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Fired over a text
So, I?m texting back and forth with both my manager and one of my coworkers to see if I?m able to have some days off. I had previously texted my manger asking cover for me on Sunday but he texted back saying that he was going out of town. So, I?m thinking I?m texting my friend telling him that my manager was such a jerk for not cover me the day I requested. But in reality I sent the text to my manager calling him a jerk. I felt terrible and apologized to him, but minutes later he sent me a text saying that my services were no longer desired and I was fired.
Factory Work
I was working at a plastic factory for almost 2 years. My job was to teach people how to do the job on the machines producing the plastic. Every weeks there was new employees, 3,4 sometime 5, because people don't keep the job. I had to show them the work but there is a problem... The machine must NOT stop, they must NEVER stop, even for explaining the job and all the little details around it, but i must show the job to 5 people at the same time on different machines but they must never stop. I was not the boss there, she was always in meeting trying to find a way to optimize the factory and spare money.
One day, i was fired because, the day before, a machine has been stopped for 4 minutes and 38 seconds according to the computer directly linked to the machine. I was not sad, i laugh at them, they were sweating all over the face in the office because a machine has been stopped for 4 minutes and 38 seconds.
The Process of Elimination
There had been many jobs lost in the health system in which I worked over the past few months. There was even an article regarding the latest job cuts in middle management copied and left on the table where we did daily report. I was the sole Manager for the department,reporting directly to a somewhat absent Administrative Director. No other supervisors; just a few great employees who assumed payless lead roles in my abscence. I was quite pleased that the a.m. staff and the staff from the night before had cleaned up the department which was going to allow me to give attention to the many projects I had. Policies to review, new surgical instrument sets to put together, new instument count sheets to create, inservicing, etc. As I made my way into the department, my boss came in, looked around and approached me and said "Can I see you in the office?" This wasn't unusual since there were many confidential things we've
discussed in the past in the office. But then she
said "We need to go to HR". I said ok, and began the long walk with her to HR. The only thing she said was that there was going to be a "redesign". This BRIEFLY set my mind at ease because things like that were happening all over the hospital and health system. We arrived in HR and met with the director. My boss began to speak and said that she knew I was aware that there were financial hardships the health system was experiencing and because of this my job was being eliminated. She went on to say that this was not a reflection of my performance and that I did an outstanding job. I was stunned. I made $50,000 a year. We had just spent $70,000 on ONE of many new instrument sets. I was the one who trimmed money from their budget when asked. I was the one who submitted cost savings initiatives to finance. I was the one who gave up a position to help another department. With that then, the director of HR went on to inform me of my "severance" pay and that they expected me to
leave immediately after gathering my personal belongings and instructed me not to not talk to my staff. The staff that I shared happy occasions and sad occasions with. The staff that I helped get certified. The staff that I listened to when they fought with eachother. The staff that I fought for and defended everyday. So, my boss accompanied me back to the department as we passed other employees that I had become close to who read my face. I even stopped and gave directions to visitors that had needed help finding their way as I stoically fought back tears. I then entered the department and saw one of my employees and shook my head and she immediately broke down. I put my finger to my mouth and shhh'd her as I was not supposed to "talk" to anyone. I then began to take down baby pictures of my kids, drawings that my staff's children made for me, emptied my drawers of the decorations, extra shoes, cards, and the other things one doesn't realize they've accumulated in the past 6 years of their
life. As we rode up the elevator to the main floor, my boss asked me if there was anything she needed to know, and i stated, "Yes, there's alot you need to know." And My boss escorted me out the front door WITHOUT security as many have speculated. And that was it. No goodbye party, no getting my affairs in order, no preparing my staff. As I agree that the job elimination may have been necessaary, the way it was done was so unnecessary. My peers knew I had gone back to school. They new that I wanted to get a (nursing) degree. They could've told me a month prior and allowed me to get things in order and more for their sake, than mine. And although I am extremely happy and lucky that I have a wonderful husband and family that supports me, my work life was part of my identity and having been let go in such a way does damage it. But from what I've been told, that's the corporate way.
