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Maybe from now on puppets can do the parts, ... They can fight it out between them. Lady T and Corpse Bride will maybe do alternate parts, and I'll just do the voices. (Quote by - Helena Bonham Carter)

I don't get any parts I don't get offered. There are lots of great things out there I would like to do that I don't get offered. (Quote by - Aidan Quinn)

We have a real assortment of stock and parts. The store is really a unique combination and it has great variety of merchandise for all types of riders. (Quote by - Jean Nietupski)

There's a little vanity chair that Charlie gave me the first Christmas we knew each other. I'll not be parting with that, nor our bed-the four-poster-I'll be needing that to die in. (Quote by - Helen Hayes)

It was like the parting of the seas. (Quote by - David McCullough)

We don't want to speculate. There's a lot of parts moving around and bags being shipped. Things happen. That's not to say we're not going to investigate. (Quote by - David Castelveter)

If there's a message, it's that the unlovable and unattractive parts of ourselves should be embraced. The only real currency between people is what happens when they're not cool. And I hope people feel OK about not being cool. (Quote by - Helen Hunt)

I didn't feel good about cutting out parts of very famous speeches, ... You think you somehow need all of it or you get none of it, but that's not true. (Quote by - Tom Stoppard)

I went in to record the Philharmonic. I wrote down the parts, and I was inside the studio with 62 pieces outside the studio. They never saw my face or what I looked like. (Quote by - Wyclef Jean)

Parting is a training streamer, Lingering like leaves in autumn. (Quote by - by Philip Larkin)

I haven't shaved my private parts, but I dyed them once for a laugh! They looked more ginger, though! (Quote by - Lee Ryan)

There is such sweet pain in parting that I could hang forever on thine arms, and look away my life into thine eyes. (Quote by - Thomas Otway)

Don't let things or people who can never be a part of your future determine how you life your life today. (Quote by - Godsway Sappor)

The doubles point is honestly one of the biggest parts of a match. (Quote by - Greg Kennett)

I have no parting sigh to give, So take my parting smile. (Quote by - Letitia Elizabeth Landon)

I was on a game show. When I lost, they gave me a lovely parting gift. It was a comb. (Quote by - Scott Roeben)

There were times when it seemed to him that the different parts of him were not all under the same management. (Quote by - Russell Hoban)

For those who are willing to look beyond traditional markets in Arizona, Nevada and other parts of the Southwest -- where waterfront property is nearly impossible to find or costs two or three times more to own -- our development is the perfect choice. (Quote by - Barry Freedman)

The parts of the metropolitan area are so interdependent, in so many ways, that nobody is being helped by keeping those divisions going. (Quote by - Kevin Boyle)

The shadows are great. Leah came up with that. There wouldn't have been enough parts for the dancers without them. (Quote by - Kristin King)

They say be parted well and paid his score, And so, God be with him. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

We have one of the larger parts to cover. (Quote by - Rease Watson)

Throughout the strike, all of our customers have continued to fly. We're delivering aircraft. We're delivering parts. (Quote by - Bud Grebey)

Portia adieu! I have too griev'd a heart To take a tedious leave. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

He was in the general vicinity, he was multi-tasking and in fact, was there during parts of the procedure but not there during the entire insertion to removal of the device. (Quote by - Paul Levy)

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