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I gave the idea to Josh and he just went with it. In 2001, he had most of the parts made. It's made with a lot of old computer parts. (Quote by - John Taylor)

At most districts there is an appropriate and professional way for the superintendent to leave - to talk about all of the good things that have been done and have an amiable parting. (Quote by - Jill Wynns)

It seems that foreign selling, partly spurred by relatively expensive Japanese shares, has peaked out. (Quote by - Hideo Mizutani)

The positive from this week is the aggressiveness. We'll continue to work on all parts of the game. (Quote by - Dan Heckman)

Some 25 brick buildings were parts of the Goldberger plant. (Quote by - M t Millisits)

A lot of the parts of his game have improved. As coaches, we've done a better job of making sure that we're putting him in some situations where he can rush the passer. (Quote by - Gregg Williams)

They would have been impacted by the waves and rain but not by the blunt force. There will be parts of the Gulf where they will be up and running in 48 hours, but there will be other extremes of structural damage that may take weeks or months to repair. (Quote by - Chris McGill)

We don't believe there's a syndrome. We don't believe that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. We don't believe that the formula is grounded in scientific evidence. (Quote by - Richard Kahn)

MSN became a quagmire, partly because of Microsoft's hubris. (Quote by - Don Clark)

We then decided that since we were making all the parts, why not make the shells and manufacture our own vintage suspension helmets, (Quote by - Jim Parker)

The curfew tolls the knell of parting day, The lowing herd winds slowly o'er the lea, The ploughman homeward plods his weary way, And leaves the world to darkness and to me. (Quote by - Thomas Gray)

It's tough to take. Guys are dealing with it in their own way. It's a new chapter for everyone. I think good things are going to happen for both parties involved. It's a sort of parting of ways. (Quote by - Kevin Croxton)

All parts of his game have advanced. (Quote by - Mike Hargrove)

Tristan has stepped up the other parts of his game in a big way. He's improved his passing, rebounding and defense. He can dominate at both ends of the floor because of his athleticism. (Quote by - Kevin Logsdon)

Obviously there were some good parts; we were up 20. But the glaring similarity to last game is we let another team run at us and make it close in the fourth quarter. If we keep going like this, we're going to end up losing a game we should have won. (Quote by - David Wesley)

There are areas of the building that are not touched at all. You can go inside certain parts and you would have no idea what day it was. It just looks as nice as can be. (Quote by - Todd Maurer)

There is not so much comfort in the having of children as there is sorrow in parting with them. (Quote by - Thomas Fuller)

Even with the stolen cars they'll swap out parts on their broken cars. (Quote by - Thomas Santos)

That helps them go through the parts and check locations and conditions of things. (Quote by - Ed Barker)

I thought we were just phenomenal in the first inning. Parts of the game are really coming together for us right now. (Quote by - Yvette Girouard)

When technologies go into the commercial world, that improves the yield, uniformity, and reliability of parts. And the costs go down. (Quote by - David Honey)

There was a lot of frustration on all our parts. And hopefully our government will take a look so no American city will have to go through this. (Quote by - Carl Griffith)

I believe southwest Ohio is more along the lines of what Toyota is looking for rather than other parts of the state. (Quote by - Bill Teets)

Most importantly, the rise was again driven partly by a fall in employment, of 57,000. This was the biggest drop since 1993. (Quote by - Vicky Redwood)

The easy parts have been done. (Quote by - Brahma Chellaney)

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