Set up by Jealous co-worker
I got a job at a small privately owned florist in my area...everyone who works there seemed to have been there for years and were very close with the owner there like one big "clique". I was very excited to start working with flowers. My first day, the boss left and ran errands so she had her co-worker take charge of me for the day. I knew for a fact the day of the interview that this particular co-worker was his favorite and was a very "hardworker" and insisted on working everyday. I was under her wing for the day..and she treated me very badly...she seemed to hate me from the start and I was totally polite with her and did everything I was supposed to do...she had me windex these glass slides that held very breakable and glass ceramics on it..so, I carefully did that..and then as I was working on my 3rd slide the slide above a little nik-nak fell down..and it made a loud sound everyone looked and I told them
it wasn't broken..the one in charge gave me
the dirtiest look...and then as I was kept working on the 3rd slide and I noticed a huge crack down the middle of the one above (when the nik nak fell)..I started bugging out and I was afraid to tell them..but I knew I had to..so I did..and they seemed very annoyed but said it was replaceable..after that the nasty co-worker had me work on something else instead of finishing the slides..so, the whole day she gave me such attitude..and then she had me throw stuff out back to the dumpsters and said the back door would be left open and I come back and its locked I try knocking and no one answered...so, I went around to the front and that co worker has a smirk on her face and says, "why didn't you go out the back door"..(she obviously locked me out thinking she was funny)...I overheard her in the back talking in the back to another co-worker that she was gonna do everything in her power to get me fired..(she is afraid of anyone stealing her hours)..saw her purposely chipping the nik naks to set me up
like I did it. When the owner got back she lightheartedly joked around about the broken glass but said, "it was no big deal" when I left she told me to come in the next day at noon...after I get back 2 hours later she leaves me a voice message telling me how disturbed she is about the broken glass (which is weird bc she didn't care before), and how she was angry that the glass slides weren't finished (the co worker wouldn't let me, so she obviously lied to the owner to make it seem like I was too "slow" to finish)....she told me not to even bother coming back...I called her up in tears explaining how Alyssa wouldn't let me finish up the glass slides...and the owner said to call back when I calmed down..so, I call back the next day and I explained her my side of the story..she said I have nothing to explain and I quickly explained everything that co-worker pulled and she was like, "have a nice day..it didn't work out!"...she also told me she is gonna bill me a 200 dollar
for all the broken glass..and all the chipped stuff that the coworker did to "set me up"...pretty messed up....I ended up saying "what the hell is your problem" and she just hung up the phone..and she billed me the 200 that I shouldn't even have to pay.
I Fired My Brother In Law
I was working for a small company in a niche market. My brother in law was the Vice President and the President of the company traveled quite a bit and was never in the office. My BIL would arrive around 11 AM and leave at 4 PM, while our work hours were 8 AM to 5 PM. During a heated argument about nothing work related, my BIL tossed the vacuum cleaner in my general direction. Later that afternoon I was doing the accounts and noticed several charges on the AMEX account that didn't belong. I was scheduled for surgery that next day. As soon as I was in recovery, I awoke to my boyfriend telling me I had a voice mail on my phone. I checked it. It was the president of the company calling me to notify me that he had to fly out of town and that I was to be in the next day to collect the credit cards and company equipment in my BILs possession. It was bitter sweet but I did it. Hated that guy with a passion. My sister didn't speak to me for
three years afterward.
Rip off
I went to work, broke my leg on the job, worked my whole shift with a broke leg the size of a elephant. The
Manager came in took me to the hospital. Looked at the video tape of me breaking my leg. I came in later that day to
Pick my check up just to find out they fired me for falling. How about a lawsuit sir...Lol...I got paid!!!
