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We conducted a surprise inspection on Dec. 21, I believe, regarding a complaint that we received from PETA. And our veterinary medical officer found the animals were in good health. There are no violations of the Animal Welfare Act. (Quote by - Darby Holladay)

Playing against someone like Roger Federer is not easy. I had my chance today, but I guess I made a lot of errors. But I have no complaints. (Quote by - Gael Monfils)

We took risks. We knew we took them. Things have come out against us. We have no cause for complaint. (Quote by - Robert Frost)

The number of complaints received by the commission has risen year after year. I share the concerns of the public - and of parents, in particular - that are voiced in these complaints. (Quote by - Kevin Martin)

Unfortunately, discrimination is alive and well. After 41 years of addressing it, we get over 80,000 complaints annually and over a million phone calls. (Quote by - Cari M. Dominguez)

It's true that more than 1,000 complaints have been raised so far, many of them in the capital. But these won't be enough to change the overall results. (Quote by - Farid Ayar)

The family was anxious to get the complaint filed due to what they think has been total misrepresentations in press releases that have been made throughout the time after the death of their son. (Quote by - Tommy Overton)

A little less complaint and whining, and a little more dogged work and manly striving, would do us more credit than a thousand civil rights bills. (Quote by - W. E. B. Du Bois)

It appears the main complaint is they were not able to intimidate Ken Blackwell and now they're going to try again. (Quote by - Carlo LoParo)

The complaints from wireless customers are as strong as ever. Yet they feel they've got the political strength to fight any regulation, anywhere it pops up. (Quote by - Dian Grueneich)

We've not had any complaints from California yet, but we're trying to catch this thing early. (Quote by - Bob Webster)

Most part of a lover's life is full of agony, anxiety, fear and grief, complaints, sighs, suspicions, and cares (heigh-ho my heart is woe), full of silence and irksome solitariness. (Quote by - Robert Burton)

I want the attorney general to remove Mr. Penn from the council race until such time as he does not possess a conflict of interest as outlined in my complaint. (Quote by - David Snyder)

Parking and access was always a big complaint when Village Real Estate owned it. (Quote by - David Floyd)

They are going to fund my defense and said they are getting an increasing number of complaints from providers, .. These providers are being told, Roll over or well roll over you. Its wrong, and they picked the wrong guy because I am not going away; I will not shut up. (Quote by - Terry Bennett)

The only thing that is really different is that inspections are not complaint-based any more. Originally, it was totally complaint-based and no inspection was done unless a complaint was received. (Quote by - Randi Osberg)

We are unaware of any widespread complaints related to crew processing concerns. Because crews have their own lanes [at immigration and customs], oftentimes they move through more expeditiously than other travelers. (Quote by - Brian Roehrkasse)

Based upon the many calls and the consistency of the complaints, we feel that the cases we have filed are strongly supported by proof. (Quote by - Robert Randall)

The number of complaints against courts and court staff, which was on the rise for years, began to drop for the first time last year. (Quote by - Xiao Yang)

Things cannot always go your way. Learn to accept in silence the minor aggravations, cultivate the gift of taciturnity and consume your own smoke with an extra draught of hard work, so that those about you may not be annoyed with the dust and soot of your complaint. (Quote by - William Osler)

We knew she wasn't a real fast pitcher and we worked on that in practice, but we just didn't hit the ball very well tonight at all. That was my biggest complaint. We worked so hard at it in practice and then we come out to it and we're hesitant at the plate. (Quote by - Don Menges)

One of the complaints I used to hear is that the players (in recent years) were retreads. They talked about what it was like when Curt Schilling pitched here. Now, you're going to see players on the way up. It will be quality baseball. (Quote by - Tom Sullivan)

I can categorically deny that anything remotely like that is happening at my company, .. Beyond that I can't comment until I actually see the complaint. (Quote by - David Chambers)

We certainly haven't gotten any complaints. I'm not sure if it's because we're more in the den of iniquity than you guys or what, but so far, nothing. (Quote by - Clarence Johnson)

Rather than trying to describe it to you, I would rather you watch it yourself. After watching the video, please follow the instructions to file your official complaint with the FCC. It will only take a couple of minutes to file the complaint. Do it for your children and grandchildren. (Quote by - Don Wildmon)

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