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The question is how they were removed, ... Was the force necessary, unnecessary or were the men injured on accident? That's what we don't know, and we've been getting conflicting stories from witnesses. (Quote by - Darrell Johnson)

There's no question this has been a challenging month for CN but accidents are very rare in this railroad and in other railroads. I think that's why there's so much attention being paid. (Quote by - Graham Dallas)

If you live in an area where they have a high rate of car theft or accidents or traffic. (Quote by - Mark Perleberg)

You think that's an accident?. (Quote by - Dennis McAlpine)

The copper market is very tight. All you need is a strike or an accident at a mine for the prices of the metal to shoot up. (Quote by - Tiberio Dall'Olio)

As they say, a lot of accidents happen around the house so you have to be careful. I'm not sure all the details. I did talk with Calvin and that's the most I could get get from him as far as how it happened. He just kind of slipped and went to brace himself and went through the window. (Quote by - Dennis Green)

It was just an unfortunate accident, but the building performed exactly how it was built to perform. (Quote by - Beth Richardson)

At the time of the accident, we were living in Chicago. (Quote by - David McGrew)

The Safety Board believes that had an automatic train control system ... been in place at the time of the accidents, the accidents could have been avoided. (Quote by - Mark Rosenker)

We've undergone a very heavy level of scrutiny by review boards because of Genesis and because of the Columbia accident. . . . It was a cultural shift in NASA, that you're now required to understand all the risks. (Quote by - Don Brownlee)

He feels horrible because he caused the accident, ... You don't know how bad. He's never been involved in an accident. (Quote by - Michael Asher)

Jose was a victim of an unfortunate accident, and we all feel for him. (Quote by - Bob Gainey)

It's sad that, when we have so many incidents of deliberate violence, that we should have such accidents happen as well, with so many casualties, (Quote by - Ariel Sharon)

It was definitely an accident. It wasn't intentional. We would never do that in FSA to our customers. (Quote by - Teresa Lasseter)

After the accident Black Sheep was pretty much at an end. (Quote by - Lou Gramm)

I don't have anything to report. I understand he was involved in auto accident. From everything I heard, he'll be fine. (Quote by - Jack Del Rio)

Now and then / there is a person born / who is so unlucky / that he runs into accidents/ which started out to happen / to somebody else (Quote by - Don Marquis)

Unfortunately, there were no survivors from this accident. (Quote by - Francisco Paz)

In some areas of California, you might be four or five times more likely to get in an accident than in other areas. (Quote by - Bill Martin)

If an accident happens in a plant, the aftermath will be unimaginable. (Quote by - Zhou Shengxian)

One of those professional drivers hit one of those blockade barriers. It was the first car accident I have ever been in, so I was a little startled. (Quote by - Matt Hasselbeck)

It was just a regrettable accident. (Quote by - Nick Flynn)

The medical evidence was overwhelming that this kind of injury could only be inflicted by a deliberate, intentional act. Accidents described by Steen just don?t account for what happened to the baby. (Quote by - Daniel White)

Life is a single lane, one way road, try to make a U turn and you will get into an accident. (Quote by - Abdullah Norain)

The State Highway Patrol has responded to more than 3,000 weather-related accidents since Wednesday, ... We still urge people to take care on secondary roads and in rural areas. And especially at night in freezing temperatures it will be very dangerous on the highways of North Carolina tonight. (Quote by - Mike Easley)

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