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There is absolutely no connection between the accidents. They are all completely different events, with different airplanes in different situations. (Quote by - Mike Bair)

It was a series of daily accidents that became a chronic condition. (Quote by - Patrick Folan)

Sleep deprivation is clearly linked to accidents and was reported to be a factor in the death of a Princeton student a few years ago. (Quote by - Peter Johnsen)

The director is simply the audience. . . . His job is to preside over accidents. (Quote by - Orson Welles)

I've been here for 20 years. I have been involved in fatal accidents for 12 or 13 years. I have never been involved in a situation where we had notes. I've never been in a situation where we had 12 people killed in one event, either. (Quote by - Terry Farley)

Art doesn't just happen by accident. It is about pulling out new tricks and trying new things. (Quote by - Nicholas Meyer)

We are committed and intend to find out what caused this accident. (Quote by - James Hall)

We believe he was using jumper cables to start his tractor when the accident occurred. (Quote by - Aaron Russell)

I think every driver has been in at least one accident. But it's no big deal. (Quote by - Samantha Miller)

We know very little about the traffic accident at this point. We haven't heard whether it was a convoy, what type of vehicle they were riding in, we just know three Canadian soldiers have been injured. (Quote by - Sarah Galashan)

It's a horrible freak accident. Apparently, a lightning bolt struck the mine. (Quote by - Wilbur Ross)

Accidents happen at night. They come around the curve and flip it, and they wind up in my driveway or across the street. (Quote by - Lauren Thompson)

We hope to high heaven that (the accidents) start to go down, Playgrounds are safer than they were. (Quote by - Donna Thompson)

After the accident, the county got involved and plans for the project really accelerated. (Quote by - Robert Cutter)

In Fairfax County, the Hispanic population is disproportionately affected in these pedestrian accidents. (Quote by - Chris Wells)

The game of squash was discovered by accident. (Quote by - Ken Kawamoto)

One time by accident, you know...but 3 times, in the main organs. My son loved you Boo Boo and I just don't understand how come you done this to him. (Quote by - Caroline Campbell)

Everything's kind of on a shoestring. All you need is one accident to grind everything to a halt. (Quote by - Scott Sutton)

We determined that the cause of the accident was a trip and fall, not any problem with the escalator itself, (Quote by - Katie Ford)

Data shows there have been a high number of pedestrian accidents in this area the King Street corridor. (Quote by - Scott Ishikawa)

We rely on the whistle as a second means of notifying the firemen of an accident. (Quote by - Kevin Burns)

It has been fun to coach and watch him mature physically, ... His success is no accident because he has worked hard to earn it. (Quote by - Dan Johnson)

In so many accidents, you're not quite sure. Lots of times you think that's what happened, but you just don't know. (Quote by - Jack Williams)

Safety and loss helps prevent indirect costs of training temporary employees and clerical work because 80 percent of accidents are caused by unsafe acts. (Quote by - Steve Bailey)

I'm not some cold-hearted person who doesn't care. I do care. Even though it was an accident, I'm sorry for what happened. I still feel guilt like there was something I could have done. (Quote by - Max Bolin)

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