, it really isn't worth it, but with Jenny, she was still willing to give everything. (Quote by - Brad Cattermole)

I've been told all my life that I come from too small a town to compete with some of the guys that competed in a higher level growing up. . . . And that kind of drove me. (Quote by - Roy Oswalt)

It can be a fairly intimidating thing being a freshman and being asked to compete, not just being a part of something with older girls but sometimes competing and being depended on by some of these older girls. So there's pressure there, but I think they are tremendous about it. I can't get over the stuff they do for one another. (Quote by - Brent Sands)

The differences between a competent person and an incompetent person are demonstrated in his environment surroundings. (Quote by - L. Ron Hubbard)

Reese, he's always competing. He left some pitches up in the first couple innings and we made some blunders. .. But he stayed within himself and kept battling, kept competing. (Quote by - Brian Champion)

There's a saying that if you compete against the best it will only make you better, and I'm hoping that will come true. We want to be able to compete and put on a first- class meet, and we want people to come back to Albuquerque because we think this is pretty special. (Quote by - Matt Henry)

We've come a long, long way from really not competing to competing and having a chance to win games. Hopefully, good things will continue for us on the horizon. (Quote by - Ed DeChellis)

He urged Democrats to focus on the South. The Democratic Party can't just compete in 16 or 17 states and cede the rest of the country, .. A candidate sure as hell has to compete in every region. (Quote by - Mark Warner)

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