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These vehicles are often an eyesore and create all sorts of problems like neighbour complaints. (Quote by - David Morrison)

There is a law about the banners themselves and then there is the part about a permanent structure sign being erected without approval, .. I received a complaint from somebody who didn't like looking at them. (Quote by - William Holland)

On January 26, candidates will have to file their nominations while the complaints against candidacy would be received the following day. (Quote by - Tejmuni Bajracharya)

Last time I visited the graveyard, some of us had trouble walking the quarter mile from the boat landing. These folks are being denied access. Complaints are going to be filed in case you don't make the right decisions. (Quote by - Clay Cable)

From the outside, it looks like this amendment to the complaint was merely for manipulating the sentence. (Quote by - Alan Page)

Dependent on the number of complaints we do hope that we can have a final certified result for all 34 provinces by the 22nd of October. (Quote by - Peter Erben)

The complaint frequently heard by Canadians that the American process to re-open the border amounted to a stealth form of protectionism is not borne out by the record. (Quote by - Alexander Moens)

It's our No. 1 complaint. The Internet and e-mail are giving these people new lead-in ways to address people. (Quote by - Al Polizzi)

We received a complaint from a member of the public. The matter was investigated and appropriate action was taken. (Quote by - Anita Yoder)

We do have a lot more complaint now than we did a month ago. We are looking into the Jeep Grand Cherokee 1995-1999. The scope of the investigation has not changed..but we have gotten many more complaints. (Quote by - Rae Tyson)

Everything went pretty good for us tonight. I've got no complaints. (Quote by - Barry Shelton)

No North Carolina physician that we're aware of has ever been involved directly or indirectly in an execution. If we got a complaint, the board would have to look at that, consult with outside people and come to some decision. (Quote by - Dave Henderson)

The hotel later registered a complaint and arrested them by tracing their calls. (Quote by - Ajay Kumar)

We can't verify the accuracy of the numbers. All of our internal surveys show high customer satisfaction. And after a review of the complaints involving Prudential, it seems clear that since 1997, the number of complaints has consistently gone down. (Quote by - Bob Defillippo)

We know that for every one complaint we hear, there are many other people who are affected. (Quote by - Barbara Petito)

We received a complaint Monday evening. The man had escaped soon after the woman registered a case. (Quote by - Alok Kumar)

Now you've got a problem, because your complaint is really relegated to just Northwest Airlines. (Quote by - David Larson)

On the first night it was on telly, Channel 4 had 17 complaints. (Quote by - Vic Reeves)

If we get consumer complaints about (gasoline) prices, we'll look at those complaints to find evidence of anticompetitive conduct. (Quote by - John Seesel)

It became very clear tonight [Kerry] has no plans. He has an interminable list of complaints. Complaint after complaint after complaint. (Quote by - Karen Hughes)

Without Russia's contribution, prices would rise even more. Some members of the EU meet 90% of their demands for gas with the help of Russian hydrocarbons and have no complaints so far. Everybody is happy. Russia is a reliable partner and has never failed her partners in Europe, even in the hardest times of its economic development. (Quote by - Vladimir Putin)

We've received well over 7,000 complaints related to pricing and the majority of those have been about gasoline compliance. We provided an 800 number that's been on radio and television. And we're following up complaints with investigators who are all over the state. (Quote by - Jacob Ray)

I am sure that all complaints regarding me were initiated from Ukraine. (Quote by - Yulia Tymoshenko)

Depending on the country they are traveling to, gastrointestinal complaints seem to be No. 1. (Quote by - Ashley Christiani)

Most of them were OK with it. There really weren't any major complaints. (Quote by - Bruce Ketchum)

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