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He's the glue of our team. I've said that all along. Spare parts are very important, but he's the one cog we can't really miss. He'll make any contract look reasonable. (Quote by - Mark Sweeney)

It's a real fruit salad of different pieces and parts. (Quote by - Nancy Green)

Everything foreign is respected, partly because it comes from afar, partly because it is ready made and perfect (Quote by - Baltasar Gracian)

He understands what parts of his game need to improve and he's working on it. Our job is to get him a little better so he can become a suitable major-league catcher. But we're getting more than we bargained for offensively and I hope it continues. (Quote by - Danny Sheaffer)

It's really grown enormously over the last 12 months. It's partly because broadband has become more broadly available. (Quote by - David Price)

The increasing savings show a shrinking domestic demand. That is partly due to the government's efforts to cool down the real estate industry, and people finding a narrower channel for investment. (Quote by - Li Ruoyu)

I've always said the keeping of the secret is actually one of the easiest parts of this. (Quote by - Rick Rosas)

Elizondo made these really simple tracks to start off, and I really got excited, ... I knew all along that those two songs I kept exactly the same were perfect. 'Parting Gift' I wrote when we were finishing up, and it was recorded in one take. (Quote by - Fiona Apple)

We cannot part with our friends. We cannot let our angels go. We do not see that they only go out that archangels may come in. We are idolators of the old. We do not believe in the richness of the soul, in its proper eternity and omnipresence. (Quote by - Ralph Waldo Emerson)

It's the safe thing to do until they can bring in adequate supplies of replacement parts. (Quote by - Rae Tyson)

The Memphis-area housing market is growing up, getting more sophisticated. Also, there are people moving here from other parts of the country, and they realize they can get more house for their money in Memphis. (Quote by - William Mitchell)

The findings are not at all surprising. This is partly because ethnic boundaries are real in our society and almost every sphere of public life is linked to ethnicity in one way or another. (Quote by - Chandra Muzaffar)

The Cisco announcement that their revenue might slow due to shortage of parts meant, therefore, Nortel was down because it's competing in the same market. I think that was the big negative. (Quote by - Kate Warne)

The whole of Gaul is divided into three parts. (Quote by - Julius Caesar)

True friendship's laws are by this rule expressed,/ Welcome the coming, speed the parting guest. (Quote by - Alexander Pope)

I mean, Jane Wyman did a lot of silly parts for years and then all of a sudden went serious and was tremendous. (Quote by - Cleo Moore)

We tell them how to get those parts of the city into their neighborhood. (Quote by - Nancy Johnson)

It was a sloppy game on both parts. The bad thing is someone has got to lose, and the good thing is someone has got to win -- fortunately it was us. (Quote by - Tony Ruiz)

When you treat one part of asthma, the other parts are still active. (Quote by - Dr. Ashok Shah)

Politically, they are less than the sum of their parts. (Quote by - Bruce Katz)

In writing biography, fact and fiction shouldn't be mixed. And if they are, the fiction parts should be printed in red ink, the fact parts in black ink. (Quote by - Catherine Drinker Bowen)

But what you minded most at our final parting was that in my poor rags -but was it not the costume of a beggar?- you couldn't see our tears as in a suit of armor. (Quote by - Jaroslav Seifert)

The biggest part now is just getting all the parts they need to replace the equipment. (Quote by - Tom Gilbert)

It means a lot because it just demonstrates how hard the team works and by other guys doing their parts helps a lot. It's a good team effort and it just allows someone to go and excel in what they do, and I just happened to be the one in the spotlight to take the honor. (Quote by - Nick Meyer)

Capacity constraint appears alive and well, at least in some parts of Texas. (Quote by - Jamie Baker)

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