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There is just no prospect of having an accident. We've been doing this kind of thing now for nearly 40 years and have lots of fly-bys of planetary bodies. (Quote by - Bob Mitchell)

I have never had an accident, but I really have to be cautious. I drive slower now, and I also watch the speed limit. (Quote by - Arlene Melton)

Stocks moved up after reports said the incident was an accident. But I think the bigger story is that there is a pattern developing where there is a growing pool of buyers that are consistently coming in and buying on weakness. (Quote by - Charles Payne)

The study found that the accidents in this segment were random in nature, were fairly well distributed and did not display any abnormal patterns or crash concentration. (Quote by - Bill Pederson)

With the lack of institutional knowledge, you could end up with more injuries and catastrophic accidents to some of the employees. (Quote by - Gary Gilbert)

It ranges from property damage accidents to some personal injury accidents. (Quote by - Kraig Troxell)

We don't know at this point what caused the accident. (Quote by - Al Nash)

I don't believe in accidents. There are only encounters in history. There are no accidents. (Quote by - Pablo Picasso)

Like a traffic accident when lanes are closed, it does take a while to get everything moving up to speed again. (Quote by - Michael Workman)

Those aren't by accident. That track record at this position is, I think, critical in the evaluation process. He's a player that makes great decisions. He's a high-character person. He's everything you look for at the quarterback position. (Quote by - Sean Payton)

I've seen a lot of accidents, and I can't believe she made it out of there. (Quote by - Gary Woods)

I think it was not an accident because he doesn't smoke, and if they said it wasn't electrical, what could have happened? (Quote by - George Wilson)

I've been in a bad accident on I-95, as well as my friend. Having this kind of organization is important so that change can occur. I'll be around whenever they need me. (Quote by - Jeremy Miller)

There's lot of traffic because of the mall right down there, so there's always. I've seen a couple of accidents here actually. (Quote by - Emily Dawson)

Traffic accidents have increased 100 percent in the city since the hurricane. (Quote by - Don Kelly)

Look what happened with Natalee in Aruba, ... Anything could happen besides accidents, we never know. (Quote by - Sandra Floyd)

I'm a big fan of dreams. Unfortunately, dreams are our first casualty in life -- people seem to give them up, quicker than anything, for a 'reality.' (Quote by - Kevin Costner)

There were very few accidents of any significance. (Quote by - Paul Peterson)

When I was in college, a professor said there are three causes of accidents -- the car, the roadway or the nut behind the wheel. (Quote by - Don Galloway)

Body line was not an incident, it was not an accident, it was not a temporary aberration. It was the violence and ferocity of our age expressing itself in cricket. (Quote by - James, C(yril) L(ionel) R(obert))

In most credible launch accident scenarios, any release would be contained in the Launch Complex 41 area, the launch pad area, or the Cape itself and nobody in the surrounding communities would be exposed. (Quote by - Todd Halvorson)

If you lend out your car ? you have given someone permission to drive and they get into an accident ? you are responsible as the owner of that car. (Quote by - Jeanne Salvatore)

We must judge of a form of government by it's general tendency, not by happy accidents (Quote by - Thomas Babington Macaulay)

These were not accidents, these were not pranks. (Quote by - Chandra Carle)

Why is it that men who can go through severe accidents, air raids, and any other major crisis always seems to think that they are at death's door when they have a simple head cold? (Quote by - Shirley Booth)

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