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We competed [at Duke on Feb. 13] for 38 minutes but didn't finish the game. We talked about competing, defending and rebounding for 40 minutes today. And that's where the game was won. (Quote by - Brenda Frese)

It's unfair to wait for us to become a problem community. We can't compete with California or the East Coast. We can't compete with Louisiana right now. Washington, D.C., never sees Utah as a state in need. (Quote by - Maria Garciaz)

We've got good kids. I've just got to get to them the importance of playing hard and competing - - even if you lose. Go with what you know. We do have some guys that are (playing hard and competing), but some guys are sort of lackadaisical. Once we figure that out, we'll be fine. (Quote by - Terry Parks)

I think the fact that I was able to compete against some great athletes is really going to help me. They could do the things I can do and competing against them was just great. (Quote by - Bradley Starks)

You have to be careful with the top match kids. Those kids who are competing for titles will help us in the dual meet tournament. You have to be careful with how you use your kids though who are competing for state and all state titles though. (Quote by - Kevin Mackin)

We play against each other all the time. We compete hard against each other. He makes me compete hard against him. (Quote by - Barry Wilson)

It's easy to know the guys who are on the team, but we have that bubble of eight to 10 spots that we need to make decisions on. All the guys that are competing for those spots did a good job. We'd rather have that. It's going to make for difficult decisions eventually, but it's good to see that the guys competing for those spots can play. (Quote by - Kevin Constantine)

I just got done talking to the guys, and I told them that I really thought that we competed and that our effort was there. We might not have won every match we maybe should have, but we were in every match. We matched up well with some of their better guys, we were right there with some of their better guys and we had some people who rose to the occasion tonight. That's what we're looking for. We're looking for our guys to come out and compete hard every night. (Quote by - Patrick Timm)

Competing is a privilege and the outcome should be appreciated without regret or objection. (Quote by - Hal Whiteside)

Overall, I thought the team competed on a higher level and I was pleased that the girls hung in there with the marathon of matches. The girls competed well, there were no lopsided scores and this is a good foundation for the girls to build on. (Quote by - Jerry Johnson)

Any woman who can compete should play in men's tournaments. I believe in that highly. If you can compete, you should play, definitely. (Quote by - Kasey Zacharias)

If she's healthy and able to compete, she's definitely one of the strongest to compete for the United States at the Olympics. (Quote by - Sasha Cohen)

They also know they are competing for a job, they are competing for a livelihood, .. We want to do everything within the rules, but we also want our people to play with intensity and competitiveness and the proper desire and determination to make the team. (Quote by - Jim Hughes)

If we can compete with the three teams in our division, we can compete with the other teams in the league. (Quote by - Phil Savage)

About a quarter of the guys couldn't do all of them. It's a world- class event, so it's tough that the course was so hard. I felt really bad for the girls who didn't compete. It speaks volumes to have some of the best females not even compete. (Quote by - Miah Wheeler)

Emily is a wonderful athlete. She competed well here. She also competed well at junior worlds. Michelle competed well at worlds last year (finishing fourth), The committee felt that Michelle probably would have a better chance for a medal. (Quote by - Bob Horen)

He seems upbeat and he's here so I'm not going to make a big issue out of it. I guarantee you, if he's here in uniform, he's going to compete because he's done nothing but compete throughout his career. (Quote by - Jason Varitek)

We did not compete at all. We've got to take what we've learned in practice and put it to use, and we've got to play with heart and compete - - show up with the enthusiasm and the passion it takes to win. (Quote by - Chris Barrett)

She let me compete. It's what I needed. I wanted to compete. (Quote by - Kate Curran)

We have an 'older' club this year. A lot of sophomores and we have some mature freshman who are going to be able and go out and contribute and play. [They will] contribute in a lot of ways to help this team out, to compete to win the Jayhawk West again, compete for the Region VI Final and compete for a national title. (Quote by - Chris Finnegan)

We showed we can compete against anybody. We're disappointed because we had the game, but we're pleased with the effort we fought with the whole game. We showed the nation we can compete. (Quote by - Guillermo Diaz)

I always expect our play to stay at the same level or to get better. I never expect anything else because in practice we have players that are good and compete hard. It makes stuff a lot easier knowing that you can have somebody come in for you and compete the same way you do. (Quote by - Brandie Hoskins)

First of all, there are more schools, more 5A programs in Texas. Consequently, when a young coach is looking for a job, he finds more opportunity, and when you compete, you're going to be competing against the best, .. The second thing is money. We certainly pay our people more over here than they do in Louisiana. (Quote by - Pat Collins)

It's going to be exciting. We not only compete against Texas in the pool, we compete against them in recruiting. This is a big meet for both teams, for the season and for the future. (Quote by - David Marsh)

I have to think he's given everything he has from inside to be able to come through the injury so that we'll compete at our best. He knows how good we could be, if he can compete, the way he is able to compete. (Quote by - Yoshi Hayasaki)

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