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Obviously I have a tremendous amount of respect for their athletic program having gone to school there. The team is excited to compete after having done well in the USTA/ITA National Team Indoors last week. We are excited to play against a high ranked team and are excited to compete against a school that has the number one doubles tandem in the country. (Quote by - Brian Kalbas)

Competing interests .. Katrina, the war .. everything is competing. (Quote by - Tim Ryan)

Obviously we'll be competing against the Marlins, we'll be competing against the Heat and the college teams. (Quote by - Chris Gratton)

Solutions Competencies enable Microsoft to provide resources and training to partners seeking to meet, and even surpass, customer needs. The competencies also provide industry partners with a way to showcase their expertise to customers who depend on them for services, such as building their critical infrastructure needs such as storage and hosting solutions. (Quote by - Paul Flessner)

My main focus is seeing that these projects don't compete with one another for funding, because if they compete, they will all lose. (Quote by - Buddy Dyer)

I was never happy that my injuries cut my career short and ultimately forced my decision to step away from tennis. I have enjoyed my time away from the court, a period that has allowed me to experience a different side of life. However, I miss the game and the challenge of competing at the highest level of tennis, and I want to gauge whether I can stay healthy and compete against today's top players. (Quote by - Martina Hingis)

Thursday we're going to compete. We've skated for two days and now we'll start to compete. We were on a charge going in (to the Olympic break), now we'd like to charge coming out. (Quote by - Mike Babcock)

We've got to compete money- wise and stock- wise to get people to drive 12 hours (from Houston) to compete. And we need to sell tickets to make that happen. (Quote by - Billy Powell)

After the first period, it was anybody's game. In the last game [Thursday], they out- competed us and deserved to win. In this game, our power play out- competed their penalty kill. (Quote by - Jarome Iginla)

It's a big competition. It's a challenge because you're going against the best of the best in the nation, competing to be the top guy at your position and competing to get in the first round and fulfill your own goals. (Quote by - Davin Joseph)

I was very pleased with how we competed today. Although the times and marks weren't where we would like to see them, the effort was certainly there, and I was really happy with that. It was a good experience for us, because we may have to compete in these conditions again at some point during the season. (Quote by - Jennifer Nanista)

Our reputation nationally is very good right now. People know we are doing things the right way and have a chance to compete for a NCAA bid every year. We need to create some energy and win our share of early season games. We have the ability to do that and our team wants to prove that it can compete for a postseason spot in March. (Quote by - Rob Evans)

McLeod knows how to compete. He may miss a decision or might miss a shot, but he's always going to compete. He's not going to drop his head and say, 'Can't be done.' I've never seen him do that. (Quote by - Jerry Sloan)

He's intense the whole time. He competes hard in practice and he competes hard in games. (Quote by - Ric Jackman)

We came in competing and went out competing. That was a big thing. We didn't fall back. We didn't put our hands down when they made a run. It was so close. (Quote by - Hassan Adams)

We'll probably have to run the table to have a chance. We've just got to come out and compete and play. Every night's a new game. You've got to come out and compete for 32 minutes. (Quote by - Paul Maljan)

The SSG gives Juniper a high performance and highly flexible platform to challenge competitors in the security/unified threat management market, while opening up opportunities to compete for business in branch office environments where customers are revisiting the concept of converged data and security, competing head- to- head with Cisco's Integrated Services Routers. (Quote by - Joel Conover)

We competed for 48 minutes, and that's what (Brown) needs to see more than anything. The previous few games we didn't compete for 48 minutes. That's very bad when you don't do that. You get paid to play basketball. We shouldn't even be talking about playing hard. We should be talking about X's and O's. (Quote by - Antonio Davis)

Rally GB is obviously very special to me, so I am very much looking forward to competing on my home event and giving the fans something to cheer. This is an opportunity for me to utilise my experience to help the Skoda Motorsport World Rally Team develop the Fabia WRC 05 in a positive way for the future. Although I have not competed in a World Rally Car since Rally GB 2003, the team have put together an extensive testing programme which will give me the opportunity to evaluate the Fabia and have it set up to my liking. It will also allow myself and Nicky to get ourselves up to speed before the event itself. (Quote by - Colin McRae)

We don't require that people compete here. I'm here for the people who want to get really, really good at this and compete in it, but we're also here for the people who just want to come in and get some exercise, blow off some steam, or just come in and have a really good time. (Quote by - Dion Shively)

It's very unfortunate that we weren't able to (win Tuesday). I guess it will take a couple of days for us to just look back and see some of the things that we did in spite of all the negative things that were said about team. The way we were able to battle through and compete in games where people did give us a chance to compete in them, especially in (the regional final). (Quote by - Barbara Turner)

He comes on the field and competes very well. With that kind of talent and a guy that will compete and is willing to work, he can move up pretty quickly. (Quote by - Chan Gailey)

You can tell he competes very hard and wants to be successful. Like Sid. I think that's why these kids are that good. They really want to do well. They really want to compete. And they really want to be difference- makers. (Quote by - Mark Recchi)

We don't see ourselves competing against another soup. We see ourselves competing in simple meals. Innovation is very, very important to our program. (Quote by - Jerry Buckley)

Wags' got great stuff. We know Wags. We love him like a brother. We played together with him for almost 10 years, but when you're competing, you're competing. That means he wants to get you out and we want to win a ballgame. (Quote by - Craig Biggio)

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