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  Firing Stories
Deli of Disaster
It was my first actual payroll job and they stuck me behind the deli counter, showed me ONCE how to use the equipment, didn't watch me do it to make sure I was doing it right, and left me to find the salad recipies by myself. After about 2 weeks of wondering who's going to bitch at me because all of my co-workers lived in this tiny hick town their whole lives and were old hags (exept one.) I got a call that my mother was on the other side of the state in intensive care for a burst brain aneurysm, so I call off for the next couple of days and left. She almost died (by mere minutes,) and I called the next day to update them after I told my manager where I was and why, she said "Well, you're really not working out anyways, so we're just going to let you go." What the hell do employers expect of us? I could understand if I was googing off, but hell!
Crazy vietnamese boss!
So I worked at this local vietnamese restraunt called McPhoi Phoi Noodel for three months. I was hired to do all kinds of things from dishes, cleanup, playing waiter, cash register. I do a pretty darn good job here when I work and make it clean and good but it takes a while..so my crazy boss (who also owns the place) yells and screams at me in vietnamese and english, "You schtoopid white boy! Wok fasta! Learn to do fast! Fast!" and he throws stuff at me. So I be patient and cope with this for three long months, hey the pay was pretty good for the first two (his girlfriend was in charge of pay and felt sorry for me)..well the final month my boss came to know of my pay and got pissed so he started treating me bad to make me feel that I should quit. The third month was finishing and it was payday so I came to him and asked him at the end of my shift. He screams and throws a penny at me and says, "hea white boy! yo pay! fo
woking hard!".
I got pissed so I threw a fish at his head and got a bowl of noodles and threw them at him, his customers, and all over the place!
Sleeping on the job
I was working at mcdonalds at 10:00pm at the drive thru..i was bored out of my mind...and also really tired cause no one had come for a while. so...i actually fell asleep when a customer pulls in. i was snoring very loud when they gave their order. so they pulled up and started cussing me out because i was asleep on my job. i got fired and i have never walked in to that mcdonalds ever since then.
Where Are We?
I had one employee at Burger King in drive thru spend the whole afternoon correcting customers orders to sound like McDonalds foods and verifying the order that way convincing them we were bought out by McDonalds. (i.e. a Whopper was now a Quarter Pounder, etc) I finally had to fire him after several warnings.
About 2 years ago i was working at the Coop,"the feed mill" in Bryan Texas. My boss and i didn't really get along too well and one day me and got into it and i ended up saying some things that i ended up regretting. He decided to make me change out all of the cat boxes "redneck litter box" for the cats that kept the mice out of the feed. well i didn't appreciate that so i dumped 2 tons of sheep and goat finisher on his desk and then dragged it with a forklift through the 7 acre warehouse until it finally met its final resting place on top of the 2 and 1/2 story stack of deer corn. needless to say i lost that job, and am no longer allowed near that feed store,"or forklifts, ironicly" but it was worth it to get back at that jerk.
Blockbuster Video
I used to be a manager for Blockbuster...yay.... So one day i'm on the phone with my mom just talking, when my boss comes to the manager's pit which is situated in the back left corner facing the door. She's all pissy and banging on the window and shouts "You Have a Shift to Run!!" then she goes in the back. i hang up the phone apoligize to the line of people for what i'm about to do. I go to the back Bang bang on the door. she finally opens and i ask her to come to front i have a question. she follows me to the front where i stop and ask her in front of 10-25 people including fellow employees. I ask her if she went to high school. she said no. i then screamed obscenities at her and threw my keys down. as I'm walking out she throws my keys at the door. i pick them up and walked to my car and before i got in my car i drop my store keys in the sewer and drove home.
