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Suoi Tien Amusement Park is an amusement park in District 9 , Ho Chi Minh City , Vietnam . The park includes several entertainment areas. The landscapes and attractions in the park illustrate Vietnam's History and legends, such as Au Co and Lac Long Quan as well as the Battle of Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh (The Mountain God and The River God)battle.the park also creates the spiritual images of vietnamese people such as Dragon-lion-Turtle-Phoenix. An artificial sea water pool is located in the park for sea-bathers. Tourists will find here a dinosaur garden,The Suoi Tien Theme park in Ho Chi Minh City is quite a sight. Amongst other attractions here, you'll find the Tien Dong beach. The Tien Dong beach is a man made beach,featuring a gigantic sculpted waterfall, bearing the face of an empepor. the park is nothing if not colorful, and you will find giant sculpted dragons painted in gorgeous blue and orange pastels, soft red Buddha statues and lush green gardens, as well as all the normal theme park attractions like bumper cars and water slides. The park even includes a zoo, full of crocodiles and tortoies. The whole place is decorted in a sort of Disneyland meets Buddha aesthetic with the general them being that of spectacle. Everything here is big, bright and colorful, avisual feastThe park also displays the spiritual imagery of the Vietnamese people through sculptures of Dragons, Lions, Turtles, and Phoenixes. An expansive artificial sea-water pool attraction is located in the park for bathers.known for it beautiful scenery architecture. This part fills with green from top to bottom. if he or she likes to take a perfect picture, this place is for them. It also has ride from roller coaster to bike in air, not to mention a nice playground pool for children and adults.This year's festival at Suoi Tien Park in June will be a much grander and quite different affair than previously, now that the HCM City Tourism Service has decided to promote the annual show as a majortouristsattraction.Suoi TIEN deputy general director Doan Minh Tuan says the HCM City Fruit Festival from June 1 to 22 will be much more interesting than before."Previously the fruit was merely laid out in the same manner as an ordinary market, but this time we'll have a southern- style floating market on the water, with boats full of Vendors dressed in traditional outfits. Beginning 2014 the Park will be served by a stop on the first line of the HCMC Metro that is currently under construction.

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