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We have not even been served with the complaint in this matter, and so have no comment. (Quote by - Annie Fort)

We're concerned some of the good owners might be penalized if this is applied too broadly. If the sweeps are in response to complaints or code violations, we're all in favor of that. We're in favor of safe, sanitary and clean housing. (Quote by - Bob Love)

I was very excited about the fact we did some good things. We created some good chances. No complaints about the final results. 1-0 Mexico is fine by me. (Quote by - Anson Dorrance)

They could use it as an opportunity, instead of complaining ---- we have a world full of complaints. (Quote by - Bill Baker)

We want the public simply to know that they can have confidence in filing a complaint if there is concern of wrong doing by a police officer or allegation of corruption. That every complaint that comes into this office will be handled thoroughly, fairly, and objectively. And that I want citizens to leave this office knowing that their complaint is honored and we will get to the bottom of what occurred. (Quote by - Marlon Defillo)

Whatever Josh allegedly did, I'm very shocked because Josh is a good kid. Since he's been with us, our relationship has been good. We didn't have any complaints from teachers or anything. (Quote by - Dexter Williams)

Passengers on low-cost airlines have a common complaint that they are not given meal or accommodation in case of delays. (Quote by - Ajay Prasad)

I believe we'll now see a reduction in nuisance complaints, a reduction in serious complaints and that we'll get more information about these bears because of this. (Quote by - Martin McHugh)

He has a pattern of filing phony complaints against me. (Quote by - Assemblyman Scott Sibley)

Performance wise there are no complaints from me. We created plenty of chances after playing some good football, but couldn't take them. A couple of wins in our next two matches could change the picture dramatically. (Quote by - David Hodgson)

We receive a lot of complaints about skateboarders, .. Last week, I received a complaint from a business owner who said he had paid out $1,200 in repairs because of skateboarders. (Quote by - Steve Farmer)

Councilman Clarke's office received many complaints, phone calls and visits from worried residents [of the Yorktown community]. He had to do something for them. (Quote by - William Carter)

Traffic complaints are the largest number of complaints to the sheriff's department and probably the biggest concern of citizens in the county. Periodically, we try to do special details to attack driving under the influence or, in this case, aggressive driving. If nothing else, it at least makes law enforcement presence known and hopefully is an educational process for drivers here in the county. (Quote by - Gail Tierney)

We received some complaints, especially from our monthly rental customers, some who thought we were just trying to bump up the price, .. After we explained that the tax was passed by the city council and we had nothing to do with it, nor do we make any money from it, they understood. (Quote by - Bruce Harris)

They had gotten complaints from subcontractors and vendors who were not getting paid in a timely manner. As the complaints became more frequent, it was a sign the contractor was having some serious problems and would be unable to fulfill their obligations. That is when it reached the point to protect the commission's interest and take the steps necessary to get the project finished. (Quote by - Joe Agnello)

These expenses just keep adding up. I hear the complaints from our members -- at least from the ones who can still pay their phone bills. (Quote by - Bentley Lipscomb)

There's been an escalating pattern of complaints, most of the later ones having to do with refunds. (Quote by - Frank Whitney)

Complaints must be adjudicated fairly, but we in the United Nations see no justification in calls for a rerun of any election. (Quote by - Craig Jenness)

This apartment building accounts for more than half of our housing complaints. (Quote by - Dennis McBride)

Prior to his takeover of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini was camping near Paris, giving daily news conferences to a fawning international press corps without a murmur of complaint to France from the United States about the disaster it was coddling in the incredibly naive liberal belief that this extremist cleric would be an improvement over the Shah. (Quote by - Alexander Haig)

He had no complaints until he came off the field the other day, and the complaints were significant enough. He was telling us he was definitely in pain making some of his throws, and that's when we decided to progress the way we did. I can't answer why it started the other day, and it hadn't prior. (Quote by - Mark O'Neal)

There's a process. The complaint was received. We reviewed the complaint. We felt it was sufficient to pass on to the judge. He played his role in the process and a decision was made. (Quote by - Attorney Christopher Morano)

We have received numerous complaints about the place from the neighbors, .. We stepped up our routine tavern checks. The sheriff?s office cooperated with us and assisted us, and we are very grateful for their assistance. (Quote by - Chris Sullivan)

We saw a lot of that immediately following Katrina. I hope we stopped most of it, but I'm sure there are complaints we don't hear about. (Quote by - Grant Hedgepeth)

We need to ensure that the price of funerals is within reach of low-income earners. Better protection for consumers from unscrupulous operators and an effective system to address complaints .. is also required. (Quote by - Gary Moore)

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