Fake people
I've been with my husband for two years now. When i met him his family was trying to open up their resturant but they kept failing inspection. So just recently i was helping them get everything done for them to pass their inspection so they can open the resturant. They kept telling me were going to have you work the front during first shift
Because im in school at night. Two months ago we filled out the applications and gave everyone their job titles. Today
We had the first meeting they called me this morning to tell me to come to the resturant meeting in the rain across
Town..., just to tell me they couldn't hire everyone and they had the nerve to hand me a w4 form to fill out. However
They did hire everyone just not me but hired someone else in my spot the same day which was today, after i was the one
Who helped them pass their inspection. And they suppose to be Christians. Ha ha.....God don't like ugly.
Presto Pasta-Italian
So I've been working at this pasta place for over a year now. I'm practically a master. I know the ins and outs of the place, and have always received good commendations from my customers and my boss. I worked very hard because I loved the job and the people there were like a second family to me. Well until I pissed off two girls, one a manager, by asking to be let off 20 minutes early one night to make it to my band's gig in time. Well, long story short they were fine, full staffed and she told me I could leave. But treated me like I walked out on them. Two and a half weeks later I needed some time off for some more band gigs. My boss told me to get as many days covered as I could and he would see about the rest (we don't have a very large staff, but enough). Well everyone is busy on my Tuesday closing shift and my Saturday morning shift(during which I am one of two employees till from 11am-12pm). So 10 days before I need my Saturday
covered, I leave my boss a note letting him know.
Apparently he sent me a text message three days later saying he could only cover Tuesday. But I didn't get it... how professional! So Tuesday after getting no word from him, I called him and left him a message about the days I needed covered. I got no reply. But I texted my coworker and asked her if she could close for me that night, so he wouldn't have to. She said he had already asked her to. So I figured he had got my message and was gonna cover both days. On Saturday I went to my gig in the morning and played all day. The next Tuesday I was getting dressed when he finally called me and told me I had resigned when I didn't come in on Saturday and that I was off the schedule for good. I told him what happened and he told me I was unproffesional for not seeking to contact him more than I did. I later looked at my missed calls for that Saturday and they called me once when I was 5 minutes late, but left no message, and then two times four hours later, with no message. But an hour after that when my
texted me saying there was a rumor I quit, I responded. He said nothing of me not showing up even though there were 4 hours left in my shift. For that reason, the boss thought I had ignored his calls. But I simply hadn't heard them. So a year of perfect work, about to become a manager, all for naught.
Smoking in a non smoking business
Well, I was working at a hospital, I was supposed to be "working" it is a non-smoking business, I decided too go out and have a smoke in the bathroom, well unknowingly my boss was in the same stall that I went it. So I walked in on here, lit a cigarette, and she was standing right there, and I didn't know it!
I was working at UPS as a truck loader. The job was just to take the packages off the conveyor belt and stack them neatly in rows to the ceiling of the truck trailer. Thing was, the packages are coming down the belt so quickly you don't have time to stack them all, they just spill off of the belt and there are packages everywhere.
Someone on our belt was stealing things out of packages, so UPS installed video cameras without telling us.
Once you start getting to the ceiling of the trailer, you are supposed to get a little plastic stairstep so you can reach the top. But it takes about a minute to walk over and get the thing, meanwhile a hundred packages are shooting off the belt and going everywhere. I had found a solution to this problem by just making staircases out of packages, then using the staircase packages to start the next row when I got to the ceiling.
When UPS watched the video to try and find the thief, they saw me stepping all over people's packages. I was also making the rows only half-high and about 5 yards away from the previous row, chucking a bunch of packages in between rows instead of stacking them to save time, then topping off the front row so it would look nice.
But UPS never found their thief, and the union got my job back. Apparently you have to notify workers they are being videotaped, or something. Lesson learned - if you are fired, you can get your job back if you fight it.
Go big for only 35 cents more?
