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This is our first alliance and we chose Wyeth partly because of our long-standing relationship. (Quote by - Peter Thompson)

We need to get the other parts on. (Quote by - Steve Daignault)

We've worked very hard all year on those very important parts of the game. That's why we don't see a need to change our offense or defense to whoever we play because we've worked so hard at the fundamentals of the game. (Quote by - Mike Waldo)

No! 'Tis the pang alone to part From those we love, that rends the heart; That agony to save Some nameless pow'r in nature strives; Our fading hope in death revives, And blossoms in the grave. (Quote by - Mrs. John Hunter)

In taking leave, Thro' the dark lashes of her darting eyes, Methought she shot her soul at ev'ry glance, Still looking back, as if she had a mind That you should know she left her soul behind her. (Quote by - Nathaniel Lee)

We aren't going to comment on steps that might have been taken to secure parts. We've heard some speculation about a build up of parts, but we aren't commenting on that either. (Quote by - Jerry Dubrowski)

It affected network traffic going to and coming from the West Coast and other Western parts of the U.S.. (Quote by - John Taylor)

Hopefully some of our donors are going to sponsor specific parts within the pool. (Quote by - Paul Stamm)

Not all chicken prices are down. We export a lot of chicken parts, but we export very little white meat, that's where most of the prices have stayed down. (Quote by - Brian Latham)

My hat's off to them; they knew what they wanted. They needed a couple of key parts to the puzzle. (Quote by - Juran Bolden)

No better liar had there been in these parts as that ball player with hams for arms unless he be a man with a fishing rod and tackle box in his hands and his feet wet as rain. (Quote by - Mark Twain)

There may be some parts of this company that may be worth buying, but the accounting isn't clear. You have to do the due diligence. (Quote by - Yoji Takeda)

One of the most important parts of the kicking game starts with the snap, and Mike has been a consistent and reliable asset to the Broncos over the past few seasons. His signing ensures that our special-teams unit will remain strong. (Quote by - Ted Sundquist)

They have a lot of moving parts. (Quote by - Patricia Edwards)

It costs more to do business in certain parts of the state. (Quote by - Cathy Johnson)

some actors seek parts similar to their personalities. But, I prefer undergoing a metamorphosis that depends on the role . (Quote by - Ben Gazzara)

We can't get new parts, so we try to take care of these. (Quote by - Chuck McQuaid)

Someone has to make sure Delphi's parts are not interrupted. (Quote by - Erich Merkle)

We're fully aware that many Arab consumers remain skeptical about our products, so we plan to adjust certain parts of our marketing. (Quote by - Finn Hansen)

We played a game tonight that we're pleased with in some parts, and we weren't pleased with in other parts. (Quote by - Marc Crawford)

Businesses located in the Northwest portion of Arkansas tended to report stronger economic conditions than businesses in other parts of the state. However, I do expect reasonably solid job growth for most areas through the second quarter of this year. (Quote by - Ernie Goss)

Every parting is a form of death, as every reunion is a type of heaven. (Quote by - Tryon Edwards)

What our paper shows quite clearly is that this process is happening in small parts of the forest. What you end up with . . . is perhaps fewer trees by the time all these weeding-out processes have gone on, but there is a more diverse collection of trees. (Quote by - Christopher Wills)

The market opened higher, after some good economic numbers. However, we're seeing a pullback due partly to volume being lighter than usual. (Quote by - Peter Cardillo)

We need to get him back to where he is completely functional, rather than seeing parts of him here and there. (Quote by - Jim Tracy)

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