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Really, anyone can be a victim. (Quote by - Julie Ferguson)

That's part of the investigation, to see who fired the shots that struck all involved parties, including the third victim. It's too early to comment on the investigation. (Quote by - David Procopio)

You are going to have victims who are already scared as it is, who are not going to call the police at all for fear of being deported. You need a police who protects all victims of crime. (Quote by - Iliana Holguin)

By promoting a serial murderer into the national hero, his victims are being killed once again and Serbia is being ashamed as a country in which crime is top virtue. (Quote by - Vuk Draskovic)

We decided to take additional steps to speed up both the identification of victims and the full clarification of the circumstances of the accident. (Quote by - Tassos Papadopoulos)

Trauma leaves 'fingerprints' on the victim. These don't fade when the bruises do. (Quote by - Dr. Ellen Taliaferro)

We are now in the process of evaluating information that we gathered. We told the victims that they can no longer air their complaints only by phone, by text and just by mere words. They should be written because the battle will be in court. (Quote by - Dante Jimenez)

We hope to be able to give our fans an opportunity to help our community and victims of the hurricane. (Quote by - Charlotte Jones)

We have taken quite a number of statements from victims. (Quote by - David Bloom)

We're concerned that Southwest Florida is a particular haven for victims of human traffickers. (Quote by - Steve Wagner)

We cannot predict the number of those killed. We are digging out the victims. (Quote by - Ali Barani)

For someone attacked by criminals to be victimized a second time by a second-guessing legal system is wrong. (Quote by - Wayne LaPierre)

They [Daytona Beach Fire] made the decision that the victim was deceased and so care was ended. (Quote by - Dave Byron)

I believe that he is wiping his muddy shoes on the face of victims, using them as the doormat as he leaves his office, ... It says much more about George Ryan than it does about the death penalty. (Quote by - Kevin Lyons)

The plane has disintegrated and we're in a very muddy area ... there are victims without heads or legs. (Quote by - Ariosto)

That puts intense pressure on the victim to withdraw from the case. For a lot of victims, this is not worth it. (Quote by - Jackson Katz)

Autopsies conducted by the NBI on some of the victims did not show that they died of electrocution. (Quote by - Ruel Lasala)

If they have to ring some inflation out of the system, the initial list of victims has to include housing markets. You have a risky period for consumers for the next six to eight months. (Quote by - Carl Tannenbaum)

I was a little afraid of him; not the boy himself, but of what he seemed to be: the victim of the world. (Quote by - William Saroyan)

The idea is for the victim to only have to tell their story once to reduce the trauma. (Quote by - Terri Jacobs)

I don't understand why he was invited to give a victim impact statement. Why Mayor Giuliani? I don't think he needs closure, and he didn't lose loved ones. I think his judgments caused loved ones to be lost. (Quote by - Kristen Breitweiser)

We've been a little bit of a victim of Lawyer Ron being as spectacular as he's been and us almost being forced to play his game. We've chased a little bit, and I think that has maybe worked against us. (Quote by - Danny Peitz)

In the Rhode Island case, there were no identified victims, and that type of litigation -and the rapid spread of that type of litigation against businesses all across the country by attorneys general -makes Attorney General McMaster very uncomfortable. (Quote by - Trey Walker)

The motive for why the shooter shot the victim doesn't fly with what everyone knows about Bryan. Here's a student who is doing well academically. Why would he have any involvement in a shooting with someone he doesn't know? (Quote by - Richard Harris)

Any time you have this kind of relationship, you are always going to find damage to victims. (Quote by - William Plantier)

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