You shoudn't be fired because someone chooses to die
I have been a lifeguard for nearly 6 years now. It was a good paying job but it wasn't getting enough and I needed better hours. SO I went to work at a grocery store.Being a bagger you get to do all the odd jobs during the slow times so because Publix is so bent on everything being clean I was cleaning the ladies room. An old lady came in, one of our regular customers, that I recognized and I greeted her and she did the same and went about her business doing bathroom things (need I go into detail?) I continued scrubbing down the sinks when the lady started coughing. I didn't think much of it because everyone coughs. But her coughing wouldn't stop. It turns out she had asthma. Suddenly the door swung open ond she kind of fell out of the stall, her face all red. Her coughing continued. I was getting nervous but I stayed as calm as I could (that was my lifeguard training kicking in). She couldn't catch her
breath and her face turned a darker shade of red
almost purple. She continued to cough but she was now lying on the ground. Quicky I opened the bathroom door and yelled for someone to call 911. The old lady passed out and I began CPR. Even though I had done this a few times at the pool it was nothing compared to really having to save someone's life. Anyway when you yell to people to call 911 it usually draws a crowd so in a few minutes I had people scrambling to get in the bathroom to see what had happened. I continued CPR until the paramedics arrived but to no avail, she died. Halfway through I had broken down and begun sobbing because it was so unreal and scary. I felt as though I had her life in my hands (which I did). I had been compressing and breathing for so long I didn't want to really stop. But the paramedics took over and I was left there crying stupidly on the floor. They gave me the next two days off of work so I could collect myself but when I went back in I was called to my boss's office. He sat me down and told me I was fired. He wasn't
there that night so he didn't get the impact of what happened. He said that because I had proper CPR training I should have at least known to check her purse for an inhaler or something. I also learned that the company was being sued because apparently what triggered the asthma attack was the strong ammonia of the cleaning solution I was using (someone always gets the blame huh?). It's not my fault I was cleaning the stupid bathroom. To this day I am still traumatized from the lady dying in the bathroom but you can sure as heck know I worked my butt off trying to save her life.
No authority!
I got this great job that paid $1.25 more than my old job. I didn't want to quit my old job, so my boss left me in the system and just didn't put me on the schedule. So anyway, I start my job, 1st day, and everything goes well. The second day one of my co-workers started giving me problems. She was telling me how to do my job (the wrong way may I add) and yelling at me for things that she did. I was there for a week when she blew up at me and took me to the charge nurse, called me a liar, said that nobody should deal with such a liar like me, and insisted that I get wrote up. The charge nurse went to tell my boss, and she got ready to write me up, which would end up in me being fired if the employee said anything else. I walked in and quit. My boss walked over and fired the employee. I ultimately won because I went back to my old job where we were like a family, and took vacations together. She ultimately lost because she was fired, marked never
to rehire, I was marked rehire.
Spray paint
I worked at a popular food store in my town. it was the only place to get food so yea...i worked there for about 3-4 months. one day i had to go to the bathroom so i walked in and saw graffeti on the wall that read "screw this store" i went to tell my boss and i lead her in to the bathroom. she looked at it for a minute then had the nerve to say i did it. well that was a dumb move. she started to say things like you never liked this job and so i immediately started to go off. i knocked over cans opened products i was cussin her out then that jerk called the cops. well after that was all done it was clear i was fired. one of my co-workers told me she put camera's in all of the bathrooms (not in stalls) and a couple of weeks later i got a call to come back to work there. it turns out she caught the person doing it again on tape. she felt so bad i didn't take the job but i did cuss her out one last time.
From stealing to plain illegal
We needed a dishwasher badly where we work. We waited sooo long and it was sad cuz we all had to take turns washing dishes which we all despise. The first guy was fired for stealing by the way. And finally when someone was hired...well they got fired within a week for having false documents. So we're all pitching in to wash dishes again. I just hope that someone gets hired soon and they won't do something stupid to make us do their job.
Never say Never
I was working at a shoe store and all was well, well about 2 months into it the manager ( i was the assistant manager) told me that i would be working 2 days a week 9 am -9 pm.. alone. Well that was fine, until i found out he was stealing money and shoes and anything he could get his hands on. I told him that if the issues with missing items weren't we resolved i would leave, he told me i would NEVER leave, that i couldn't. Well I had the last straw when i got blamed for $100 missing... That night i called a few friends and let them take any shoes they wanted, got a couple pairs for myself, locked the door and never went back.
Bubbles everywhere!
i was working as a dishwasher at tgif.
needless to say, i hated it.
i was always asked to stay late, and would often not go home until 2am. finally i couldn't take it anymore. they asked me to stay late to polish the stainless steel (which btw, is EVERYTHING). i didn't, and when i came in the next morning i no longer had a job. The funny part of the story is my revenge: i dumped an entire, massive, industrial size bottle of Dawn dish soap into the dishwasher. Bubbles came out the front door!
