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We have created islands, small islands of power, but we have not built a bridge between those islands, .. The center and the territories, regional and local authorities are still competing with each other, competing for power. Those who take advantage of disorder and arbitrary rule are watching their mutually destructive fight. (Quote by - Vladimir Putin)

I think voters are expecting a competent mayor, somebody who can get things done and get them done fairly. We're in sort of a post- party politics period here, where the traditional tribal politics are being replaced by a competency model. (Quote by - Doug Muzzio)

He's got a motor. When it's time to compete, he competes. (Quote by - Pat O'Neil)

The goalie might get in the head of the players. That's credit to their (Sweden's) team spirit. When goalies play well, it gives their team more reasons to compete, and Sweden did compete. (Quote by - Ben Smith)

At least I thought we competed with them and I think that shows our guys we can compete with these types of teams. But any time we play a team like this, it's got to give us confidence. (Quote by - Brian Satterfield)

I believe that it's going to tell a lot about our football team. To me we're kind of on a bubble. We haven't' reached that level where we think we need to be to compete. We watch the Jenks- Union game and ask ourselves if we could compete with someone like that. Right now the answer would probably be no. (Quote by - Dan Cocannouer)

It was Doug Waechter's night. He went out there and he competed. He competed in front of his home crowd. .. He kept us in the ballgame, and that was the key. (Quote by - Eduardo Perez)

We consider Miami one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference so we see it as a test each and every time. They beat on us last year in the playoffs so we wanted to come out and see how we could fix it and just compete with them. We competed with them before but we just weren't on their level. (Quote by - Vince Carter)

I thought the game was lost in the first couple minutes. We did not compete the way we've been competing. We've got to come out of the gate intense. (Quote by - Jessie Evans)

You can't get better unless you play better people. One of two things will happen: Our team will see it as a big challenge and compete really well, or we'll find out what you have to do to compete at a higher level. (Quote by - David Berrier)

I love watching him play and then you compete against him. Obviously the quarterbacks don't compete against each other, but as a team, you're competing against the team that he leads. (Quote by - Tom Brady)

This certainly isn't easy to do at any age, especially 35. It's been a privilege to compete against so many great champions over the last couple of decades or so. Without exception, Roger has been one of most enjoyable to compete against. Thank you New York for the last 20 years. It's been a great ride. (Quote by - Andre Agassi)

Every drill is about competing, .. Coach is trying to teach those who don't know how to compete to compete. He lets us know that it is not all right to lose at anything, in any drill around here. (Quote by - Rick Brown)

They're a very tough team to compete against, and they're the toughest team we've competed against so far, but I wouldn't say that's why we got creamed. We just didn't wrestle up to our ability. (Quote by - Dustin Teeman)

In both cases, IT should be supporting the core competency of that organization. That is the point. We're led astray sometimes because we think core competencies should be similar, and they're not. They're very different company to company. (Quote by - Thomas Koulopoulos)

This alliance has significant strategic benefits for any organization pursuing competency- based performance management. The set of competencies that a company chooses to measure and reward is a strategic business tool. Competencies help align individual objectives to strategy and employee performance management makes sure the strategy gets executed. (Quote by - Dan Boccabella)

By purchasing Siebel, Oracle has acquired an additional 3.4 million CRM users and the maintenance fees that go with that kind of installed base. However, where Oracle may be able to compete with (German rival) SAP on numbers in the short term, they may have trouble competing longer term on product innovation. (Quote by - Janet White)

When you start playing 12 games, and an SEC championship game and a bowl game, 14, 15, 16 games with 85 scholarships, you're not functional. Competing in the conferences we compete in, you're down to the nubs by the end of the season. (Quote by - Urban Meyer)

They need to get over these hurdles with NTP to compete in the marketplace. RIM is now dealing with these legal issues instead of focusing their own resources to compete against rivals like Microsoft. (Quote by - Brad Akyuz)

Everybody wants to win. I don't think anyone went out there thinking they were going to lose. They just proved that they're a year ahead of us. During the season, you're focusing hard and competing hard. Here, you're competing, but you're looking to have a little fun, too. (Quote by - Luther Head)

I think every single point will be important, .. I think more than anything, I'll just have to be able to compete better. When you're playing Serena Williams, you have to compete better than her. I got a lot of tricks from Serena just watching her. She inspired me so many times. I also got motivated by her in the early part of my career, and even now. I just have to compete better, bottom line. (Quote by - Venus Williams)

In talking with Royce myself over the winter, Royce has indicated to me that he is coming here to compete for the shortstop job, and he wanted to know if he would have that opportunity. I think Jim Bowden told him he would have the opportunity, and I certainly told him that he would have the opportunity to compete. I never got into asking him if he would accept that [backup] role if he didn't. The guy is coming here to compete for a job. He doesn't want to talk about backing up if it doesn't happen. (Quote by - Frank Robinson)

We have to accept that that is what's going on in the world. We've been fortunate enough to compete at a national level. We have a good league we compete in. We don't worry about everyone else. (Quote by - Chris Hill)

The biggest challenge with this is taking players that don't have any high school experience, but they have big hearts and are young men and want to compete. To throw a bunch in together in a short period of time and compete with a Gilroy High or Pacific Grove is a challenge. (Quote by - Ken Bradley)

That was a team win, if I have ever seen one. Everyone from the goalie out tonight just competed. That was the word for tonight, compete. (Quote by - Hal Whiteside)

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