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They're telling me I'm not going to the Olympics because they did an investigation based on those complaints. We want to know what those complaints are. That's what we're asking for. We're entitled to those before we can proceed. (Quote by - Tim Nardiello)

These are some pretty nasty cases. It's unusual to see this many complaints against one person. (Quote by - Travis Ford)

I haven't heard any complaints about it whatsoever. (Quote by - Eric Strickland)

We find that companies tend to be more responsive when we get complaints. (Quote by - Terry McElroy)

We had a couple of complaints in the beginning, but more compliments than complaints. (Quote by - Kim Reynolds)

There were numerous neighborhood complaints, not only to our agency, but to the Capital Area Humane Society and Animal Control. (Quote by - Dave Hunt)

Crist noted that his office has received multiple fraud complaints in which potential buyers said they lost thousands of dollars. I don't know if we've seen anything of this exact nature before, .. We won't tolerate it. (Quote by - Charlie Crist)

It doesn't happen very often. It's because of the fact that the industry knows that we're out there, and we're very sensitive to complaints..when they do surface. (Quote by - Charles Carroll)

We are doing this for the public, because the frequencies used by TV stations are public domain. So we have to make sure that the TV stations are serving the public and not their own business interests. We also followed up on the complaints we received from the public. (Quote by - Ade Armando)

We've had people that have been very vociferous in their complaints about our ID policy. (Quote by - Wade Shanower)

When we receive complaints, we take them very seriously, we investigate them and we address any personnel issues as appropriate. (Quote by - Carrie Harmon)

The NPC Standing Committee also paid great attention to letters and visits and put the complaints widely aired by ordinary people as its supervision priorities. (Quote by - Wu Bangguo)

The thing that's extremely irritating to us is that in 20, 21 years, there never has been a complaint. (Quote by - Betty Luttier)

To hear complaints is tiresome to the miserable and the happy. (Quote by - Samuel Johnson)

We have heard no complaints yet. People are a little startled the first time. Your hair blows a bit. (Quote by - David Stempler)

Her participation (in the complaint filed Thursday) is based on her belief that the city's not in compliance. This isn't about her specifically. (Quote by - Courtney Cox)

We received a lot of complaints about the quality of those fields over there. (Quote by - Charles Gregory)

We've received letters of complaint about the cover. My favorite is the one that says 'you and your ilk are corrupting America's youth,' with two of the words misspelled. (Quote by - Brian Forest)

The rule of thumb is that for every complaint that is filed there are probably a hundred or so people who have the same problem but they haven't complained because they don't think it would make a difference. (Quote by - Ann Fox)

Complaints that the selection process was inadequate are significant and come from people in a position to know the facts, .. I think such an investigation is not only appropriate but very much needed. (Quote by - Byron Dorgan)

We have no complaints about our bracket. The committee did what they did for a reason and we're happy where we're seeded and we're happy we have a chance to do what we hope to do, which is to come back home and play in front of our crowd. (Quote by - Willnett Crockett)

We will continue to do our jobs regardless of complaints, .. We are servants and will continue to do that. (Quote by - Willie Anderson)

George Freeman, the Times Co.'s assistant general counsel, met with the Washington bureau last week to address staff complaints. There was so much rumor and untruth and speculation going around, .. I wouldn't characterize it as people being unhappy. People had a lot of questions and concerns. I hope to some degree I assuaged the concerns. (Quote by - George Freeman)

The usual fortune for complaint is to excite contempt more than pity. (Quote by - Samuel Johnson)

We only have records of two complaints, two responses, and two prompt clean-ups. Since December we have received no complaints from park residents or anybody else. (Quote by - Ron Javor)

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