I was working at Carl's Jr for about a year. Was generally a good employee - never stole, proficient on the equipment, etc. Well, on the drive-through we were required to ask every customer if they "wanted to go big, for only 35 cents more?" Nobody ever wanted to "go big." The question just made the customers angry and they would get abusive over the speaker and act like jerks at the window, so I stopped asking. The manager came through the drive-through a couple times and I was fired. Profit over people, that's the world we live in.
Bad Boss
It all started about a year ago when my company's eBay account was shut down. My manager was hiding all our sold item that had been packed for shipping in a box truck. He had used the shipping budget to pay for other things and could not afford the ship the items we sold. Our 'shipping time' was so poor that eBay shut us down after a few weeks of this. So, we started listing our products on my Boss' personal eBay account and he would write the company president a check for the items we sold on his personal eBay. Eventually our company's eBay account was allowed to start operating again. But, my boss continued to have me list about $500 a week on his account. He said this was to cover shipping supplies. When he refused to buy any shipping supplies, he then told me is was being used to buy gas for the trucks. I continued to keep $500 a week flowing in to his personal eBay account. One week he was out of town on a busines trip and had me put over $1,
500 in his personal account to cover his expenses
for 3 days. This seemed a little much. I then got yelled at for not making enough money on the company's eBay account. I tried to explain that I was too busy putting money in my boss' personal eBay account, but I was told to shut up and listen before I got the words out of my mouth.
The same day my boss asked me to put more money in his eBay account. I asked for the request by email so I could prove my time was being taken away from the company's eBay operations. My boss had a melt down. He said I would be fired for questioning him. Major stress!
Two days later he put an add up on Craig's List for my job. On the last work day before my replacement started, I was fired for a 'record of poor performance.' I collected unemployment for 2 years after that.
Fired for learning
I used to work for a commercial flooring company. I started off knowing nothing but they guys taught me a lot. Well one day my boss came in and saw me doing something that an apprentice shouldn't even know how to do but i was doing it. He straight up told me that it wasn't good that i knew how to do what i was doing because now he would have to pay me more. I really enjoyed doing my job. On point and on time everyday. well a few days later i was told that i was told i had to be let go. I guess it came back and bit him in the butt because he hired a bunch of lazy losers and his company closed.
Firestone metal products handicap fired
Wanna talk about an outrageos firing? Try this on for size.
I hurt my arm at work (Firestone metal products), worked on light weight duty. My arm got worse as the company would keep sending me to the job where I got my tenis elbow,
It never got a chance to heal. After many trips to my doctors who wrote that I now have a permanent disability, I gave this to my boss and went back to work. One week later I was fired for my handicap that I had acquired at work. Then to rub salt in my wounds, they even tried to stop me from collecting unemployment, saying that I'm unable to work.
Mexican scapegoat
I was fired today because our new owner though I was trying to sabotage her. I had been working for a year and a half and she heard through the grapevine that I was badmouthing her. She heard that I put a virus on her computer that I don't even have access to. She heard that I was influencing the other girls opinion of her. She basically hired me based off of hearsay. The first day she arrived she straight up told me that she didn't like me because I was quiet. Later that week she asked me why I didn't like her (I never said I didn't like her, never thought I give her the impression I didn't like her, I was simply, quiet). I am so angry right now.
Fired for another job
It pisses me off but this morning at shift change, my foreman Asked me for my H2S monitor which is a safety device that I have to wear on locations, & I gave it to him, Then asked what was up & he told me that he received a phone call yesterday saying to fire me... so, I got fired today, & I asked why. & he said b/c I'm switching companies... & I said, ? I have not heard anything back from Halliburton yet, & don?t know if I even have the job yet? SO BASICALLY I GOT FIRED FOR CHANGING MY CAREER OPPORTUNITY.
