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Parting Quotes
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The whole is simpler than the sum of its parts (Quote by - Willard Gibbs)

It is for this, partly, that I write. How can I know what I think unless I see what I write. (Quote by - Erica Jong)

We were simply shut out by Bob the Builder's private parts and other extraneous items. (Quote by - Rod Donald)

He's a great guy, absurdly talented, and he seemed ready to sing. It's these parts he can come up with, these ways of double tracking, these really unusual harmonies - I could listen to Antony all day. (Quote by - Lou Reed)

Parting ways with Peach and Davey is difficult, (Quote by - Kevin Towers)

The bottom line is the consumer is showing signs of coming back. But the consumer has come back partly on the heels of massive sales. (Quote by - Lawrence Goodman)

On the face of it, I'm cheering for them for going out and finding something with the same parts the rest of us are running and making it work better, which they did, (Quote by - Jack Roush)

I've got some parts that should have been delivered before 12 o'clock and I'm still sitting here with a truck load of parts. (Quote by - James Young)

There is some tension. There are parts of the system that have never been used before and they represent the unknown. (Quote by - Chris Jones)

We go into markets because our equipment can make parts for that market. (Quote by - Paul Gross)

We'll stock some subassemblie many of them on consignmen and key parts and build to a forecast. We know what we need to build each quarter and we break that down daily and weekly and have set up production lines accordingly. (Quote by - Mike Parilla)

We are still busy releasing this CD and organizing its distribution in the parts of the world where it hasn't been circulated. I've already started on the second project. (Quote by - Yusuf Islam)

Abruptness is an eloquence in parting, when spinning out the time is but the weaving of new sorrow. (Quote by - Sir John Suckling)

This is nine parts politics, one part legitimate concerns about national security. (Quote by - Daniel Griswold)

We have lots of options for other parts if we don't get a whole bird. There are a lot of people waiting. (Quote by - Bernadette Atencio)

The course is a little soft in some areas. You're definitely dragging in some parts. (Quote by - Stacy Thomas)

Given that they waited until the market closed on that day, and on the day of their annual meeting, it's obvious that they didn't want to tell anybody about it until that point. And if they didn't put him up for re-election, that would have announced to the world that there would be a parting of the ways. (Quote by - Paul Hodgson)

This helps us because we can sell more expensive parts, and it helps them because they don't have to add a separate board now. (Quote by - Dan Vivoli)

Everybody passed inspection and all of the shocks, in regard to parts and pieces, were completely legal. But the build of the shocks that the teams chose to use is a direction that we're not real fond of. (Quote by - John Darby)

Many parts of the granite statues were found, the most important of which had features close to Ramses II. The statue needs some restoration and weighs between four and five tons. (Quote by - Zahi Hawass)

He's an enigma. Winston is equal parts Boy George, Bea Arthur and Daniel Davis. Winston was a very collaborative process. I have Cathy Zuber to thank for the look of the costumes. Tom Watson, who did the wi Actors talk about being possessed by the design, and that's exactly what happened to me. (Quote by - David Turner)

There are certain parts of his argument you could probably agree with, (Quote by - Brian O'Driscoll)

That's the reality of it. We don't talk about it but it's in the back of our heads. We know we're parting ways. (Quote by - Steve Burtt)

They're all politically difficult to do. But I think the idea that tax structures should be based partly on pollution... it goes across political lines. There are liberals and conservatives that like the idea. (Quote by - Cyrus Reed)

She's a great fighter. She started attacking more and also partly I was getting tired or just loosened up a little. But I think towards the end, it was all nerves. (Quote by - Martina Hingis)

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