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We have to report any accident with our vehicles to our police department. (Quote by - David Johansen)

At the very worst, we intended to give the driver a speeding ticket, ... tragic accident. (Quote by - John Hogan)

This falls under the category of a minor and freak accident, (Quote by - Bob Hope)

This is pretty serious stuff This is the kind of stuff that leads to major accidents, (Quote by - Loyola Hearn)

This is the first time since 2001 that the annual number of deaths in traffic accidents has fallen below 100,000. These figures show the effectiveness of our work. (Quote by - Yang Jun)

It's gut wrenching to see somebody read a description of an accident like that off a teleprompter in front of millions of people for political gain. (Quote by - Tucker Carlson)

The accident is still under investigation. We need to look at his overall driving record. We'll also want to look at the police report and interview the supervisor who went to the scene. (Quote by - Cathy Asato)

It would be pure speculation at this point to say anything about the cause of the accident. (Quote by - Hubertus Andrae)

On Monday, I met with FBI Director Louis Freeh to inform him that this accident might -- and again I emphasize the word might -- be the result of a deliberate act. (Quote by - Jim Hall)

There's no cover over the switch because it's 10 feet off the ground. It was an accident. We could be back up in a couple of days. (Quote by - Jim Steets)

It appears that this was a very violent accident indeed, (Quote by - Malcolm Wilson)

And it is great To do that thing that ends all other deeds, Which shackles accidents, and bolts up change. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

All great work is preparing yourself for the accident to happen. (Quote by - Sidney Lumet)

It's not by accident that this has not been resolved in 50 years, but I believe this is the best chance we will have for a long time for there to be a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. (Quote by - Sandy Berger)

It's not a total accident, but it's not a forecast and if they go places it's not because of Bilderberg, it's because of themselves, (Quote by - Etienne Davignon)

For us, it's always been a concern. Over the years, there's been a number of minor accidents. There are trees and sort of dips in the grass, and stones out there, and so on and so forth. It's pretty dangerous. (Quote by - John Robertson)

Because every winter is different, it's difficult to estimate how much of an increase in accidents there are. But this time of year, the number of accidents are considerably up. (Quote by - Michael Woods)

This infamous list of 51 alleged Explorer accidents is, at best, deeply, deeply flawed, yet has been used by some people to point fingers at the Ford Explorer, all the while ignoring legitimate U.S. government data compiled by the Department of Transportation and independent data compiled by the Highway Loss Data Institute, (Quote by - Jason Vines)

There has been a number of fatal car accidents and it needs to be controlled by a traffic signal, (Quote by - Bob Hunter)

That was my fault, it was an accident and I didn't mean to do it. I would be hot, too. He raced hard all day long for his third-place finish and it got taken away from him. I probably should have known better than to go over him. (Quote by - Matt Kenseth)

The accident review process is not a legal proceeding, and is not meant to supplant a court proceeding. Therefore, citizen witnesses involved in the accident are not invited to participate. (Quote by - John Urquhart)

The more human beings proceed by plan the more effectively they may be hit by accident (Quote by - Friedrich D rrenmatt)

I had the perfect accident for the perfect idea. I was rendered immobile where the only thing I could do is mess with my computer. (Quote by - Harry Knowles)

There are no small accidents on this circuit. (Quote by - Ayrton Senna)

I went to see Pam in intensive care at Hartford Hospital a few days after the accident. Her mom was waiting outside for me and said, 'The prognosis isn't very good and we will understand if you need to pull the scholarship. (Quote by - Mary Burke)

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