Adult Day Care Nightmare
To make a long story short, I worked at a medical adult day care center for 15 months and let me tell you, it was hell! Don't work in those types of places if you don't want to deal with patients! Even though I'm not medically trained whatsoever to deal with patients, I was pretty much made to deal with them and help them out with their foods, toileting, ambulating, etc. The environment where I worked was hostile and cut-throat. Even the women in my own staff constantly tried to throw me under the bus! It would take a novel for me to describe to you all the abuse I had to deal with for almost 15 months but the worst thing that happened to me was when I was given a warning two days after my car accident because I didn't know whether or not my friend/ former co-worker who was also in the accident was going to return to work! It felt like someone rubbed salt in my wounds. Eventually my poor friend got fired because she once called out
because she didn't have a babysitter to look after
her daughter! This was very common; people would constantly come and go in my ex-job. You never knew when you were going to get fired because our boss was that temperamental and psycho! She would constantly scapegoat me and my staff everytime something went wrong at work for example, when a lot of patients started leaving the center to go to better centers that offered better services! I worked my butt off and it was so unfair for everyone to put all the blame on us! What about the lousy nursing and transportation services and those disgusting bathrooms and food? Thankfully, I saved up enough money for a rainy day because sure enough, eventually I was fired. I was never even given a clear reason to why I was fired and my third warning was a stupid e-mail! The day I got fired, I was given my termination letter and told to finish my shift. But right before I finished my shift for the last time, I quickly erased every work I've done for the last 15 months and deleted everything and even took home a manual I
created all by myself that I was going to leave behind but then I said screw it they don't deserve nothing from me after everything they put me through. And then I walked out! Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. Like two weeks after I got fired I got another job at get this. Their biggest rival center and let me tell you, I love it there. The money is good and I work WAY less there than I did at my former job! Plus their center is doing really well. I love coming home and not be stressed at all! So ha ha to my ex-job you threw out a good worker so that YOUR RIVAL could pick me up! So the moral of this story is that never settle for less and don't be afraid to stand up for yourself even if everything goes to hell afterwards because that's exactly what happened to me. I told Administration that we were overworked and I get fired! Life is good now thank God! I wish luck to anyone looking for good jobs or even forced to endure crappy ones to make ends meet. It's a tough market out there and everytime
retell my story to others, no one can believe my reversal of fortune! Some people even think I'm lying but I swear my life is that crazy lol!
Not getting a chance
Well, I had worked in fast food and took an opportunity with a PR company. Well, I was trying to learn the company and how to write tech reports. I lasted 10 days and was shown the door. Not really given much of a chance to prove myself!!!!
The security job you never want
I was hired at a provincial alcohol bottling company for a security job - logistics and general patrol. I was hired along with 5 other people including the site manager. On the first day I was told I was a fraud from the site manager as I have owned a bar previously to this job (it recently shut down due to legal reasons) and my education was fraudulent (I have a college education). After defending myself repeatedly for over 4 months from the site supervisor, I noticed he and my co-workers were writing notes about me calling me bad words.
I complained to the security owner what was happening and was questioned as to why I was 'all of a sudden upset' and why I did not bring this issue up to the site manager (even though he was in this as well).
The next month, I had a talk to the large company's adviser about a possible raise as he was very satisfied with my workmanship and my competence so much that he wanted to fire the security company and hire me as a in house security manager..with the same security employee's. At this time I was more insulted than anything as I was literally just verbally harassed, face-to-face, from one of my co-workers that morning that I laid down why I will not be working over such jerks. He then asked my why I was so upset and why I would never take a break (I refuse to take 'breaks' except for a smoke here and there during my patrols). He then fired me because I was taking a break once per hour (while doing my job....patrolling).
I call the security company as to what the hell was happening and it seems like they are 'not compelled to answer'. Good riddance!
Cowardly Firing
At the office, I was responsible for keeping the computer backup tapes at home. One Thursday night I received an email to bring in all the tapes the next morning. The next day, my boss acted as though nothing had happened until 4 PM, when he told me that he knew I would figure it out. No notice, no severance pay, and I was getting married two months later. I still sent him a wedding invitation, but he did not even send us a card.

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