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You never imagine that an accident could happen and it would affect the lives of so many people. All of a sudden they had to start over from scratch. (Quote by - Chris Henry)

The design principal is to prevent accidents that occurred because of the engineman failing to heed a signal. (Quote by - Robert Gallamore)

Accidents will occur in the best-regulated families (Quote by - Charles Dickens)

Better slip with foot than tongue. (Quote by - Benjamin Franklin)

We definitely don't believe that this was an accident. (Quote by - Huwaida Arraf)

For every 10 access points in one mile, the accident rate goes up 10 percent. (Quote by - Joe Blubaugh)

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives. (Quote by - William A. Foster)

The accident rate on this section of highway is very competitive with similar highways in the metro area. But, because they did request it, we did look at it and found that, yeah there is a potential for some benefit to installing a barrier system. (Quote by - Stacey Stegman)

There are accidents that, if they are foreseen, are avoided. (Quote by - Jose Sulaiman)

We decided not to mess with that. Maybe he had an accident and lost his tail at some point. (Quote by - Matthew O'Callaghan)

I liked the rain. It made it harder, the harder the better. I didn't see accidents but there are a lot of broken cars out there. (Quote by - John Holmes)

As a bowman it is normal to be prone to accidents as you can easily get in the way of the pole. But usually it comes down on you vertically so you'll get hit by about 50 kilograms. This time it hit me from a horizontal direction with a force of about three tons. (Quote by - Ken Venn)

It's an opportunity for visitors themselves to take part in the effort to reduce accidents. (Quote by - Brian Berry)

This was an accident. Everyone has to live with it and accept it and not point fingers. If this is negligence on her part, then 80 percent of mothers and fathers in Richmond better take notice. (Quote by - Michael Morchower)

Although the NTSB has not yet determined the cause of this tragic accident, and we know of no evidence that these parts played any role in the accident, the FAA is ordering these changes to ensure that we take every practical step to ensure the continued safety of the Boeing 747. (Quote by - Jane Garvey)

When you have this kind of weather, you're going to have accidents. (Quote by - Bob Roberts)

The public probably knows that teen drivers are at greater risk for fatal accidents. What the public doesn't know is what we ought to do about it. (Quote by - Laurence Steinberg)

It is unfortunate to hear when accidents happen but at the same time you recognize it is part of the business. (Quote by - Bracken Spencer)

It's definitely not the way to start the season. That accident took out a lot of championship contenders and it's a real shame. (Quote by - Paul Tracy)

The global cost of road accidents in developing and emerging nations is at least $100 billion a year. This is more than twice the total aid received from all bilateral and multilateral sources. (Quote by - Dr Adnan Hyder)

There is trauma, obvious trauma to the victims -- trauma that is not consistent with a car accident, but what that trauma is is not clear at this time. (Quote by - Pete Smith)

With the exception of Kurt Busch , who was involved in an accident, Carl Edwards was the only Chase driver who didn't finish in the top eight at New Hampshire. Today was pretty ugly, ... I'm not sure what was going on. (Quote by - Carl Edwards)

In the first accident, the silver Toyota Tundra smashed into the back of the red Ford truck, probably because of the smoke. (Quote by - John Barton)

Twelve dead victims have been identified from the incident. Officers are still finding out whether it was an accident or a crime of negligence. (Quote by - Bambang Kuncoko)

It was an accident waiting to happen. (Quote by - Wayne Johnson)

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