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While they were willing to root out individual cases as we brought them to their attention, we were getting new complaints about new bad installations at an almost equal rate. It seems their business model is just flawed. (Quote by - David McGuire)

We have specific instances we feel need to be addressed, .. but other complaints could widen the scope. (Quote by - David LeBlanc)

We got complaints of them killing livestock. (Quote by - Dave Mason)

I had no complaints, but I did complain more about the offensive end than the defensive end. (Quote by - Tony Harper)

He just put his helmet on and went back to work. No complaint, nothing. You don't see that from Troy. (Quote by - Salu Polamalu)

People understand me so poorly that they don't even understand my complaint about them not understanding me. (Quote by - Soren Kierkegaard)

Smart dealers know this is not a short-term product, not a low volume vehicle where there will always be a short supply. We've had complaints, and we've been very pro-active to try to prevent pricing issues. The zone manager will call them and talk to that dealer when we find out about it. (Quote by - Dominick Infante)

We are hopeful that we will be able to resolve this matter through a negotiated consent decree rather than through costly and protracted litigation .. (but) we are prepared to file a complaint if the matter is not resolved expeditiously. (Quote by - Wan Kim)

Ethiopia is taking the democratic path and this election has been conducted in a very democratic way right from the start, .. Complaints were investigated and reruns held. The democratic process and institutions are being created and developed. (Quote by - Bereket Simon)

We have gone according to the protocol. Why should any one have complaints about it. (Quote by - Talat Masood)

The Court of Appeals decision pretty much made it impossible for the government to prevail, .. The court said if the functionality is integrated and creates a plausible advantage to the consumer, then it's a single product and can't be an illegal tie-in. The government didn't anticipate that decision when it filed its complaint. (Quote by - Charles Rule)

If I put $0.25 for every complaint I spoke, I would have been retired by now. (Quote by - Rodel Natividad Casio)

Traffic complaints are the largest number of complaints to the sheriff's department, and probably the biggest concern of citizens in the county. (Quote by - Gail Tierney)

We get complaints (on) just about everything else relating to voting except voter fraud at the polls. (Quote by - David Freed)

We don't have a long record of going out here shutting businesses down unless we absolutely have to and most of it's complaint-driven and the public is going to let you know if a business is in bad shape and I think that was the case with this business. (Quote by - Charles Givens)

A lot of the work that we do centers around complaints from citizens and what they have passed on us. (Quote by - Capt. Terry Wright)

We expressed concern at the time. To be frank, we knew as soon as the complaint was filed we'd be attacked for even standing up for ourselves. (Quote by - Brian Chapman)

High-risk insurers come out the worst [in the consumer complaint ratios]. Whenever you have a really big claim, it's more complicated.. And these companies tend to insure people who get into big accidents. (Quote by - Brian Sullivan)

Constant complaint is the poorest sort of pay for all the comforts we enjoy. (Quote by - Benjamin Franklin)

There are no suspicious circumstances, just people who have made a complaint.. This could have substance or not. After the evidence (from the player) the authorities will draw the conclusions they believe to be right and fair. (Quote by - Carlos Queiroz)

We face criminal complaints by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and a police raid over the case. We are fully cooperating in the investigation. (Quote by - Toyoo Otsubo)

All the unions have already agreed to assess the action today and consider more if we do not get the appropriate responses to the complaints voiced in the street. (Quote by - Bernard Thibault)

He takes the ball a lot, in a lot of different roles, without complaint and without issues. That's very attractive. (Quote by - Brian Cashman)

We didn't agree that all the complaints were legally indecent, but some clearly crossed the line and for those we have taken full responsibility. No broadcaster has taken stronger steps to ensure its broadcasts comply with the law and we intend to keep it that way. (Quote by - Andrew Levin)

We are not seeing an increase in complaints but what staff are seeing (is an increase) in the field. (Quote by - Terry McMillan)

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