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We were three players down, and it was our third game in three days. We didn't have the depth to compete with them. Of our eight eligible players, four were freshmen and one was a sophomore. It was a difficult game - but we should have competed better. We just couldn't match their size or quickness, and that was the game. (Quote by - Michael Hunt)

They were truly basketball players. They all were dedicated to the game. They put a lot of time and heart and soul into this. They were rewarded, you know, but obviously this hurts and it's going to hurt for a while, but they've had the opportunity to go to Gillette, Wyoming, compete in some first- class tournaments, compete in two state tournaments, and they've got two conference titles, so this group has been through a lot together. They'll be missed. (Quote by - Don Lyons)

The actual day is packed with activity. Most of the students competed in about three, one hour events. When they were not competing, they were cheering on team mates, eating in the college cafeteria, or their favorite activity; challenging another school to a game of Ultimate Frisbee. (Quote by - Mary Cutillo)

The older I get the more I admire and crave competence, just simple competence, in any field from adultery to zoology. (Quote by - Henry Louis Mencken)

It was definitely a completely different atmosphere than at the Big East meet, but that's OK. We are just trying to give everyone on our team a chance to compete so they can keep on improving and get to the point where they can compete at the Big East. (Quote by - Dave Uhrich)

We are competing in a huge global grape market with an increasing world production. Competition is increasing, but California growers consistently produce such high- quality table grapes that they are able to compete strongly. (Quote by - Susan Day)

She really wants to compete. I would say her chances of competing tomorrow are 90 percent. (Quote by - Ozren Mueller)

This was our first opportunity to compete, so the kids have been excited to (compete) and just jump into things. .. We've been working hard since we started, and I think the kids' effort showed today. (Quote by - Kelly Bennett)

What can we do? We can discuss all these issues but the result is 2- 1. What we've got to do is go over there and compete. We have the right to go over to Barcelona and compete on an even playing field. I'm very, very proud of the performance tonight. (Quote by - Jose Mourinho)

It was really encouraging to see her compete that well. She gained a lot of respect for being such a tough competitor. I think it was also inspiring for all the girls competing at the end. (Quote by - Matt Stearns)

I thought I was fairly specific when I talked (with Davis) about ambitious and achievable goals and competing in the Big Ten, and competing in the NCAA Tournament. (Quote by - Rick Greenspan)

I thought we competed, and competed very hard. A little more offensive output by us, and it could've been a different story. (Quote by - Rob Spivery)

He kept them off- balance, that was the key for him. He competes, man, he competes. He wants to prove something. (Quote by - John Gibbons)

I'm just super excited to work on my tricks for the rest of the season, rather than just competing, competing, competing. The Olympics were absolutely the highlight of my season, but I'm happy to slow down a bit. (Quote by - Gretchen Bleiler)

It matters a lot. Because they're competing against each other and competing against the other team, it's important for them to get confidence to know that they can play at this level. And once you play at this level, winning is important. Anybody can go out there and lose, but to me learning how to play is learning how to win. (Quote by - Joe Girardi)

The Drake Relays is invitation only. We have a number of kids that won't compete this weekend. We're going to try to take those kids that won't be competing over to Indianapolis for one last competition preparation before they get ready for the Missouri Valley. That is the important thing that we will be looking at this weekend. (Quote by - Elvis Forde)

Our doubles play today was unacceptable. We did not come out this afternoon ready to play and it really showed. I will be looking for a much better start tomorrow afternoon against Michigan State. If we compete in doubles the way we are capable of competing, then results will show. (Quote by - Tim Madden)

We're not really out to prove anything to people. We play to compete. These guys like to play against the best people and they like challenges. They compete here in practice and it doesn't really change. (Quote by - Jamie Dixon)

People want access to their government, and it is our responsibility to provide it. We see this as a core competency, and we don't believe in giving away core competencies. (Quote by - Steve Kolodney)

Because we cannot compete on labor, we have to compete on cleverness. (Quote by - Mary Freeman)

I knew I was going to compete. You could've cut my leg off and I was still going to compete. You just have to keep going, keep pushing through. (Quote by - Megan Cherry)

We didn't compete today. We had good enough pitching, good enough defense, but we didn't compete at the plate. You don't beat teams with three hits. (Quote by - Duane Zauner)

I told my son [Dustin] and daughter if they wanted to compete, I would compete with them and they decided they wanted to. I just wanted someone to do it with. (Quote by - Karen Campbell)

Competing for major companies seems to have evolved into a much higher- stakes game than we are playing. Virginia has never competed for a project of that magnitude, meaning $100 million. (Quote by - Brett Vassey)

We were really tickled with our young guys coming in there and competing the way that they did. We didn't run a bunch that won indoor state, so that's good when they compete like that. (Quote by - Rick Rachel)

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