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Marijuana Research: Free Samples - Public Prank
Post a sign in a public place. Raves, concerts, clubs, etc are all good places. Anywhere where pot heads would be hanging out. Then have the sign say something like: Marijuana Research, testers needed, FREE samples. Will pay $500 per person. Then for the contact info leave this......Laura Bush White House Study (or Name of Clinic) 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500 (202) 456-1414 laura@whitehouse.gov
Wanted Posters - Public Prank
Create wanted posters and post them up around town. Put a picture of your victim on the poster and let everyone know what he is wanted for. Try something embarrasing like Public Masterbation or Lewd Act with an Animal.
Can You Hold My Rope Please? - Public Prank
In a busy public place, get a long rope and ask someone if they can please hold it for a second. Tell them you are trying to measure something. Then go around the building and ask someone else to hold the other end. Walk Away. Try to find a spot where you can wait and see how long it will take before each either figure out the prank or let loose.
Shoplifter! - Public Prank
If you have access to those plastic shoplifting strips, then hide one in the lining of your victim's favorite jacket. The next time he leaves his favorite store the alarm will go off and management will accuse him of shoplifting!
Laser Pointer Fun - Public Prank
Annoy people at the local movie theater by pointing a laser pointer up on the movie screen.
CSI - Public Prank
Place caution tape all around someone's house or yard so it looks like a crime scene. To make it look even more real, use chalk to outline a dead body on the sidewalk.
Baby Ruth In Public Pools - Public Prank
Throw a couple of Baby Ruth candy bars in public swimming pools. People will be disgusted and think someone pooped.
Dollar On The Ground - Public Prank
Leave a dollar bill on the ground in a public place with a pile of poop on it. See if anyone will take the bait.
Pancake Stack - Public Prank
Take all your leftover pancakes that nobody is going to eat anyways and stack them in the middle of the driveway.
I am blind! ...move please! - Public Prank
While taking your dog for a walk, also take a walking stick along and some shades for your eyes. Then pretend you are blind and start bumping into people and objects.
Hot Sauce On Toilet Paper - Public Prank
Go into a public restroom and rub some spicy hot sauce on the toilet paper. Don't rub too much or the victim will notice and trash it.
Shopping Cart Prank - Public Prank
While at the local supermarket, slip items into peoples carts when they aren't looking. The more embarrassing the item, the better. Some funny ideas include maxi pads or makeup for guys or condoms and lubricant for women. Sometimes people won't notice til they reach the checkout lane.
Why are my eyes burning? - Public Prank
Crush up some hot peppers. Then use the juice and smear it on door knobs, hand rails, or any other place that people put their hands on. They will not know they just touched hot peppers...until its time for them to rub their eyes...OUCH!
Signs With Removable Letters - Public Prank
Next time you come across one of those public signs with removable letters. Rearrange them around to spell something else. Be creative. Change a Doctor's sign to read: Dr. Jones We Break Bones here or something similiar
Your Exact Weight - School Prank
Grab a pen and a piece of paper and go up to your victim. Then tell him or her, "If I write your exact weight on this paper, then you have to give me $20". Your victim will assume there is no chance you can guess their weight exaclty, even if you did they would likely think they can tell you another weight a few pounds away. But you don't have to write down their weight, all you have to write down is "your exact weight" as mentioned earlier. This way you did what you said and you win $20.
Pencil Launching - School Prank
Place your pencil along the edge of your desk so half is over the edge and the other half is on your desk. Then quickly chop at the half over the edge with your hand. Your pencil will launch in the air and fly clear across the room landing in enexpected places such as other students desks, students head, or in the class aquarium.
The Wet Willy - School Prank
Lick your finger. Be sure to get it really slobbery. Then unexpeditly put it in your victims ear.
Towel Snapping - School Prank
Towards the end of gym class after everyone has showered, wet your towel alittle, twirl it up a bit and begin snapping it at your victim. Works best if you have a group of students that can gang up on your victim from all angles.
Star Wars Prank - School Prank
Tell your victim that you have the force. If he says prove it, then lick your hand and push his face to send him backwards.
Classic Locker Jam - School Prank
Shove your victim in his locker and lock it.

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