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First, I told them to give my condolences to the parents of the victims, because I also lost a son. I promised them that when I heard from Sajjad, after I find him legal representation, I'll have him turn himself in. (Quote by - Yahya Rasheed)

We have a prosecutor related to three victims, a judge related to a brother who was an interested person. I don't think I've ever seen this happen before. (Quote by - Dion Custis)

The debit card was a pilot program intended just for the sheltered victims in Texas and only for a limited duration. It was implemented to address the evacuees' immediate emergency needs -- food, clothing, shelter. (Quote by - Barbara Ellis)

There are times when creditors do not believe victims and require them to prove that it wasn't them who made the expenses, and it's very hard to prove a negative. (Quote by - Betsy Broder)

We can't have associates of victims on the jury. He would qualify as a victim impact witness. (Quote by - Gerald Zerkin)

When a crime occurs the only people there are the victim and the perpetrator. The states that have passed right-to-carry laws have lower crime rates than the states that do not. (Quote by - Chris Cox)

His venture sounds like a banana peel awaiting its victim. (Quote by - Charlotte Curtis)

It puts a bunch of code on a site that not only detects what browser the victim is running, but then selects one of seven different vulnerabilities to exploit, depending on how well patched the browser is. (Quote by - Dan Hubbard)

There are more children caught in conflict, in war around the world, than at any time, ... Indeed, victims or war today are largely civilian, largely women and children. (Quote by - Carol Bellamy)

This might be their (hurricane victims) last chance to leave. (Quote by - Daniel Martinez)

The data shows that this is most likely a hundreds-of-thousands to millions of victims issue. (Quote by - Dan Kaminsky)

The victim here is a local attorney, and I am familiar with him. That may cause a problem with my being able to represent her beyond today. (Quote by - Sean Brown)

We are the victims, but we've got to help ourselves. (Quote by - Warren Williams)

I don't see him as a victim; I think he's going to be happier not having to baby-sit a lot of egos. The music industry is firmly entrenched in its habits, and it's a very parochial, self- preserving industry. (Quote by - Wayne Rosso)

If kids knew the results of their actions and could see a victim, they'd be more inclined to do the right thing. (Quote by - Cherie Geide)

The defendant put a handgun to the head of the female victim ... and told her he would kill her if she looked at him again. (Quote by - Debbie Carter)

It's exciting that Indians are here to raise funds for the Pakistani (earthquake) victims. (Quote by - Shabana Azmi)

To the victims and people out there, our hearts are going out to them. We're not forgetting about them. (Quote by - Carmen Electra)

The important thing is to keep from becoming part of the victim pool yourself, ... If people can do these things to keep from becoming part of the disaster themselves, then they can render assistance to everyone else. (Quote by - David King)

It should be a class suit, that's our advice to the victims, this is better because this is faster. (Quote by - Dante Jimenez)

They are the victims of terrorists just as those who died on September 11. (Quote by - Tom Daschle)

It's tragic for all the victims. Our hearts go out to them. (Quote by - Scott Ashley)

The Spanish were able to distinguish from the start between victims, between assassins and immigrants and killers and Muslims. (Quote by - Felix Herrero)

You don't hear about it any more ? you don't hear the victims' stories any more. (Quote by - Candace Lightner)

Twelve dead victims have been identified from the incident. Officers are still finding out whether it was an accident or a crime of negligence. (Quote by - Bambang Kuncoko)

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