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This type of accident is usually caused by pilot error or bad aircraft maintenance. (Quote by - Victor Valdez)

Now we average 90 accidents a day and often it's as high as 100, (Quote by - Don Kelly)

We've witnessed accidents in countries with conflict, like Congo, Angola and Sudan. Many of these flights took place in areas outside of government control, so there's no oversight. We've also tended to notice in the past that many aircraft come from the former USSR. (Quote by - Elijah Hingosso)

I gave up after a while and just told her she had an accident. The term ?lightning strike' wasn't penetrating her brain. (Quote by - Marty Matzelle)

We had some significant repair bills last year and we ended up replacing one truck due to an accident. Hopefully, we won't have to touch it and we'll be ready for the start of next year. (Quote by - Joe Camp)

Hunting accidents aren't big news. They're pretty rare. (Quote by - Bill Balda)

Accidents are no accidents. Like everything else in our lives, we create them. Accidents are expressions of anger. They indicate built-up frustrations resulting from not feeling the freedom to speak up for one's self. (Quote by - Louise Hay)

I read about writers' lives with the fascination of one slowing down to get a good look at an automobile accident. (Quote by - Gibbons, Kaye)

In the magical universe there are no coincidences and there are no accidents. Nothing happens unless someone wills it to happen. (Quote by - William S. Burroughs)

The city has recently erected an electronic billboard to warn motorists of the danger of accidents on the road. (Quote by - Andre Traut)

Aging infrastructure, corroded pipes and failed leak-detection systems ensure that more big accidents like this are a matter of time, especially if Congress opens up the refuge. (Quote by - Natalie Brandon)

We have never had any problems or concerns up till now. Accidents happen, is what it amounts to, and this is one of those things. I think five, six or seven years ago, we helped bond for their first helicopter, and they bought this other one three years ago. No citizens have ever called me about it or brought it up at meetings; nobody has ever brought up any investigations. (Quote by - Bob Schlag)

I don't believe you should just be able to shoot; I think there would be too many accidents that should never have happened. (Quote by - Julie Mitchell)

This didn't happen by accident. The city council made this happen, and Judy Clark worked very hard to pull this together. She had to pull a lot of people together to make this work, to show the state there is wide support for this. (Quote by - Dave Harrold)

That was a horrible accident, an engine there, a wheel there, a cockpit there. (Quote by - Danica Patrick)

One does not become a guru by accident. (Quote by - James Fenton)

I see at least couple of accidents a week outside my window, guaranteed. So whatever they can do to provide relief is welcome. It's very hectic throughout the day. And it can be a real problem for our customers to get into the parking lot. It's so hard that sometimes they can't even get in because it's constantly bumper to bumper. (Quote by - Andrew Weiss)

We hope that all coal mines will learn from the bitter lessons these accidents have taught and will strengthen their safety precautions. (Quote by - Li Yizhong)

I want to dispel the myth that car crashes are accidents. Someone has to make a mistake. (Quote by - Bob Green)

A discovery is said to be an accident meeting a prepared mind. (Quote by - Albert Szent-Gyorgi)

When I was racing, we were more used to seeing some horrific accidents. For example, Michael Schumacher is a great world champion, but I haven't seen a weekend where he doesn't go off the circuit. At every race he always has a spin or runs through the gravel trap. He usually doesn't hit anything, but nevertheless it is an error that could not have been made in the days I raced. (Quote by - Jackie Stewart)

It was not a chain reaction from the fatality accident, but a result of traffic being backed up. (Quote by - Sherrie Carruth)

Making this record is certainly not something that happens by accident. It takes a lot of teamwork. ... My hat goes off to each and every person in this plant that has made this happen. (Quote by - Ed Epping)

Everyone is satisfied the engines were not a factor in the accident or whatever it turns out to be, (Quote by - Robert Francis)

Not everyone has a gun safe, and you don't want to have that one accident that you regret for the rest of your life. (Quote by - Clint Norred)

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