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In five years, federal officials say people will be more likely to be a victim of this crime than not. (Quote by - Cort Jensen)

The idea for the work party grew out of offers of help from alumni and retired faculty who gathered at memorial services held for crash victims. (Quote by - Gary Straquadine)

We ask you to speak for all those silent, anonymous victims of tobacco grieved by their loved ones but unknown to a callous and deceitful industry. (Quote by - Stanley Rosenblatt)

We want to provide hope. While there are short term needs like food and water these victims have no clothing no housing, ... We want to lift spirits in a time when there's not much to look forward to. (Quote by - Walter Miller)

On the issue of the rights of AIDS victims infected by blood transfusions or blood products, the health authorities of our country have so far done nothing, which we consider criminal. (Quote by - Wan Yanhai)

I wanted to be sure that my donation did two things: went directly into the hands of hurricane victims and that it was an amount that could really impact their lives and make a difference. (Quote by - Dr. Dre)

We believed the governor would stand by the victim. (Quote by - Barbara Christian)

There is nothing moral about punishing somebody for insulting somebody else. It's the victim who allows herself to feel insulted. (Quote by - Izzy Kalman)

There are a lot of victims in this case. But he's not the one who caused what happened. (Quote by - Antonio Rodriguez)

We investigated a report from the victim as late as yesterday afternoon. (Quote by - Andy Wells)

She (Arroyo) should have consulted the families of victims of heinous crimes. Definitely this will affect the drive against criminality. (Quote by - Dante Jimenez)

Thus far in our negotiations, the government's idea of what will make the Lewiston victims whole has been very different than what the victims feel would make them whole. (Quote by - Darin Wright)

This means having to listen to victims' impact statements, and to have to sit there and listen to all of that, I don't know, personally, how I am going to do it. (Quote by - Christie Coombs)

Yesterday, I stood before you as a victim - a victim of a brutal homicide. (Quote by - Lorraine Reed)

reflects an insensitivity to the victims [and] the victims' families. (Quote by - Ed Rendell)

He essentially has been victimized by Mr. Avery as well. (Quote by - Ralph Sczygelski)

As they were on their way out, the suspects actually told the victim to stay on the ground. Unfortunately, our victim decided that he wanted to get up and try and apprehend these individuals, and that is when one of the suspects shot him. (Quote by - Carlos Torres)

There are very serious forms of, and reactions to, sibling victimization. (Quote by - David Finkelhor)

You can stand tall without standing on someone. You can be a victor without having victims. (Quote by - Harriet Woods)

I was very keen on playing a victim. (Quote by - Clive Owen)

I regret deeply what happened ... It is regrettable for all witnesses, for all survivors, for all victims that are expecting justice. (Quote by - Carla del Ponte)

All children are potential victims, dependent upon the world's good will. (Quote by - Sally Kempton)

They are afraid. The only [common] factor is that [the victims] are homeless. (Quote by - Cheryl Molinet)

A coquette is like a recruiting sergeant, always on the lookout for fresh victims. (Quote by - Douglas Jerrold)

Every reformation must have its victims. You can't expect the fatted calf to share the enthusiasm of the angels over the prodigal's return. (Quote by - Saki)

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