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I'm thrilled the process worked and delighted it was unanimous. That the minority leader also voted to dismiss the complaint also gives tremendous weight to the fact that (the complaint) wasn't warranted and was politically motivated. (Quote by - Angie Paccione)

It's ludicrous to say that a layman can't read a tape. The result is that if a complaint is not done and examined by another engineer, there is no legitimacy to it. (Quote by - Winston Perry)

All say, how hard it is that we have to die - a strange complaint to come from the mouths of people who have had to live. (Quote by - Mark Twain)

His complaint is not the volume of bills (legislators) focus on, but sometimes they don't focus on the most important ones. (Quote by - Dan Leistikow)

Oh I've thought this for some time, in fact my view is always been often it's a waste of time making a police complaint either yourself or getting a client to do it direct because it mainly gets whitewashed. (Quote by - Barry Hart)

It's a very good sign. The purpose of this (scorecard) is for the companies to improve their customer service. The fewer complaints, the better job they are doing. (Quote by - Beryl Lyons)

No complaint .. is more common than that of a scarcity of money. (Quote by - Adam Smith)

I have a lot of complaints from people coming from the loop or downtown. (Quote by - David Hanshaw)

Efforts to maintain cleanliness of the household in terms of dust on the floors and in bedding can help reduce these complaints. Laundering bedding regularly with hot water and soap is a good idea. (Quote by - Peter Thorne)

We're complaint driven. Almost everything is complaint driven by the citizens, or maybe other staff. I'm not out looking for violations so I can pick on a property. (Quote by - Jesse Fulcher)

For the first term of his presidency, the Bush administration had a long list of complaints about Syria that got longer after Iraq. (Quote by - Flynt Leverett)

Students are pretty forthcoming here. We would investigate any complaint should it come forward, but we've never had any about him. (Quote by - Candace Millington)

I say to my friends in Hebron that they should have done everything to get rid of those youths who are eradicating any possibility of having people listen to their very justified complaints. (Quote by - Bentzi Lieberman)

Everyone is getting more accustomed to it, .. We might get more complaints when school starts. (Quote by - Donald Clark)

We expect hassles when we travel. It's our patriotic duty to grin if possible but bear it nonetheless as a contribution to the war against terrorism. We take off shoes without complaint and are no longer embarrassed when it's a hook on a bra that sets off the alarm. (Quote by - Suzanne Fields)

Our number of complaints has gone from over 100 a day during the peak of the problem to over the weekend, one single complaint for Saturday and Sunday. We've had about one a day this week. (Quote by - Bill King)

The final results will not be announced before the beginning of next year because we have more than 1,000 complaints. (Quote by - Farid Ayar)

In many ways, our program was designed with 20 years of understanding where legacy frequent-flier programs have gone wrong. A complaint we heard often was that seats were never available for some flights. We will have seats available on every flight. (Quote by - Barry Biffle)

I have never had a complaint. If anything, people complain that there is not enough of this. (Quote by - Dawn Check)

To hear complaints is wearisome to the wretched and the happy alike. (Quote by - Samuel Johnson)

The players aren't just doing conditioning drills, though, as May's father, Scott (a star on Indiana's 1976 national championship team), learned recently. Last year he had a lot to say about the way practice was run, .. But when I saw him two weeks ago, he said, 'I have no complaints. That was one of the greatest practices I've seen from a coaching standpoint. You're in good hands.'. (Quote by - Sean May)

For know that all the inferior Creatures when hurt do cry and send forth the complaints to their Maker or grand Fountain whence they proceeded. (Quote by - Thomas Tryon)

It's ironic that in our culture everyone's biggest complaint is about not having enough time; yet nothing terrifies us more than the thought of eternity. (Quote by - Dennis Miller)

Waste no time with revolutions that do not remove the causes of your complaints but simply change the faces of those in charge. (Quote by - Francesco Guicciardini)

This complaint is brought by Don Ide, someone who was never available to give care, comfort or necessary help to Henry and Marion Ide during approximately 10 years of failing health, .. He would visit one to two times a year and now he comes looking for money. What a surprise. (Quote by - William Stevenson)

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