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The cannon thunders - limbs fly in all directions - one can hear the groans of victims and the howling of those performing the sacrifice - it's Humanity in search of happiness (Quote by - Charles Baudelaire)

It's almost as if renewable energy is a victim of being loved to death. (Quote by - David Garman)

Every day silence harvests its victims. Silence is a mortal illness. (Quote by - Natalia Ginzburg)

The victim was unresponsive and found to be lying next to the deceased daughter where she apparently had been for possibly four days without food or water. (Quote by - Scott Dover)

We don't want to do anything that would impede the investigation for the victim or the suspect. (Quote by - Susann Griffin)

They're the heart and soul of our team. Tonight, they got victimized. (Quote by - Walt Kyle)

The play is done, the crowds depart; and see / That twisted tortured thing hung from a tree, / Swart victim of a newer Calvary. (Quote by - Countee Cullen)

Two non-governmental organization vehicles were reported stolen in the past four days and other partners have also been victims of robbery. (Quote by - Claire Bourgeois)

These stocks always fall victims to their own liquidity. (Quote by - Marcos Basaglia)

Let's honor the memory of the victims of 9/11 and their families by working hard to protect our citizens and our country. (Quote by - Christopher Bond)

The prosecutor is probably still trying to pressure some of the players to turn, getting more info from the victim and looking at more forensic evidence. (Quote by - Wendy Murphy)

I tell my staff, You can't be a victim. I don't accept the victim mentality. (Quote by - Susan Powers)

There's nothing to indicate any prior involvement in gangs. There was no victim. There were no shots fired. There was no one who was seriously hurt. (Quote by - Casey Donovan)

The problem is the victim mentality, the flip- and often-overlooked side of bullying. Most bullying programs unwittingly encourage this victim mentality. (Quote by - Izzy Kalman)

Our fervent hope is it brings some peace, comfort or satisfaction to the victims. (Quote by - Dan Andriacco)

I don't think we really thought we'd find this many [victims]. Based on the conditions, on what actually occurred, the amount of debris and rocks and the many miles affected, I think we were impressed we found this many. (Quote by - Chip Patterson)

The injuries are typical for victims of improvised explosive devices. The next few days, the next few weeks, will be important to determine how they do. (Quote by - Col. Bryan Gamble)

What I want to emphasize is that this is a victim of a homicide. This is a woman with children, with family members, who was sitting in a car and had a gun put to her head and her brains blown out. (Quote by - Cary Goldstein)

Denying the real implications is not only insulting to the thousands of victims but it also leads to dangerous recommendations and the relocation of people in contaminated areas. (Quote by - Ivan Blokov)

I think this is sort of baffling to investigators because it appears both victims were cooperating and for an unknown reason they shot the husband execution-style and killed him. (Quote by - Crystal Candy)

She happens to be an innocent victim in all of this. The paparazzi, as far as we can tell, have nothing to do in terms of the accident. (Quote by - Steve Whitmore)

According to the victim it happened on-campus and off campus and there was some e-mails that were exchanged, and some gifts that were exchanged. And some witnesses say they saw them ... that they were close by, together. (Quote by - David Molina)

Our beef, for lack of a better word, is with FEMA, not with the victims. (Quote by - Tony Pinto)

The defendants have ... acknowledged that they harassed, attacked and physically injured the victim because he was different from them. (Quote by - Richard Brown)

For the 100 victims, and for all the ones that are burnt and scarred and everything else, they deserve much more than this - not a plea bargain. This is absolutely wrong. (Quote by - Diane Mattera)

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