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Maryland has a fairly high accident rate as well as high insurance rates. (Quote by - David Snyder)

If you are that driver, take your responsibility seriously. Alcohol and speeding-related accidents are the most preventable causes of death on the roadway. If you are going to drink, don't drive. It's as simple as that. (Quote by - Robin Walker)

It was a very difficult weather scenario that came in. Several accidents were occurring and at that point we decided to err on the side of safety. (Quote by - David Jones)

I can't recall in 20 years of investigating accidents any pilot being held criminally responsible for an accident. I believe he's very worried. (Quote by - Jeff Edwards)

I just want to let the families of those involved in the accident know as well as Ms. Lopez Cruz and her unborn children that they are in my thoughts and prayers everyday as well as those of my family. (Quote by - Joshua Corcran)

We've had some close calls; we've had a few accidents over time, all of which is preventable if we can get cars slowed down. (Quote by - Bill Hirsh)

We cooperated fully with the FRA in its investigation. We've taken steps to address the agency's findings. The accident was a tragedy, and we certainly extend our deepest sympathy to the family. (Quote by - Bob Sullivan)

I'd like to report... that this is an accident based on initial findings, (Quote by - Arturo Lomibao)

Some guy hit my fender and I said "be fruitful and multiply" but not in those words (Quote by - Woody Allen)

A lot happens by accident in poetry. (Quote by - Howard Nemerov)

I think the charges are appropriate for what his involvement was in the accident. (Quote by - Marcus Dudley)

There weren't any skid marks, but based on the accident and the damage to the vehicle, we suspect that speed played a factor. (Quote by - Martin Gleeson)

Trenching accidents are a major cause of job-related injuries and fatalities in Michigan. Workers can be trapped or killed when decisions are made to shortcut safety. (Quote by - David Hollister)

It can't just be five arbitrary accidents. (Quote by - John Daly)

These accident ratios tell me as a traffic engineer that there's something we need to look at. (Quote by - Jeannie Willis)

Adequate sleep is associated with good health and performance, as well as fewer accidents -- an even more critical issue when children reach adolescence and need to be aware of the dangers of drowsy driving. (Quote by - Claude Lenfant)

We have our share of accidents at nap time. However, the one thing we never do is shame the child, or use blaming words. (Quote by - Jean Parker)

Cruel persecutions and intolerance are not accidents, but grow out of the very essence of religion, namely, its absolute claims (Quote by - Morris Cohen)

I was like a lot of people. After my accident, I needed a safe place to go. I needed to build a little ego. It had been taken away once I got hurt. Basketball helped me get it back. (Quote by - David Kiley)

The witness lived across the street from the accident, heard the accident occur, ran to the scene and was able to help three of the four patients get out of the vehicle. (Quote by - Brad Thompson)

But that wasn't just an accident. (Quote by - Tony Smithers)

What I'm looking at is this. If there were six or seven accidents at that intersection, I'd say we have a problem. But there haven't been any accidents. (Quote by - Cliff Bronstad)

Home runs just come from accidents by me, (Quote by - Craig Biggio)

I don?t know if it was by accident [the discharge]. (Quote by - Mike Vaughn)

We are bits of stellar matter that got cold by accident, bits of a star gone wrong. (Quote by - Sir Arthur Eddington)

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