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How can the federal government feed its employees with catered meals and not feed the victims of Hurricane Katrina? (Quote by - Colleen Cooke)

The suspect is allegedly the former boyfriend of one of the victims. (Quote by - CmdrJames Tolbert)

Witness after witness told us they did not feel they had been victimized and that Phillips Roofing had performed a necessary service for a fair price. (Quote by - Christopher Brown)

Thousands of victims haven't reported and dozens of bishops aren't telling all they know. They have no incentive to. (Quote by - David Clohessy)

We felt we owed it to the victims to show how they suffered. (Quote by - G nther van Endert)

The main reason for the bulk of his sentence being probation is to get restitution for the victims. (Quote by - Caroline Shepherd)

A predator. He is a predator! He is looking for someone that he thinks that he can make a victim to this kind of crime. (Quote by - Barbara Crawford)

The feelings of the victims is the main reason why we went with this. (Quote by - David Hilburn)

Victims suggest innocence. And innocence, by the inexorable logic that governs all relational terms, suggests guilt. (Quote by - Susan Sontag)

Nixon, who spent much of his career attacking the press and saying he was a victim of the press, was in fact created by the press, in this case the L.A. Times . (Quote by - David Halberstam)

Before the victims knew it, their vehicle was riddled with bullets. They had no way to escape. (Quote by - Craig Hill)

Victims of bullying are not the only ones to suffer greatly from these practices, it often results in increased absenteeism and lost productivity. (Quote by - Hernan Daguerre)

I have truly moved beyond my victimization. I do not think of myself as a victim. I don't think of myself as a survivor. I think of myself as someone who through forgiveness has healed her soul and body and moved on to help other people. (Quote by - Stephanie Davis)

I would think if she wants to do something beneficial for Katrina victims, she shouldn't be making the decision that the vendor is her son. (Quote by - Daniel Borochoff)

When a victim comes in and the victim tells you they've been victimized, and you believe that and you believe the evidence supports that, you don't look at their pedigree, ... We did the right thing for the right reasons. (Quote by - Thomas Sneddon)

You would think the last victim of a burglary would be a marked unit. It shows audacity to do something like this. Audacity or stupidity, I'm not sure which. (Quote by - Dave Bristow)

I can live with myself, if you hate me for protecting you. But I could never live with myself if I didn't speak out to protect you. It was never about me...It was only to protect you. (Quote by - Patty Rase Hopson)

Adding racial accusation to the standing difficulty does not serve one victim, feed a single child, inspire a single person. (Quote by - Charles Lyons)

I think I'm a victim of the fact that it was an international accident. (Quote by - Harry Schmidt)

I wanted to be sure that my donation went directly into the hands of hurricane victims. (Quote by - Dr. Dre)

We are in a hurry; we should all be in a hurry to rush assistance to victims. They should not be allowed to go through yet another traumatic experience. (Quote by - Yvette Stevens)

We are trying to ascertain as quickly as possible whether more victims received fake flu shots and whether they, too, are at risk, ... Other charges may follow. (Quote by - Chuck Rosenberg)

I don't think I was a victim, I don't think I was a victim at all. (Quote by - Charles Fisher)

The bodies of the victims have been taken down from the mountain top and transported to Slovakia. (Quote by - Tibor Dobson)

In the days ahead we will urge the international community to join us in support of the earthquake's victims and we will be vigorously engaged (Quote by - Christina Rocca)

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