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Neither one of them could avoid each other. It was just an accident. (Quote by - Steven Saunders)

We recognise that all vehicles can be dangerous when in an accident with a pedestrian. (Quote by - Royal Society)

This year's tragic mine accidents in West Virginia require immediate action to put in place addition safety requirements to help miners successfully evacuate a mine when an emergency occurs. (Quote by - David G. Dye)

The targeting of China's embassy is not an accident, is not a collateral damage. This is one accepted harm, one accepted crime, by those who have decided to stage total war against Yugoslavia. (Quote by - Vladislav Jovanovic)

A training accident and nothing more. (Quote by - Frank Spinner)

I've watched many an accident. (Quote by - Roy Johnson)

There was a lot of traffic and a couple of accidents on the freeway. I have never seen so much traffic. I thought Atlanta traffic was bad. It got so tiring, I didn't want to drive anymore. I just wanted to relax. (Quote by - Kenny Irons)

You're going to find that it's nothing more than a tragic accident. (Quote by - Randy Moore)

You hear some bad accidents there, and it should help me get out to go north. (Quote by - Robert Barker)

We need to know why NHTSA, which has officials who are paid to do nothing else but monitor accidents, have been asleep at the wheel when it had information served up to it on a silver platter by State Farm Insurance Company which would suggest grave problems with Firestone tires, (Quote by - Fred Upton)

Research shows these measures can reduce accidents and fatalities. That's why legislators around the country are thinking about this. (Quote by - Melissa Savage)

I think it's fair to say there has never been an accident that you can clearly say was caused by electromagnetic interference. (Quote by - Granger Morgan)

Accidents, illness, crime, severe weather and tight connections can affect your cruise experience, but travel protection gives peace of mind, financial protection and assistance. Insurance is only important when you need it ... and then you want it to be the right type of coverage. (Quote by - Beth Godlin)

Initially the partner is at increased risk from heart attack, suicide, and accidents. I am shocked my wife is sick and I stop paying attention when driving. And there is an increase in infections. (Quote by - Nicholas Christakis)

The nurse told us most of the time the accidents don't turn out like this because usually (operators) are going way too fast. (Quote by - Mary Pepper's)

If you look at the four fatal accidents that have occurred in West Virginia this year, they're very different from one another. Except they all occurred in the mining industry in this state. (Quote by - Dan Miller)

It was especially trying on both counts because one was an accident and it might have been prevented, and that was frustrating. On the other side, losing two people was just devastating anyway you look at it. I think those were the lowest points the guard experienced this year. (Quote by - Capt. April Conway)

Car accidents are the leading killer of teens in this country. Teens are just learning to drive and face many distractions, so they're at a very high risk for accidents. We want to help teens learn good, safe habits from the very beginning. Our hope is our Safety Scholars program will help us find the best way to get all teens to hear this important message. (Quote by - Mario Andretti)

Nobody wants to be liable for any kind of accident that might happen to them. (Quote by - Will Moore)

The first person I saw after the accident was Jaques and that wasn't a good thing. I confronted him. I told him how I felt. I was mad at him. (Quote by - Danica Patrick)

A man may by custom fortify himself against pain, shame, and suchlike accidents; but as to death, we can experience it but once, and are all apprentices when we come to it (Quote by - Michel de Montaigne)

He didn't really sustain any injuries in the accident. I think he was just shaken up. (Quote by - Javier Aguilar)

Nothing criminal occurred. It was a tragic accident. (Quote by - Paul Miller)

This voluntary inspection should alleviate public concerns following the Alaska Airlines accident. (Quote by - Bob Baker)

It appears to be an unfortunate accident that could've happened to anyone. (Quote by - Travis DeFries)

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