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Pass Out Your Victim's Phone Number
Write your victim's phone number on all your dollar bills before you spend them.
Revenge On The Telemarketer
Whenever a telemarketer calls swing the conversation to religion and try selling them on your belief. After awhile, if you do this enough they will stop calling you.
Bothered At Home - Phone Prank
When a telemarketer calls you act interested in the product they are selling. But ask them for their home phone number so you can call them back. If they give you their 1 800 number, refuse and say you want his or her home phone number to discuss the finalizing of the sale. If they refuse again (which they will) then yell at them and say, "Oh so you don't like being bothered at home!! huh?"
3 Way Prank - Phone Prank
Use your 3 way calling to do this prank. All you do is simply call your first victim and as soon as he answers quickly speed dial the other victim. Then try to be quiet on your end as they both tell each other hello and wonder who called who.
Burger King or McDonalds Prank - Phone Prank
Call any local Burger King or McDonalds and start placing an order over the phone. Make sure and tell them its for 'here' and not 'to go'
Out Of Toilet Paper - Phone Prank
Call any restaurant and tell the person that answers the phone that you are calling on your cell phone and you are in the bathroom. Tell them you are currently on the stall and need toilet paper. The poor sap will have to walk to the restroom to refill the toilet paper whether it needs it or not. If you get lucky, they may actually be someone using one of the stall when the restaurant worker walks in there.
Telemarketing Veggie Talk
The next time you get an annoying telemarketer calling you start naming vegetables as he is giving his pitch. He will become annoyed and just hang up on you.
Telemarketer Prank
The next time that annoying telemarketer calls and aks for a specific person, ask him if he can hold for a sec. Then lay the phone down and go back in about 10 min. to hang it up. To telelmarketers, time is money and they won't want to stay on hold for a long time waiting for someone who will more than likely not want anything from them. If you do this a few more times whenever they call, they will eventually stop calling.
Water Shutoff Prank - Phone Prank
Call your friend and let him know that the city is going to be shutting of the water for the next couple of days and have advised to fill sinks, tubs, buckets, etc with water before they shutoff water system in the next few hours. It also helps to have other close friends give the victim a call explaining the same story.
Name Swap - Phone Prank
Next time your buddy leaves his phone laying around. Pick it up and change your name in the phonebook with an Ex's name. Then wait a few minutes and give him a call. He will think his Ex is calling him.
Congrats! You Won! - Phone Prank
Some restaurants have those little prize boxes where you have to fill out the form for a chance to win something. When nobody is paying attention, take a few of them out. Then call those people up and tell them they won the prize! The bigger the prize the more enthusiastic the victim will be. Then tell them they will need to pick up their prize in person. Give them a location far away at an unusual time.
Here Comes The Train! - Phone Prank
Call someone on your cell phone next time you are stuck at a rail road crossing and waiting for the train to pass through. As the train gets closer, the person on the other line will be able to hear it. Tell him, "Oh no! Oh no! ...i am stuck on a train track" He will hear the train getting closer and closer then make a loud clapping noise and quickly end the call. Make sure to call him back laughling!! and make sure you tell him the truth.
Multiple Caller Wrong Number Prank
Gather up a group of friends for this one. One after another you and your friends call the victim and ask him if Ronald is there (or some other creative name). Everytime he says, "No you have the wrong number" another friend calls back asking for the same name. After the victim gets really annoyed, you then call him and tell him that you are Ronald and ask him if anyone has been calling for you.
Intercom Switch - Phone Prank
Switch on the intercom as tell the victim that the "person on the other end wants to talk to you". You'll hear them going "Hello? Hellooo?"...
Make A Pledge - Phone Prank
Call in pledges to your local public TV station in the victim's name. Be generous. Other charities work as well.
Glue The Reciever Down - Phone Prank
Glue the victim's reciever down, and then start making lots of calls to the victim.
Three Way Call - Phone Prank
Utilizing threeway calling, call two people you don't know and start a confused conversation that goes like, "who is this?", "Who is *this*?", "Why did you call me?", "Call you? You called me!"...
Shoe Polish Phone Prank
Coat the reciever of someone's phone with shoe polish and then give them a call. Instant gratification. Make sure you match the colors of the polish and the phone. Small amounts of shaving cream work too.
Rubberband Prank - Public Prank
Sneak up on your victim and shoot a rubberband at him. This prank can be performed between classes or during class if your victim sits near you.
Shoe Stamping - Public Prank
Walk directly behind your victim and intentionally step on the back on his shoe while he or she walks in front of you. Most people will be a little irritated and think its just an accident the first time you do it, but as you continue walking and doing it, it pisses them off.

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Note: Our database of pranks and practical jokes is for entertainment purposes only. We do not support people actually doing pranks that are harmful to others or illegal.