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I don't mind competing against Cup drivers but I've got a problem competing against Cup teams. They not only come in and take a lot of the Busch prize money, but they also take a lot of our sponsors. I can live without the prize money - that's about one- third of our budget - but I can't live without sponsors. (Quote by - Clarence Brewer)

He's going to go out there and compete. I've seen it in playoff situations. I've seen it during the course of the year. My job is to go out there and compete right with him. (Quote by - Matt Morris)

We've been competing with the U.S. from day one here in Canada. [U.S.- based companies] provided the legacy systems here that we've had to compete against and win business from. It is the same competitors south of the border. (Quote by - Dave Cole)

I was on the bench watching and I wanted to be out there competing against him. He's a heck of a player. When you run into great players you want to be out there competing with them. (Quote by - Eddie Jones)

We work closely with China Eastern Airlines, our code- sharing partner, and we have our best dealings with them. So, Chinese carriers will mature, will compete on the world level and will benefit from competing with worldwide leading carriers. (Quote by - Athar Khan)

The thing I've always said about Connor, and mentioned to Coach Kennedy, he's going to compete, I don't care what it is, he's going to compete. He's going to know what to do and play hard. (Quote by - Mark Dantonio)

If you can compete against a dog that big, you can compete with any dog. All of the excuses they've given in the past just don't hold water. (Quote by - Joe Lopano)

I wish I was here in better circumstances. I respect the Olympics too much to compete, and I don't feel I can compete at my best. (Quote by - Michelle Kwan)

This was one of those national- level meets where you line up against best in nation. There were a couple areas to improve on, but for the most part I was impressed with our effort. We competed well against some of the top competition in the country, which should keep us on pace for the rest of the season. We're competing at the level that we need to and we've got everybody going in the right direction. (Quote by - Ralph Spry)

I really feel in all aspects of the game that we can compete with anybody. We have some strong weapons to compete. We could be right in the thick of things (in the SOC). (Quote by - Ron Beick)

But you are losing enrollment. Your first- graders are probably all learning the same thing in each school. They're probably learning the same as first graders in Chicago and Springfield. The differences come in grades 9- 12. Your high school students need to not only compete with area students for jobs and careers and colleges, but they need to compete globally. If they are not going to college, they need skills. (Quote by - Robert Rogers)

We feed off each other. We have our own competition every day. We compete for sacks, and we compete for tackles. We have that bond. (Quote by - Ebenezer Ekuban)

I'm very pleased with how we competed. We competed hard and had a great team effort. Earlier in the year these teams were quite a bit better than us. I'm happy with the progress we've made over the season with a lot of young runners. (Quote by - Bill Martens)

We look forward to competing this season with an improved football team, building off the success from last season. Whether we are on the road or here at Edwards Stadium, we'll be prepared to face each opponent with the effort, intensity and execution necessary to compete at the highest level. (Quote by - Bronco Mendenhall)

Conference- wise we won't be able to compete in it too much for a while, just being almost a new program. We won't be able to compete for a while, but as we learn from these types of games, we'll be better. (Quote by - Dan Liebler)

I like competing. I hear about what the other guys are running, so I know I have to get out there if I'm going to compete. (Quote by - David Hansen)

I'd like to see anybody we have competing get qualified. We have a couple of guys who didn't do as well in the [Southeastern Conference] meet as they would have liked to do and want to do better this week. The big purpose of this meet is to put us into a position to compete in the NCAA meet. (Quote by - Mike Holloway)

When I first came into this industry I was told that IBM was not someone against whom you would compete, .. That IBM was not a company. They were more like a country and a great country at that, and that I shouldn't even think of competing with IBM. (Quote by - Larry Ellison)

That Microsoft now questions the competency and integrity of a trustee they themselves helped appoint is outrageous. All the parties involved in the case found the trustee showed an intimate competence and understanding. How do they now dare maintain that he is biased?. (Quote by - Carlo Piana)

It's a more experienced team that knows what to expect, .. Everybody was on time. There were no incidents at camp. Everyone competed at the highest level. That's all you can ask for. When you compete at a high level, you see some growth as far as coming together. (Quote by - Eddie Jordan)

We didn't compete at the plate, period. As many mistakes as we made, as many runs as they scored, we just didn't compete at the plate. (Quote by - Terry Stephenson)

Right now it's more important to have Lauren for the Conference Championships than to have her compete in the multi- events at Drake. It's unfortunate that she was invited to compete in the event, but we need to do what we can to nurse her back to health and have her ready to go in two weeks. (Quote by - Elvis Forde)

I'm sorry I can't compete tonight. I was feeling pain every time I hit the ball and therefore you can't really compete at this level, so it's unfortunate for me. (Quote by - Tommy Haas)

It seems to me the idea of competing for resources with audit is the shortest path to going away. If you partner with them and share the load and treat audit with due deference, you have a shot. As long as you compete, it won't work. (Quote by - Allan Paller)

I knew they were gonna bring somebody in, whether it be a draft pick or a free agent. But in my mind I was the only guy here, .. Every day I competed against myself. I didn't compete against the guy next to me. (Quote by - Drew Brees)

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