Reverse Sexism
So Home Depot takes Equal Treatment Between the Sexes a little too far. I got a job as a cashier at a Home Depot, and I was about 7 months pregnant. So my feet are swollen, I'm tired, and I'm huge. I made the monumental mistake of requesting a stool to sit on between customers. My request was confused, and when I complained about it to a coworker, a manager overheard. I was called into the head cashier's office and told that things "weren't working out" and that I should get my stuff and head directly to the door. Like I was a thief or something!
The eight year old hater
Well, I was a boss at the town newspaper. I had to handle everything. When suddenly, I see this young boy (about 8 years old) burst into the office, snatch a newspaper, and sell it to an old man on the street. Well, I got out and gave that boy a piece of my mind. It turns out it was my bosses son, and he was showing his dad how he would sell a newspaper.
I wasn't fired, I was TERMINATED. I was also humiliated because I practically screamed at an innocent 8 year old.
It's all about the customers
Well I was working at McDonalds at the register. I had only been working there three days. Anyway this one lady comes up to me and said she would like a Diet Coke. So I go to the soda fountain and fill up a cup of Diet Coke. She pays and leaves. Like 20 minutes later she comes back with the empty cup. That wasn't Diet she said. We got into a whole fight because I told her if it wasn't Diet she shouldn't have drank the whole thing then come back for a refund. I took a some french fries and threw them at her. Apparently they were still burning hot, burned her, and I was fired...
Sick and Fired
i have bipolar disorder, and had to take off of work for a couple of months (unpaid) because of my medical treatment.
when i came back, my stuff was in boxes on my desk, and the girl who had been my assistant was booking her flight reservations, something that i used to do as a trainer. something was up...
i confronted my boss, who said it was a mistake, and let me take my stuff back to my desk.
then i got a call from HR demanding that they take 2k out of my pay because i owed the company money from an advance they had given me. well, ok, fine...
So, you can only guess what happened. as soon as i paid that money, i was in the office getting the speech from my boss about how it "wasn't working out". nevermind that all the clients gave me to reviews, i was still being fired! i was in tears and went home sobbing. That was a good job too.
Well, I work at a place were beer is made. (Sweet Free Beer!!!) So anyways it was Jacob's birth day (employee) and we all were invited to his party we all had so beer and played so cards stuff like that then after a while everyboby started getting drunk and barfing all over the place so Jacob got fired for having the party..(this was in the office)
Nice Cream
Ok so my sister works at this Ice cream shop and her boss gave her a couple cans of whip cream and 4 tubs of ice cream to keep cool while the repairman fixed the broken watcha-callit in the freezer. So she put them in her mini-fridge and it turned out our little brother ate all of it in the middle of the night. She was fired.
You threw a pen?
So i used to work at a retail store and some customer has a ton of merchandise she wants to buy..so i get these papercups and she wants to know if they are on sale so i tell her yes..then she wants me to go check the price of the cups so she can know how many cents she is saving i explain to her i can't check the price and leave my checkstand bc i would get in trouble..then she persists to ask and eventually she asked for my name and manager's name i told her she didn't need to know my name its none of her business then by the time the receipt had printed i threw the pen at her and walked out on my shift and got fired.
Ready to Retire?
I had worked at a shoe store in the local mall for about 7-8 months, knew the manager's family pretty well and got along with everyone. It must have been the easiest job ever.So one day my manager tells me she's quiting and moving away, bummed out i asked her who would be taking her place, of course she left it up to head office to hire someone new! Well my old manager had a semi-retired 75 year old auntie who decided she needed a new job, you guessed it she was now our new boss!! She was really nice, friendly and called everyone "love"...for about two weeks. Cutting to the chase, one day I came into work on time as usual and happy to deal with angry customers! Just my luck the computer and till were deciding not to work that day, there were about 5 disgruntled, 50 something, divorcee, high class, money spending haggs waiting in line for me to ring in a gift card (anyone who works in retail knows that gift cards have to be the
biggest pain in the butts ever) and of course the
computer freezes...3 times...well my lovley manager decided that to solve this problem she first had to yell at me "You are not doing it right, you dont know what your doing, are you stupid?" in front of a store full of people and to make matters better she had to rip the scanner out of my hand with all the 75 year old wrinkly skin strength she had and literally shove me out of the way (picture a 5ft nothing 90 lb little old lady with dark red short hair and horrible fashion taste trying to fight with a 5ft 8" 18 yr old twice the size!) yeah well I decided to take action: screaming profanities, walking away angerly, I marched out of that hell hole with not another word. And of all the nerve she calls my cell phone not ten min's later, accusing me of stealing her keys!

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