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We acknowledge everything from the food-stamp fraud to the van accidents. A lot of those legal problems came from growing pains and oversight. But Bishop Jefferson is making the necessary adjustments for anything that is under his watch. (Quote by - Sean Howard)

Half of them are suicides or accidents, Martha. Don't exaggerate. (Quote by - Clint Eastwood)

If you are in a motor vehicle crash and we don't respond, you can still file an accident report by downloading a driver's report. (Quote by - Mike Hanson)

This accident was caused by the way that the airplane was operated. It was operated in very harsh conditions in the jungles of Guyana. (Quote by - John Murray)

I consider that is an accident, but I have got to have a look at it ... I don't think Matthew has lined up an umpire or anything. (Quote by - Chris Connolly)

We didn't get any major accidents that backed up traffic for miles or anything like that. We couldn't have scripted it better. (Quote by - Capt. Toby McSwain)

I think 'accident' is the most important word we're dealing with. (Quote by - Steve Mottinger)

It might have been an accident. I can't see it being an accident because of the way it looked on film. That's something we need to address with the officials and the Activities Association. (Quote by - Kenny Burton)

Her record is minimal. This is just a tragic accident and she will be, when the facts come out, she will be shown that she is not guilty of these charges. (Quote by - David Hall)

If an appointed daughter by accident dies without ,leaving a son, the husband of the appointed daughter may, without hesitation, take that estate. (Quote by - Guru Nanak)

Peoples' lives are changed forever by these accidents. Three fatalities in the last two months qualify that road as extremely dangerous. (Quote by - Bruce Jones)

It was like being in a car accident, but it keeps going and going, non-stop. (Quote by - Eddie Ho)

If you ar getting involved in several accidents per year, safety technology is really going to help, and help you quickly. (Quote by - Bob Inderbitzen)

We are thankful that no one was injured in the accident. During our 10 seconds of quite reflection time this morning we reflected on the accident and we reminded our students of the difficult task that our bus drivers have transporting our precious cargo to and from school. (Quote by - Zickeyous Byrd)

So many qualities are indeed requisite to the possibility of friendship, and so many accidents must concur to its rise and its continuance, that the greatest part of mankind content themselves without it, and supply its place as they can, with intere (Quote by - Samuel Johnson)

We have no evidence at this point that this was not an accident, (Quote by - Robert Francis)

It's not the first thing investors look at, but safety plays a role. Few accidents indicate an efficient railroad. (Quote by - Stephen Brown)

Working at the same place wasn't something we planned. It was a happy accident. (Quote by - Jennifer Bowers)

It's hard to believe, but anything can happen. Accidents do happen, unfortunately, it happened at the worst time. (Quote by - Tiger Woods)

Anything that will help alleviate the amount of traffic will greatly reduce not only cars, but hopefully accidents. (Quote by - Kraig Troxell)

Accidents most often happen when standards and regulations are not applied on a consistent basis. (Quote by - Assad Kotaite)

After the seventh round, I knew I had won. The head butt was an accident and I was never afraid of the fight being stopped, even though I was bleeding quite badly. My corner took care of me. (Quote by - Carlos Baldomir)

I just don't know why he would beat me like that. It was a simple car accident. I just had no idea why it was going on. (Quote by - Robert Griffin)

They had absconded from the site after the accident. (Quote by - Anil Shukla)

The bottom line is it took the ValuJet accident for that to happen. (Quote by - James Hall)

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