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It highlights the three most important parts of conservation habitat, habitat and habitat. (Quote by - David Leff)

The upshot of all this is, while we didn't crawl the entire web, we think we crawled the parts of the web that mattered the most. (Quote by - Steven Gribble)

One last long sigh to love and thee, then back to busy life again. (Quote by - Lord Byron)

The long, laborious road, dry, empty, and white. It was quite open to the heath on each side, and bisected that vast dark surface like the parting-line on a head of black hair, diminishing and bending away on the furthest horizon. (Quote by - Thomas Hardy)

I hate the giving of the hand unless the whole man accompanies it. (Quote by - Ralph Waldo Emerson)

It's partly the Southernization of America, in that the Southern working-class version of redneck is becoming the national version, and it's good-natured, it has humor and, in some ways, it's a performance. (Quote by - Charles Wilson)

But Austria, Switzerland and parts of Belgium speak a different sort of German. (Quote by - Colum Joyce)

It must be admitted that there are some parts of the soul which we must entirely paralyze before we can be happy in this world (Quote by - Chamfort)

I saw what parts of my game need to improve by playing with Tom Watson and Michael Campbell. I made too many mistakes. (Quote by - Brian McElhinney)

Anyway, here's the "good parts" version. S. Morgenstern wrote it. And my father read it to me. And now I give it to you. What you do with it will be of more than passing interest to us all. (Quote by - William Goldman)

We need to alter the wedding vow. Till death do us part - or until you become an inconvenience. (Quote by - Carl Young)

I would get nervous whenever I heard a storm coming? . I had to replace parts on the machine at least four times in the first four years I had it. (Quote by - Chris King)

The bomber used about 11 pounds of explosives obtained locally, and we have collected his body parts. (Quote by - Chief Niaz Siddiqui)

I know we're missing parts. But the guys who are here are coming to the ballpark, are playing hard every day. Every time we pitch well we're in the game. (Quote by - Joe Maddon)

I have received reports that a cyclone is expected to strike over the eastern parts of southern Africa over the next few days, and this may worsen the rainfall and flooding situation in Botswana, (Quote by - Festus Mogae)

If you feel that you can get through a season with 10 sets of parts, but you make 20 just in case, that's wasteful - but if you make 12, that's a small insurance policy. (Quote by - Pat Symonds)

This is a series of quakes like those that occur in many other parts of the world. We don't expect to have a large earthquake or a devastating earthquake from this. (Quote by - Waverly Person)

Every tribe is different. They all have different uses for different parts, and we cater to all of them. (Quote by - Bernadette Atencio)

Looking at large parts of it, you don?t know how they?re going to rebuild it. (Quote by - Christopher Dodd)

The fundamental role that the bass has always had is to outline the lower parts of the harmony and be supportive rhythmically. You work very closely with the drummer, usually in a jazz group and in the rhythm section. It is sort of a fulcrum in the group. (Quote by - Dave Holland)

I certainly hope that they're right because Cincinnati home prices just have not appreciated as fast as other parts of the country in the last five years. (Quote by - Dave Otto)

The biggest thing is to get him back completely functional versus seeing parts of him, parts of him there. With what I was hearing medically Friday and Saturday, it didn't make any sense to try to push it. (Quote by - Jim Tracy)

The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Civil War-when I really think about them they all seem about as likely as the parting of the Red Sea. (Quote by - Sarah Vowell)

There's a crucial difference in costs for procuring parts and materials between big operations and small ones. (Quote by - Takeo Miyamoto)

There is 'The Book' that has certain things you do and don't do as a manager. I missed parts of it. We're going to take chances. We're playing to win. (Quote by - Clint Hurdle)

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