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That patient is currently in a nursing home completely demented, tied to a chair drooling on herself and doesn't recognize anybody, .. She was in pretty nearly that condition at the time she filed that complaint. (Quote by - Terry Bennett)

An unbelievable number of complaints are coming to the NAACP from all over Broward County. We're getting complaints about misconduct, intimidation when they try to file complaints and people driving and minding their own business being stopped, especially young black males. (Quote by - Marsha Ellison)

We just write our notes down and document it on a complaint form, and the person assigned will make a complaint and send it to the city attorney. (Quote by - Doug Voegeli)

All of the policies that we target in the complaint need to be modified or removed. (Quote by - David French)

An international delegation started to look into complaints and objections. (Quote by - Adel Lamy)

I'm feeling really good about my role and really good about my teammates. I have no complaints at all. Actually, the only complaints I have are losing to Houston and losing to Milwaukee. (Quote by - Reggie Evans)

Most issuers waited until at least mid-2005 or later. Credit-card companies should have started implementing this guidance a long time ago. They should have done so very gradually .. That hasn't happened. But we haven't been flooded with complaints, either. (Quote by - Travis Plunkett)

There's a lot of complaints that come from (San Luis). The problem is that nobody wants to step forward and make a formal complaint. (Quote by - Krysty Marin)

We knew it was going to be a tough case, that's why I urged my client to take a plea bargain. Off the top of my head, I don't think he has any complaints, the jury was out for 8 or 9 hours. (Quote by - Brian Donohue)

It's important for consumers to file complaints with us. Last year we returned $5.5 million to Wisconsin consumers. Not only do we get a lot of money back for consumers, but the complaints tell us where we need to prioritize. (Quote by - Janet Jenkins)

Meanwhile, the Democratic National Committee will file a complaint today with the FEC, claiming that Sinclair Broadcasting's plan to run an anti-Kerry documentary on its stations before the election is really an illegal in-kind contribution to the Bush campaign. The chain has stations in several key states including Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania. In this election cycle, they have put their money where their right-wing mouths are, .. Sinclair's owners aren't interested in news. They're interested in a pro-Bush agenda. (Quote by - Terry McAuliffe)

It wore on him to a point. It's a sad situation that we hear complaints that we kept AB over Jake. He needs to know that he's our quarterback, that we're behind him. Anything else is just talk. (Quote by - Deuce McAllister)

Complaint is the largest tribute Heaven receives. (Quote by - Jonathan Swift)

We do have quite a few [hearing aid] complaints. Most of the complaints have these elements in common: The hearing aids don't work; they're very expensive; the cost is usually not covered by insurance; and service is provided grudgingly, if at all. (Quote by - Jim Hood)

A broken heart is a very pleasant complaint for a man in London if he has a comfortable income. (Quote by - George Bernard Shaw)

This latest complaint filed by a group of left-leaning clergy amounts to nothing more than a campaign of harassment. (Quote by - Giles Hudson)

A complaint has been lodged with stewards and we need to first determine whether it falls within our jurisdiction and then determine the merits of the complaint. (Quote by - Ray Murrihy)

We have no complaints. We had our opportunities, we just didn't get it done. (Quote by - Dana Altman)

My child, it will be better for you if you accept my decisions without complaint. Do not ask me to defend my actions or to explain why one person is favored and another seems slighted. The answers to these questions go far beyond your comprehension. (Quote by - Thomas a Kempis)

We do at least one a week. We also develop our own leads and check out false advertisements in the newspapers. We don't just wait for complaints to come to us. We want to go out and find the bad guys. (Quote by - Carl Vega)

I suspect that someone removed the labels I affixed to the literature and that he or she or their surrogate plans on filing a complaint. The purpose of this letter is to advise your office that no pieces of literature were distributed without the required disclaimer and that I believe that if a complaint is filed someone is tampering with my literature to make a false complaint. Obviously, affixing labels was not the best short-term solution but the problem was addressed immediately and a long-term solution was achieved. (Quote by - William Watson)

One of the most common complaints I have heard from patients over the years from offering second trimester screening is that they would much prefer to have this information much earlier in pregnancy. (Quote by - Fergal Malone)

Anyone can contact us if they have discrepancies with adjusters' claims. If a homeowner disagrees with an adjuster's decision, they can file a complaint with the Louisiana Department of Insurance. (Quote by - Bobby Ann Clark)

The subcommittee jettisoned the ethnicity complaint. They said it's irrelevant to his scholarship. (Quote by - David Lane)

No complaint. They are battle-hardened and know how to win. (Quote by - Craig Redpath)

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